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This version provides Full Unicode Support – you can now add annotations in multiple languages simultaneously. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista the windows are now captured with complete transparency – support for the Windows Aero themes. In addition to the new Aero theme screen capture options this new version adds a lot of extra improvements.
As you may already know Easy Screen Capture And Annotation provides free screenshot hosting by providing instant screen capture upload to PhotoBucket. When capturing a color there is a notification in the system tray displaying the color’s hexadecimal value that is ready to be used in HTML format. The tray icon also displays short information regarding the selected capture mode and how to use it.
Image size information is updated on fit operation and the when resizing the canvas to fit all objects the vertical size issue is fixed. This entry was posted in Easy Screen Capture And Annotation, Uncategorized and tagged Capture And Annotate Screenshots, Easy Screen Capture And Annotation Download, Free Screen Capture, Free Screen Capture And Annotation, Screen Capture Android, Screen Capture Annotation, Screen Capture Annotation Freeware, Screen Capture Annotation Mac, Screen Capture Annotation Software, Screen Capture Freeware, Screen Capture Mac, Screen Capture Software, Screen Capture Video, Screen Capture Video Windows, Screen Capture Video Windows 7, Screen Capture Windows, Screen Capture Windows 7, Screen Capture Windows 8, Screen Capture Windows Xp, Screen Recorder, Screen Recorder With Annotations, Screenshot, Screenshot Download, Screenshot Program, Screenshot Software, Screenshot Windows, Screenshot Windows 7, Screenshot Windows 7 Shortcut, Screenshot Windows 8, Screenshot Windows Download, Screenshot Windows Vista, Screenshot Windows Xp, Video Capture Windows on June 6, 2014 by MindGems Support. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder 6 Can Find Similar And Duplicate EXIF Tags Like Description, Comment and Camera Model.
Las clasificaciones te ayudan a conocer el tipo de contenido de una aplicacion o juego, para que sepas si son apropiados para ti o tu familia. En las clasificaciones se describe la edad minima para la que consideramos que los contenidos son apropiados.
Si una aplicacion o un juego no tiene ninguna clasificacion, es porque aun no ha sido valorada por nadie, o lo ha sido pero aun no hemos actualizado la pagina. Con Easy Screen Capture puedes realizar capturas de imagen en diversas modalidades, desde pantalla completa hasta una determinada area o la ventana activa en ese momento, con soporte incluso para capturar juegos DirectX o paginas web completas, desplazandose de arriba a abajo. Las capturas se activan mediante combinaciones de teclas, y una vez las tienes en la ventana del programa, las puedes modificar subrayando textos, marcando determinados elementos o anadiendo notas.
Easy Screen Capture te permite trabajar con varios documentos abiertos al mismo tiempo y guarda un historial de todas las capturas realizadas. Utilizamos nuestras propias cookies y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y su experiencia.
Several years ago (back when I was still a PC-user), I saw a friend take a screenshot on his Mac. Now there are hundreds of Mac screen capture tools available (both built-in and beyond) to help Mac users take the perfect screenshot. Because we can’t help but share really cool stuff with you, we’ve taken that list of hundreds and whittled it down to our five favorite Mac screen capture tools.
Before we get into tools you can download, let’s take a look at the screen capture options that are built in to your Mac. Skitch is owned by Evernote, so any work you do through Skitch can automatically be saved to an Evernote account (just create an account and make sure you’re logged in). When you’re ready to take a screenshot, simply click on Skitch’s icon in your top menu bar and select what kind of shot you want to take. The timed screenshot is a nice feature if you want to take a picture of a drop down menu or something that happens only if you hover your mouse over a particular object.
Once your screenshot is taken, you can add arrows, text, shapes, drawings, stamps, and even blur out names or faces. Another great feature in Skitch is how easy it is to add your screen captures to documents, PowerPoint, emails… you get the picture. If you have an Evernote account and don’t feel like adding another program to your Mac, Evernote’s WebClipper extension (created to help you save anything you see online) has a built-in screenshot tool. WebClipper has the same mark-up and annotating tools as Skitch, so you can add text, arrows, shapes, and stamps, highlight, blur out names and faces, and draw.
SharpShooter is a program that allows you to edit the name, format, and location of each screenshot you take as they are taken.

