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I’ve recommended to many of my clients and colleagues that they should start using Social Media as a customer service tool.
I was going to cancel my membership anyway (because I prefer to support an independent gym if I can but also because I legitimately injured myself and could not go and it seemed pointless to keep paying any longer) but by the time I put up the facebook post I was furious and my opinion of this brand was terrible. Within 5 minutes of that post I had a call from an incredibly friendly and helpful Fitness First employee who gave me several options but did not try to disuade, apologised and rectified the problem in a short phone call.
By using Social Media as a customer service tool Fitness First turned my opinion around in less than 10 minutes.
For companies that are risk averse and struggling with how to integrate social media into their digital strategy and communications – customer service is probably a good starting point.
About UsWe're on a mission to educate and inspire the not-for-profit industry about digital marketing & fundraising so we can give every donor a great online experience. Probably the oldest statement I have been hearing from the ages is Content is King, Queen and Everything. Content Marketing has branched out of Digital Marketing stem to grow as a strong arm and yet highly integral part of digital marketing. Content Marketing Strategies are evolved and embraced by few and few others are just as ignorant as they were. In my opinion, a successful Content Marketing has 4 integral phases, and are equally important.
All above mentioned 5 opportunities are integrated content marketing tactical plan with each function is successfully measurable with meaningful metrics to derive the right insights into your Content Marketing Strategy.
Sometimes the celebrity may overshadow the product …as in one may remember the star but not the product. Chocolates the soul food for both adults and children ran into trouble with the favourite Cadbury India being found infested with worms…sales dipped ,reputation was at stake that is when the most loved icon Amitabh Bachan was roped in by Cadbury who convinced public by changing their packaging and the same was conveyed by THE BIG “B”. After having seen the various facets of celebrity marketing lets address the big question of “Are celebrities required at such premium price or are the products strong enough to support themselves .There is always a strong school of thought who feel that rather than spending astronomical amount of money and time companies are far better served by investing this amount back into their business or bringing down the cost of the products or gifting something in the same budget to the consumers. A highly circulating newspaper charges few lakhs of dollars for print media advertising, but the shelf life of newspaper is just 24 hours. Internet being a massive media where global population spend half of their day in some way or the other is a spectacular arena to target audiences on varied internet enabled platforms  like social media,  mobile platforms and other virtual world of internet.
The global smartphone audience surpassed the 1 billion mark in 2012 and will total 1.75 billion in 2014. Global internet usage statistics is a sure signal for small, medium and even for big business to go for Digital.
Traditional Marketing just ignores the very human tendency of Pre and Post Purchase Decision Making Life Cycle. As mentioned above traditional marketing channels inherently suffer from shortcomings i.e Unable to measure performance, on other hand in ability to penetrate into subliminal of prospect.
As shown above Digital Marketing has continuous influence on Prospect’s subliminal with one way or the other, and continuous connection between marketing and prospect. Digital Marketing will never be a successful, if you fail to identify and establish a Process required for its execution.
Interestingly, different channels of digital marketing like SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing etc., need a different set of Process, in line with ‘Business Model, Business Objectives and Goals.
The universally accepted above process, can be tweaked to any extent and adopt to any Business Model and implementation of digital marketing channels  . The Process focused on Objective and Goal is surely deliver the success, if it is coupled with right People and Technology. According to me, an interesting and challenging process of Digital Marketing is identifying  Objectives and Goals and mapping them to Key Performance Indicators and in turn establishing a meaningful and measurable Metrics. As in other domain, Digital Marketing needs the right people for different channels of Digital Marketing. Apart from Education and Experience, I opine that the Psychology or behavioral attributes of a person plays a very important role in deciding right resource for different marketing channels . 1.A person with good socializing quality will be a better prospect for delivering good results in Social Media.
2.A person with an attitude of ‘Zero Investment, 100% Profit’ is better prospect for Search Engine Optimization’.
3.A person with an attitude of optimal results with minimal marketing budget with strategic skill sets, would be better prospect for ‘Pay Per Click’. If each channel is an opportunity to drive relevant traffic to digital business tool, then we need pool of talent to handle  individual digital marketing channels.
All above channels are just an introductory list of digital marketing channels and their respective cloud based software applications. What so ever your combination of digital marketing channels, your success lays in how well you integrate them together to chalk out your Integrated Digital Marketing Platform tailored to your business model. There are tons of Digital Marketing Cloud based tools are available from key industry players like Adobe, IBM, Google. No matter what your products or services are, tapping into the way your customers think is central to any marketing campaign.
