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EMC includes several manufacturers of wax and skin & beauty products, around the world. But great creative goes to waste if there isn’t a strategy in place to distribute it across the web. Great content should never go undiscovered – we’ve outlined four of our top focus areas for a successful content and distribution strategy below. Client interaction helped identify that the right logistics strategy can be leveraged to catapult the client from a Service leader to a Cost & Service leader in its market. The project outcome was a roadmap from 2005 to 2009 to achieving success through logistical excellence.
The roadmap was implemented across the entire organization giving clarity to each division's role in the improvement process.

These strategic alliances allow our clients to take advantage of economies of scale and scope, in order to efficiently compete on a global level. However, manufacturing efficiencies alone cannot insure the profitability of a branded product.
We apply what we’ve learned to each new project, by creating and distributing video content that people will talk about, remember, and share.
We made a nifty graphic to show you how we do it at Portal A, a strategy we’ve honed from years of experience distributing digital video.
Recommendations ranged from redesigning the network, reducing the number of network nodes, optimizing inventory, performance monitoring and setting up an IT infrastructure for direct sales and delivery.
EMC is conscious that in the pursuit of competitive advantage through outsourcing, jobs may be lost at home.

That is why EMC is proud of its US contract manufacturers which have adapted their processes to extract all efficiencies possible and be able to compete with emerging markets’ manufacturers.
EMC has strategic alliances in California that include the largest wax products manufacturers in the US as well as one of the few FDA certified organic manufacturers of skin & beauty products in the state. Both of these manufacturers have impeccable track records of competing globally, making some of the most recognizable branded products in the world.

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