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Digital Marketing Courses is a pioneering training institute in Chennai, offering an extensive range of online marketing courses for all level graduates and business professionals by keeping internet as a marketing channel to ensure virtual approach for a bright career growth.
Digital Marketing courses provides Corporate Training in Kodambakkam, Chennai to realize the influence of online branding and its importance for business outreach, almost 90% of all companies have started functioning internet marketing strategies for their business branding in order to sell their product or service.
We also offer complete corporate training classes and set-up solutions to the companies which are in need to start online marketing services. Our training services help MNC companies to improve the leads by enforcing their employees with the latest techniques in the online marketing world. Training session will be provided in the comfort of your preferred location reducing the time and cost.
Our institute can provide trained digital marketing professionals reducing your hiring processes and on-the-job training efforts. Digital Marketing Courses is an education arm of Zuan Technology, a leading SEO, Web designing and Web Development Company in Chennai having its remarkable existence for nearly half a decade.
We are offering Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad & Online training since 2007 with real time projects. Digital Marketing is marketing methodology to target audience on the internet using computers, tabs and smartphones. Here’s a blog post especially for you graduates who are looking to start a career in Digital Marketing and desire to set yourself apart in a competitive employment market where employers are looking for real skills and some experience. If you are serious about getting your first (or second) digital role – here is some further digital marketing training to undertake and blogs that will help you keep up to date with the latest.
At FIRST, everything we do is focused on helping business increase online sales and revenue by improving the customer experience through data & analytics. On a regular basis review the data, find and share insights with the site owner to increase website performance. By doing these things, you will involve yourself in the digital marketing community and keep up to date with the latest concepts and trends in digital marketing. Even more than that, it shows to a future employer that you are a self starter, can work autonomously, have a passion for the industry, a thirst for learning and you will do what it takes in a role.
Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, cell phones, digital billboards, and game consoles to engage with consumers and other business partners.
Bachelor Of Technology, Bachelor Of Engineering, Bachelor Of Science, Bachelor Of Computer Application, Master Of Technology, Master Of Engineering, Master Of Science, Master Of Computer Application. This is a very practical and hands-on digital marketing course, taught by leading digital marketing practitioners. Compared to traditional methods of advertising, Digital Marketing training course offers rather realistic costs (particularly important for small- and medium-size businesses and start-ups), accurate targeting and excellent reporting. Seriously, according to me anyone who wants to sell their product, service or be in business , should have the Knowledge and sensiblity of Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing !!! Just like migrating of customers online changed the nature of marketing in the last decade, the same is happening within the Internet itself, with more and more web users joining online social networks.

Digital Marketing is one of the very few fields where the rising demand for skilled professionals consistently exceeds supply. Today’s marketers need to be able to make good judgements about social channels, and yet many brands have a weak presence, with social conversations brands that feel pretty dull.
Relationship marketing is at the heart of the Starbucks marketing strategy, and through a loyalty card, email and social media, Starbucks maintains an always on connection with tens of millions of consumers.
Their Facebook fan page gives consumers a way to manage their gift card information, get useful information about the “My Starbucks Rewards” loyalty programme and deliver messages about their social cause marketing.
This is a brand that hasn’t just taken a scope of social, they’ve gotten the whole tub – and then gone back for more!
There content is a blend of social cause marketing, humour linked to the brand, and specific product activations. This hazelnut spread has really stepped-up in social media, creating an always-on conversation that combines competitions, games, videos and loads of great sharable images. Coca-Cola’s Facebook page quickly became legendary after it was launched by consumers and gained a massive number of spontaneous likes.
This is a brand that’s made for Facebook, but their conversation strategy takes consumer’s relationships even further. It’s a rich conversation area, but Axe went further, by having two social media voices – Dan and Lauren – with different points of view and a great social chemistry. As this marketing technique promises a periodical source of sales and revenue with instant and cost-effective solutions, many companies have started to set up their own digital marketing divisions. Our main motto is to provide quality training to the professionals in a world class environment in the arena of digital marketing. Learn from our expert trainers and get ready for a job as digital marketing consultant or start on your own as an entrepreneur.
In simple terms we can define Digital Marketing as any marketing strategy to promote services on Internet. Today due to exponential growth of internet users on computers and mobiles, Digital Marketing has become a very critical marketing platform for every business across the globe. His dedication and passion for Digital Marketing has helped students to explore the world of Digital Media and achieved success in Digital Marketing. These people can think strategically and have a wide range of digital skills and expertise, but in addition have a passion for and deep specialist expertise in a particular digital discipline. While there are many resources around, these are the ones we find valuable and I am sure most employers would also. By taking this course you will learn how to engage with your customers online in a more practical way and improve lead generation. As a marketer you need to follow your customers, and if they are on Facebook or Twitter, and spend considerable amount of time on them, then that is where your brand needs to be.
When marketing directors asked our team to find case studies of the best Facebook fan pages, we looked for those that had great social conversations, really engaged with consumers and gave people a reason to follow.

If you’re going to win in social media marketing, then you need to create vibrant conversations your consumers will love to take part in. The page includes regular competitions for seasonal products and has useful apps like the store locator, and keeps the social cause and community activities of the brand front of mind among consumers. Whenever they have a big promotional event in the life of the brand - like their birthday in this screenshot – they look for a way to involve consumers. Fuelled by a powerful personality, and championing the social causes that are part of the brand’s DNA, Ben & Jerry’s always has something interesting to say. Their Facebook fan pages around the world have a consistent tone of voice and a freshness in their conversation that stems from having the marketing teams hands-on.
They’ve realised the hunger people have for sharing great content and, like Oreo, set about designing simple pieces of content with shareability in mind from the start. Social media spaces are grounded in consumer passions and there’s nothing more authentic than when brand adorers take the lead. The brand’s essence is symbolised in the Mating Game, with Axe playing the role of wingman to give the guy an edge in getting the right girl. Dan is the cool guy with a stream of great ideas, images and links to things he’s found online. I can guarantee that your job prospects will be so much better for investing the time in learning and understanding the below than had you not. Here are some of the best Facebook fan page case studies trainers at the Digital Training Academy have been using when coaching brands and agencies on social media strategies. They often post pictures of the brand being played with in a way that is funny and instantly sharable.
Today Coke’s fan page is among the most popular, and the universally recognised brand enjoys the spontaneity of immediate and unprompted likes. Lauren is the girl everyone wants to date, and with a smart wit and her own thread of links and content. This simple stream of content successfully builds engagement and amplifies the reach of their message.
This makes for a great conversation between the two social voices as well as fans, and the way third party content is linked to is best in class. At DSIM you will learn how to do affiliate marketing only from the experts in this field who themselves are a renowned name in the industry.

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