Attracting their attention, encouraging their efforts to make a purchase, developing trust between consumers and your brand. Going back to the 1960s, brands aimed to help their customers through the ‘purchase funnel’. The ‘funnel’ element is intended to reflect the fact that potential customers will drop off at each stage of the journey, leaving a smaller number for you to connect with. In other words, not everyone who is aware of your brand will be interested, not everyone who is interested in your products will choose your brand over your competitors and even then, not everyone will make that final leap to opening their wallet. A slightly blunter explanation of the AIDA concept was memorably (and swearily) given by Alec Baldwin’s character Blake in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross. Of course, the funnel metaphor invites the question of what happens once a consumer reaches the end of the line.
There are many variations on this, but let’s consider the ‘consumer decision journey’ outlined by McKinsey & Company in 2009.
While the more traditional idea of the customer journey by no means ignores loyalty, this model seeks to determine the moment where a customer’s embedded attitude towards your brand can affect their future purchasing decisions. As you can see, giving customers a positive Post-Purchase Experience will increase the likelihood that they remain loyal to your brand. There are many ways you can do this, but let’s focus on the role digital marketing can play in ensuring you create a profitable consumer decision journey. The campaigns we work on are all geared towards conversions, and a considered approach to digital marketing can help you achieve your targets. We know that potential customers are researching you, so it makes sense for you to research them.
Of course it can be tempting to sprint on ahead and start writing, tweeting and so forth, but by getting plenty of qualitative data first, you will have a much clearer idea of where you’re going. Google Analytics – Looking at the key pages on your site, identifying any potential areas for improvement.
Competitor analysis – There are other brands fighting for a share of your market, and inevitably some of them will be doing this rather well. User testing – Getting people to use your site is one of the best ways to find out where it’s selling itself short. Let’s face it, people can be impatient, and this can be one of the main obstacles stopping you from converting Initial Consideration into Closure. A potential customer’s Research could well include checking who has the fastest, most easily navigable site, while search engines will give greater prominence to sites that provide the most positive overall experience, of which site . Extensive technical audits will highlight any areas where you could improve, from sorting out your site architecture and HTML to checking and augmenting page speeds.
We have even created our own page speed tester for mobile sites, so why not check your performance right now?
The Discovery phase should give you an idea of where to begin, the kind of content you should be creating and what you should be doing with it. Data can help keep you in tune with what your audience wants and give them the positive Initial Consideration experience they need to explore your brand further. Many people will shop around, so it’s normal to expect them to go and look elsewhere before potentially returning to you.
In addition to directly selling your products and services, cultivating a well-maintained, unique and engaging blog will be a good way to connect with that audience.
You might be torn between two or three different designs for your online payment forms, or unsure where on the page to include your CTAs. Over a period of around six months, you can yield enough information to make an informed decision as to which option you should settle on.
Essentially, if your site receives plenty of traffic but its conversion rate is low, CRO aims to improve the user experience to the point where you start to see people converting their Active Evaluation into a Purchase. With paid search, you can ensure that once people have highlighted your brand during the Active Evaluation stage, you have a well-positioned, visible ad that is tailored to what your audience is looking for. A well-structured campaign will help ensure your ads achieve the quality score necessary to get your ads seen by consumers, while the knowledge gained during Discovery will influence the information you push to the forefront in your ads. By the time you come to create your ads, you should have a fair idea of what your audience will respond to best, as well as what your competitors are up to.

Of course, two key considerations during the Discovery are when and where your target audience will be looking for your products. It’s also important to know when your target audience will be searching for your products, and you can let a combination of data and intuition be your guide. A simple ‘call now’ button could tempt consumers for whom speed is a key factor, while including location info could reel in those who would prefer to visit your stores in person. There’s so much to be said about the importance of social for retailers that we’ve already written about it, including how you can identify the best channels for your brand.
Social provides you with another window to attract customers in the Initial Consideration stage. However, Mr Hinder posted a picture of the shoes on Clarks’ Facebook page and jokingly insisted that a drawing of Optimus Prime was the only way to cheer Sam up. The story was picked up by the national press, and this all stemmed from one quick response on a social media channel.
