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Computer Cuisine Deluxe is the perfect recipe software organizer to allow you to conveniently view, print, sort, file, and manage your cooking recipes. Revamped Recipe Print Layouts - Prints single recipe entries up to seven pages in length in all-new cleaner print layouts.
Batch Recipe Printing - Select multiple recipes from the list menu and enjoy multi-recipe printing with one-click.
New Automated Tools - Backup your entire home recipe collection, backup photos, set favorites, use your scroll mouse in recipes, make text single or double-spaced, and other tools to make life easier.
Spelling Highlights As-You-Type - See questionable spelling alerts highlighted in your text as you type. Category Type Icons - Quickly recognize home recipes by item type, based on cooking category icons assigned to each dish. Find Duplicate Recipes Instantly - Just select the function to view duplicate recipes and you can quickly save, omit or delete any duplicates. Shopping List - With our recipe organizer, manage your grocery list and have shopping lists automatically generated from our software based on selected recipes for your cooking. Photo Menu - Use your digital camera to take a picture of your own cooking, and include them in your database with a simple click of the mouse. Expanded Notes Area - Write detailed notes about each recipe which you can later use to keep track and manage the recipe's website, publication, source, cookbook, etc.

Backup Your Recipes Safely and Easily - New software tools have been built into Computer Cuisine Deluxe to make it even easier to manage and backup your recipe data. Expanded sorting functions - Sort and organize huge cookbook recipe lists with one simple click. Since the demo does not allow for user-based printing, you may want to know just what the recipes look like when printed.
You will then be sent your personalized account name and password to unlock Computer Cuisine Deluxe. After you have registered, just lunch Computer Cuisine Deluxe, enter your personalized account name and password, and you'll be up and running in minutes! If you have any questions, or need further assistance, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions area of our support forum. Computer Cuisine Deluxe's powerful database software allows you to add an infinite number of your own recipes to the collection. Completely redesigned Shopping List function, making it easier than ever to build a shopping list! Enter your organizer preferences for emailing and printing, and then enjoy one-click functions.
Now you can browse the web for pre-formatted MasterCook program-based recipes and import them with ease.

Just select the meals you'd like to prepare for the week, and have Computer Cuisine Deluxe do the printing, compiling and listing.
You can then enter in nutritional information for recipes, and have daily percentages calculate on the fly.
The updated Find Menu allows for searches based on recipe info, source, food, notes, and even nutritional information. We encourage you to register with our forum, to participate and to swap your favorite recipes! You can use any of the 1,001 included recipes, or delete them all to personalize the cookbook with only your recipes.
Simply generate your shopping list on your desktop computer, iPhone or iPad and have everything you need.
Just enter in these fractions in the conversions area to have Computer Cuisine Deluxe's cooking software calculate it to the ideal measurement.

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