Awesome Screenshot is a simple browser extension that lets you annotate screenshots and gives you a variety of options for saving your images. To take a screenshot, simply click the button within your browser and select what kind of screenshot you want to take. If you choose to upload your screenshots to the web, you can share your image on social media easily and immediately through the social sharing buttons provided on LightShot’s website. The saving options are at the bottom of the capture, and it’s not very clear that’s how you save your screenshot.
This list is just a small number of the great screen capture tools available, but in our opinion, they’re the best.
Packed with a handful of screen capturing and image editing capabilities, WinSnap comes in handy whether you need an occasional screenshot or your job requires professional screenshots for a user manual, presentation, blog or website. WinSnap 4.5 contains a number of innovative features that enable far superior screenshots and even easier working methods.
WinSnap captures screenshots in a much more sophisticated way than other tools, applies customizable effects with no effort and allows you to add comments with just a couple of clicks. While older versions of Easy Screen Capture supported up to two alphabets (Languages) simultaneously, version 3 lifts this limit completely. There is a free signup button inside the application that will let you create and setup your image hosting account.
This setting is available in the canvas settings dialog and will be utilized only when exporting to formats that support transparency like PNG. The selected capture mode can be switched by right-clicking the tray icon and using the popup menu that is displayed. Estas no indican si la aplicacion esta concebida especificamente para esa edad, ni si requiere un determinado nivel para jugar al juego o utilizar la aplicacion. Tambien incluye funciones de edicion con las que cortar, copiar, pegar, escalar o rotar las fotos. Mediante ellas personalizamos anuncios, proporcionamos funciones de las redes sociales y analizamos nuestro trafico. It was the first time I’d ever seen it done, and I was amazed that a computer could capture an image of its own screen! These edits can be made right after capturing your image by select those options in the bottom left corner of the window. Simply click the extension’s button within your browser and select the Screenshot option.
Unfortunately, you can’t choose a specific file format for your image like you can in Skitch. With this function, you can find specific images within Evernote just by searching for a tag, or share your thoughts on a particular image with someone. And SharpShooter will give you a preview of each screenshot right after it’s captured, so you can immediately decide to save or delete it. You can capture the visible part of the page, a selected area, the entire page, or choose a delayed image capture. It gives you basic mark-up and annotation tools and the ability to upload your screenshots to the web and get their short links for sharing (or you can save the screenshots to your hard drive). And one really cool feature about LightShot is the ability to search for images similar to your screenshot on Google. First, once you open LightShot for a screen capture, you can’t scroll to change what you’re viewing.
The first time I used LightShot, I thought I was blind—I kept looking for a “Capture” or “Save Image” button but couldn’t find anything.
It easily captures windows of non-rectangular form with transparent backgrounds including Aero Glass and instantly enhances screenshots with professional-looking shadows, reflections, highlights, outlines, watermarks and color effects.
Redesigned and updated user interface comes in 4 different styles (Black, Silver, Blue and System) and significantly improves the overall usability.

It provides sufficient image editing capabilities for the most frequent use cases: adding arrows, lines, shapes and text comments. WinSnap automatically removes native Aero shadow and adds shadow effect of your choice (color, size, direction, opacity). Empty area between windows, popup menus and other objects is filled with transparent background, while shadows and reflections are semi-transparent. Annotations can now be applied in any alphabet like Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Cyrillic and so on. The application also captures the transparent shadow effect of the Windows 7 and Windows Vista user interface. On systems that do not have shadow effect enabled it can be added using the layer context menu. Tambien compartimos informacion sobre la manera en que usa nuestro sitio con nuestros socios de redes sociales, publicidad y analisis. Then, you have five seconds to drop a menu or hover over a link-whatever you’re trying to capture. But, you can rename your image just by clicking the default title at the top of the editing window. Being able to edit the name, format, and location all in one window and right after capturing a screenshot saves a ton of time and makes organizing your screenshots a breeze.
Once your screenshot is captured, you can easily mark up images with text and shapes, blur out names and faces, or crop unwanted portions. I really like the mark-up tools they provide, and I love being able to change the title and format of my screen capture without opening another window. You can also do this with images saved to Evernote—simply find the image you want to integrate, and then drag and drop where you want it. Then, once you’ve selected what you want to capture, the editing tools automatically appear—that’s fine, but there isn’t a clear indication of how to save your screenshot. This is possible due to the new feature that allows exporting project files with transparent background.
The link to the uploaded image is copied to the clipboard automatically and you can easily paste it in instant messaging applications like Skype, AOL, MSN Chat, Google Chat or share it on Facebook, Google Plus or other social networks.
Single mouse click with the left mouse button will start the last used capture mode, while double click will display the main application window.
Now move the camera over the object you’d like to capture (it will give you options by pre-selecting certain areas for you to choose from). It can automatically scroll your browser to capture entire web pages and can capture images from DirectX games and movies. Captured images can be edited or modified in appearance to suit user requirements and exported to the most popular file types such as JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP. In past releases some PhotoBucket passwords with certain special characters were not saved properly in settings – this issue is now resolved.
But you can see in the screenshot below that the dock has been selected because it is highlighted in blue. You can add text annotation, arrows, shapes and other objects on images using drawing tools. It also has other normal editing tools, including resize, blur, sharpen, and color Balance.
With this useful program, you can make professional screenshots for inclusion in Word documents, online tutorials, manuals, presentations handouts, promotion material, websites, emails and so on.

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