Of course, in addition to interacting with current and potential customers, social media is your platform to shout about all the great content you’ve put together, and this is an area we know all about. Plenty of companies, including your competitors, will be writing and creating high quality, entertaining content. You never know, by posting something useful, original, witty or clever on a regular basis, you may even be able to trigger the Initial Consideration phase in someone who didn’t even know they wanted your product in the first place.
If you’ve found this useful and would like to know more, why not come along to one of our Digital Marketing training sessions? Enter your email address below and we’ll start sending you our awesome updates as soon as they happen. Trust is the number one, most important factor in getting and maintaining a relationship with a customer.
Millennial is the term we use for people born between 1979 and 2000 but it’s a vastly different group when you divide it in two. When asked about their channel preferences, older millennials chose branded Facebook and mobile websites. In the old days selling goods and services was a fairly easy process but recently new technology has changed the way retailers interact with customers.
Not only is technology changing quickly, the way we talk about it is changing.  Let’s look at two phrases that are being used a lot these days as well as some predictions for where they are going in the future. Multi-channel retailing is a fancy way of saying that retailers are using a variety of methods to encourage customers to buy their goods or services. Businesses use a combination of ways to encourage the customers to buy the product or service. More, more, more – Other methods are available to help customers browse through product catalogs, compare features, buy buy buy, return items, and provide service both before and after the sale.
Store layouts are turning digital – store structures will start to change in response to the digital tools customers are using. Online research is evolving – it is harder for customers to find credible, non-biased facts about products and services because of the noise on the internet.
Data is the new enabler – CIOs will be focussing on business intelligence and analytics as well as mobile technologies and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications. As 2014 unfolds, it will be interesting to see how omnichannel marketing evolves in response to feedback from customers.
Connect Author and Contributor Info: Engagis staff and contributors help Connect readers stay informed of the latest news in retail digital engagement. Our charter is to help clients connect with their customers and staff more easily, more often. Customers love the virtual assistant because they can access professional information and expertise in a user-controlled and non-judgemental way. There’s always going to be a few little things you’re going to want to change… At Engagis someone always responds within an hour or two.
I wanted to send you all a thank you for your assistance and collaboration in organizing, setting up and running our store at this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Melbourne.
At first it was a little daunting but a year later I’ve noticed that the sales of our items have really improved. We do find, all the time, people are out there at our shopfront, playing with the screen, looking at the properties we have for sale, or rentals. Our property marketing tools now include property video profiles, property specific microsites for our vendors to share through their social media network, interactive and digital communication tools, sales and rental property e-magazines. Digital screens bring the window alive… it gives you a virtual reality walk-through tour of a home.
It’s not only driven sales up by 22-30%, it’s also enhanced efficiency and speed of front-of-house and kitchen staff. Just wanted to let you know that I’m delighted to say that numerous buyers have let us know they have turned up to open house inspections as a direct result of seeing the ads on our Splash Display screens. Sales reps and customers can now browse the entire Sheridan catalogue rapidly and filter by range, style, fabric and colour. Social media is ubiquitous with customers, yet many companies are still struggling with how social can improve business decisions and processes.
Social Studio including a simple user interface that empowers any employee to benefit from social listening and engagement on desktop and mobile devices. Marketers want to run social campaigns, engage with customers, and use social insights to drive marketing decisions.
What Salesforce has done it build the next generation of Social Studio, using on the best elements of Radian6 and Buddy Media and extending social listening, analysis, content marketing and engagement across the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.
Social Studio is designed to meet the scale of the largest multi-brand, multi-region companies, enabling social media teams to empower other groups throughout an enterprise with a unified, easy-to-use social solution for sales, service and marketing. Leveraging Social Studio, customer service teams can easily monitor social channels for customer support issues, create a customer case to be managed in the Service Cloud and route these social cases to right person or team to ensure timely resolution of customer issues.
Social Studio is an open platform where any developer, ISV, customer or partner can directly build and deploy applications. And that’s one of the ways brands are solving the issue of not following into the customer experience conference and the digital transformation chasm. Filed Under: CMO, Content Marketing, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Dr.
So to show my gratitude, I returned to their Facebook page and posted my good experience so that their users could see the full story. If you could look around any vendor who ships out his techno-marketing platforms, they all have nuts and bolts tied together to give required boost for your marketing.
