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Media Player classic Home Cinema is an excellent alternative for windows media player, as it is not only lightweight like the old Windows Media Player 6.4, but has some excellent features that you will find in most modern players. Windows Media Player classic Home Cinema supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 playback and is also capable of VCD, SVCD and DVD playback without the need to install any special codecs.
Media Player classic Home Cinema supports most common video, audio and image file formats available. Media Player Classic Home Cinema lets you enhance, decode and accelerate a wide range of movie formats like x.264 with GPU assisted acceleration and enhanced image rendering quality. Windows Media Player classic Home Cinema is thus a better player than media player 11, as it offers support for more formats (like windows media player 12) and also has some good features, while being lightweight. Media Player Classic looks just like Windows Media Player 6.4, but has many additional features. Also make both TextSub() and MaskSub() take named parameters instead of only positional ones. But this player may not be good for newbies, as sometimes some settings should be changed for proper playback!
When you right-click on an MPG file, it will now show "Media Player Classic" in the context menu. You can use Media Player Classic Home Theatre, which is more or less a continuation of this project.
I have looked for a free and simple software for playing video DVDs on my PC for a long time. Go to options (last item in the View menu or simply press the 'O' key and select playback options. The only grumble is that when playing an mpeg from my hard drive, it doesn't stop at the end of the file, it plays it from the beginning again.

This tool absolutely rocks, I have been using it a few weeks and it is my #1 player for video files. Media Player Classic (MPC) la m?t trinh choi nh?c ma ngu?n mi?n phi va g?n nh? danh cho ngu?i dung Windows. Ben c?nh do, Media Player Classic r?t an toan d? s? d?ng va khong ch?a b?t k? ph?n m?m gian di?p, qu?ng cao hay thanh cong c? ph?c t?p nao. Them cac ngon ng?: Ti?ng ? R?p, ti?ng Armenia, Ti?ng Basque, Bengali, ti?ng Anh, ti?ng Catalan, Trung Qu?c (gi?n th? va truy?n th?ng), Croatia, C?ng hoa Sec, Dan M?ch, Ha Lan, Phap, Galician, D?c, Hy L?p, Hungary, Nh?t B?n, Han Qu?c, Ma Lai, Ba Lan, B? Dao Nha (Brazil) , Rumani, Nga, Ti?ng Slovenia, Slovakia, Tay Ban Nha, Th?y Di?n, Thai Lan, Th? Nhi K? d?ch, Ukraina va ti?ng Vi?t.
L?i #5573, dong l?nh tren man hinh da du?c b? qua khi tinh nang nh? v? tri c?a s? du?c kich ho?t.
V?i Media Player Classic, ngu?i dung co th? xem phim tren b?t k? CPU SSE nao, th?m chi tren c? nh?ng dong may tinh cu. V?i m?t lo?t tuy ch?n du?c tich h?p s?n, Media Player Classic co th? du?c tuy ch?nh d? dap ?ng m?i nhu c?u t? phia ngu?i dung. V?i Media Player Classic - MPC b?n co th? s? d?ng no nhu m?t ph?n m?m d? xem cac chuong trinh truy?n hinh qua v? tinh. Inhaltsbewertungen helfen Ihnen, den Inhaltstyp einer App oder eines Spiels zu verstehen, damit Sie entscheiden konnen, ob er fur Sie und Ihre Familie geeignet ist. Inhaltsbewertungen geben an, fur welches Mindestalter der Inhalt unserer Meinung nach geeignet ist. Media Player Classic (MPC) ist ein aufgerusteter Audio- und Video-Player im Stil des Microsoft-Originals Windows Media Player.
Media Player Classic Home Cinema is the currently active fork of this free, open source media player and it can be used as a Media Player Classic Home Theater.

Unlike most other video players, the media player is not resource intensive and it works even on slower and older machines.
As you say, add ffdshow and it's the best combo ever with a very light footprint and no installation or registry crap. Hon n?a, ?ng d?ng nghe nh?c nay con h? tr? t?t c? d?nh d?ng video va audio co s?n d? phat l?i. Vi v?y, hay download Media Player Classic v? may tinh c?a b?n va ti?n hanh cai d?t ngay d? cung tr?i nghi?m nh?ng tinh nang m?nh m? c?a ?ng d?ng xem video va nghe nh?c mi?n phi nay. Tuy ch?n nay du?c t?t theo m?c d?nh vi no ch? du?c s? d?ng tren m?t m?ng rieng du?c b?o v? dung cach. Sie besagen nicht, dass die App insbesondere fur dieses spezielle Alter entwickelt wurde, oder ob ein bestimmter Kenntnisstand fur das Spiel oder die App vorausgesetzt wird.
Die kostenlose Software bringt gegenuber dem Original zahlreiche weitere Funktionen mit. Umfangreiche Formatunterstutzung Media Player Classic kommt mit zahlreichen Video-, Audio- und Bild-Dateiformaten zurecht. Instead, the "rewind" knob is some weirdo "slow-motion" effect, which I never need to use!?
Aestetically is identical to version 6.4 and has the same lightness in terms of RAM occupation, but it has much more usefull functions. Interessant sind besonders die Pan & Scan Funktion sowie die Synchronisation von Audio und Video.

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