LinkedIn has put 5 opportunities available for Marketers from Brand Awareness, relationship building,generating qualified leads to building quality back links and driving targeted traffic. Its true, celebrities can bring huge revenues for their products…yet they have numerous pit falls that should be carefully analyzed before signing them in. Mistakes happen celebrities are embroiled in scandals and controversies they can affect the brands they endorse. There was a perfect equation between Amitabh and Cadbury where a parallel could be drawn between their love ,trust and timelessness with people across the country. Traditional Marketing lacks Persuasion, for example newspaper advertisement can persuade a prospect for 24 hours, not beyond. Business models differ from each other, in other words each business model is unique in its own way.
It is always been a challenging task to identify right talent for different channels of digital marketing.
If you give a product or service to a group of marketer each marketer articulates his own strategy to market the product. Majority of marketing tools are cloud based computing and available for Free, Fremium and Premium subscriptions. Digital Marketers, have an intelligent task of selecting suitable channel based on type of target audience, product, services and very importantly ROI expectations. But, following is my dream Integrated Digital Marketing Frame work, does some where exist in this world?
Before we answer that question, let’s have a look at how customers interact with brands today.
As we’ve already said, you can’t hope to attract your customers without first knowing who they are and what makes them tick. The Discovery phase is the time to find out why customers are opting for your competitors during their Active Evaluation, and what you can do to change that. Bring in some volunteers and get them to carry out actions on your site, such as making a purchase.
You may well find potential reasons why people aren’t choosing your brand, and this may be occurring as early as the Initial Consideration without you even realising. You shouldn’t assume that a customer’s positive Post-Purchase Experience will last forever. During the Initial Consideration and Active Evaluation stages, consumers are comparing your content with that of your competitors, so you should make every effort to ensure yours is the best. This can be everything from improving the text content on a page to creating vibrant, exciting infographics that influential people in your industry will want to share and talk about.

For example, if you have found that people are looking at your products but not moving into the Purchase stage, it’s probably worth looking at these pages again. But if you’re getting the traffic without seeing the conversions, you have a conundrum that needs to be solved. While we obviously don’t condone that kind of thing at theEword, there may be times when you are unsure which way to go with your site, and that’s something we can definitely help with using Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). It could even be something as simple as wanting to choose between two different colours for your ‘Buy Now’ button.
Both versions of your idea are tested simultaneously, with half your visitors seeing a page featuring one version and the other half presented with the alternative option.
Be realistic here, you may wish to focus your energy on locations where you have fewer, or less well established competitors.
For instance, if your target audience is primarily students, history tells us that you probably won’t gain as much from pushing your ads out during the morning as you would during the afternoon. Adding positive reviews and ratings from previous customers to your ad gives readers another chance to compare you favourably against competitors who perhaps haven’t bothered to highlight their own positive feedback – or didn’t have any to begin with. The point is that by paying attention to your paid ads, you have a great chance to position yourself at the forefront of consumers’ minds as they consider all their options.
However, let’s now consider social media in the context of how it can help you capitalise on the consumer decision journey.
There are numerous success stories of companies using humour, compassion and personality to inspire loyalty in their customers and give themselves an edge when consumers are deciding which company to choose. For example, last month the shoe retailer Clarks accidentally sold dad John Hinder two right-footed shoes for his son, Sam. The store swiftly responded with a new pair of shoes, the requested artwork and a letter from Optimus Prime himself.
As well as listening to us talk about what we do best, you can also bring questions for our experts, who will be only too pleased to answer you. Young Millennials march to the beat of their own social media drummer and have very little in common with their older siblings and parents. The goal is creating a seamless approach to reach consumers through all available marketing tools.
Look for features like charging stations for mobile devices, complimentary Wi-Fi and areas within stores to make on-line purchases. Engagis, Australasia’s leading digital solutions company, providing solutions to over 4,000 retailers and creating connections for the likes of Telstra, Bupa, Target and Flight Centre. Engagis digital solutions are designed to deliver connected experiences that drive customer engagement, improve service and greatly increase sales, all at a lower cost.
They say we’re setting the bar at a whole new height of where real estate may be going in the future. This year’s store is the largest we’ve ever put into an AGM, and as I write this email is already proving to be hugely popular with our shareholders. The promotion and marketing of properties is changing and we are ensuring that we are ahead of the game when it comes to marketing our clients’ properties so that they get the best possible result. Natalie Leave a Comment TweetIf you have been wondering what Salesforce has been up to, they have unveiled their next generation social studio, which is now fully integrated into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Customers and Consumers are adopting social and digital very fast, where as companies are dragging their feet, some kicking and screaming or others even turning a blind eye to it.
Innovations include social customer service for service teams and new social lead engagement for sales teams. It also includes a completely new social listening and sentiment engine monitors more than one billion social data sources from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, news sites and more. Social marketing and community management teams can finally get rid of their spreadsheets and manage social content calendars in Social Studio. With the combined power of Social Studio and the Service Cloud, any company can surprise and delight customers with social customer care on the world’s leading social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Sina Weibo.
Now sales reps can use Social Studio to find and connect to new customers faster with social lead generation.
Social Studio launches today with a select partner program that brings together seven of the industry’s leading vendors for visual content and compliance and rights management, content discovery and performance marketing. But it’s not just technology, its got to be a people, process and technology combination. If you’re going to have a presence in social media, it needs to be monitored closely, especially for big companies with big brands to protect, and your staff need to be empowered to respond. I hurt my back a few months ago and I went from visiting the gym 5 days a week to not going even once in 4 months.
Hence, a process established tested, tried and successfully implemented has no guarantee to deliver similar outcomes.
Because,  digital marketing is in its evolution stage, also every day a new digital marketing channel takes birth due to dynamics of different business models. Digital Marketer has to decide different combination of channels either based on his experience or based on his Digital Marketing IQ.
If you want that customer to keep coming back for more, you have to make sure you stay one step ahead of your competitors. That’s why investing time and resources into a fair chunk of research is a wise way to get your campaign underway. They will then be able to give you honest, impartial feedback about what was positive and negative about the process.
Focus groups are also a good platform for floating new ideas and gauging the potential audience response. The last thing you want is for customers to have a bad experience in future and feel like their loyalty was misplaced. What is the call-to-action (CTA) here, and is it obvious to the reader what they should do next?
It needs to be promoted, or you run the risk of slipping under the radar and wasting your efforts. It’s got an interesting twist in that it includes next generation social listening, social customer service for service teams and new social lead engagement for sales teams. Leading global brands like Activision, McDonald’s, and ADP leverage Social Studio and the Salesforce Customer Success Platform to connect with customers in a whole new way. For the first time, every Service Cloud customer can now get started with social customer service for no additional charge, managing up to two Facebook or Twitter accounts directly from the Service Cloud. By listening to conversations across more than one billion social data sources sales reps can identify new leads and engage with them in real-time directly from the Sales Cloud. Partners include Getty Images, Nexgate, a division of Proofpoint, Pressly, Rallyverse, Shutterstock, and Trendpottr. And it has to lead by senior executives, the Board of Directors and become pervasive throughout a culture. She has spent her careers looking about how businesses interact with their customers and their employees and she provides companies with the best way to create environments that foster loyatly, motivation and innovation. At no point did the gym contact me to see what had happened but that’s another marketing retention strategy and discussion. New businesses (by calendar date or simply new to this customer) have to earn that trust before the average customer hands over the credit card a second time, and a third. This makes sense, since Boomers were raised without the internet and they learned from their parents who judged a person’s character by the cut of the suit and the firmness of a handshake. Social customer service drives business results, as customers spend 20-40 % more with a company when the company responds to customer service requests over social media. In addition, using Social Studio, Sales Cloud can automatically make Pardot marketing automation and lead scoring more efficient by adding social data, such as sentiment or influencer status, to campaigns and leads. Anyway, I could not get through on the internet – they want you to call so they can try to talk you out of it, of course. It proposed four stages along the customer journey – Attention (or awareness), Interest, Desire and Action. And to have all of that contained in one application or platform and make the customer information available for all of the various functional departments seems like the best way to make customers feel hear and listened to. And while people have been talking about organizational change management for years, perhaps it’s time has found its time and place and will finally be taken seriously. I could not get through on the phone, to head office or my local branch, but what was most annoying was that I was waiting on hold for 10 minutes before the automated system would tell me that I could not speak to anyone.
One would look at the celebrity first, get interested , then look at the product he or she is advertising. However, with the right strategy, leadership, people, process and technology can prevent a company from not crossing the chasm and catch up to customers and consumers.

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