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Human ResourcesMPS Limited"We have been associated with Edenred for many years and we are glad to say that it has been a great experience using Ticket Restaurant Meal Vouchers. Head- Administration & FacilitiesBritannia Industries LimitedWe have been using Ticket Restaurant Meal Vouchers for many years and we are very happy with the services rendered by Edenred.
Payroll ManagerThomson Reuters"We have an agreement with Edenred to supply meal vouchers for our employees since 2005. Aditya Birla GroupWe have been using Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers for more than four years. Edenred presents unique solutions to render these benefits in a simple and hassle free manner. Ticket Restaurant® Meal card is the best innovative digital employer-employee work-life benefit, a convenient solution that makes life easy for corporate customers and their employees.
Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers are great to motivate and create loyalty among employees who value the fact that the employer cares about their welfare, contributing to a better employer-employee relationship.
Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers, an ideal gifting solution help you save valuable time, effort and money, while choosing corporate gifts for your organization. Edenred, the European global leader in corporate services, operates in nearly 40 countries with 6000 employees.
It offers to its individual and corporate clients over 540 years of expertise in products in employee and public benefits, rewards and loyalty and expense management. Are Ticket Restaurant® Meal Vouchers & Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers a mode of payment? STEP 3: Employees use these vouchers to purchase goods and services at affiliates (shops) in Edenred India Affiliate Network (EIAN). STEP 4: Edenred India Affiliate Network members then get these vouchers reimbursed with Edenred to receive their payment. Note: Before handover of redemption envelope make sure that you check identity card of pick up person. Reimbursement dates are the pre fixed dates of every month on which you send your Edenred vouchers to claim your payment. For example, if you deposit your vouchers at a collection centre on or before the reimbursement date of January 14, 2011 your payment cheque will reach you on January 31, 2011 which is the next reimbursement date and the cycle continues like this. Since Edenred manages and runs the whole system, Edenred levies a service charge on the shops in EIAN. Opportunity to build relationships with and generate more business from the same user of Edenred voucher users.

More than 29,000+ outlets across 3000+ cities, towns and locations in India accept Edenred vouchers and benefit from being a part of EIAN network. More than 3500 top companies in India provide the advantage of Edenred vouchers to their employees and associates. Here is the latest all-India directory of affiliates that welcome Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers in their outlets updated as on 1st April 2013.
Use it as a handy reference when you want to gift something to someone special, or when you are gifted with a Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers by a loved one.
This directory will be updated with a list of newly added affiliates on a monthly basis and we will be sending the same to you each month.
Additionally, there may be some outlets of your choice which you would like us to affiliate.
Did you know you have over 14,000 outlets across 2000+ cities with the widest range of categories from household and kitchen to home electronics, jewellery, lifestyle as well as travel products, who welcome Ticket Compliments® Gift Vouchers.
As always, Edenred continuously strives to bring you the very best in terms of products, services and value additions. Edenred operates turnkey solutions based on cashless payment systems, including service vouchers, cards, and other electronic supports. Region Lombardie in Italy introduced school vouchers in lieu of the cash transfers being done towards the education of economically weak section students in the region. Ticket Junaeb was specifically designed to answer the needs of disadvantaged children in Chile. The Food Coupons program in Mexico is a social program implemented to provide the needy with access to food by increasing their purchasing power with dedicated allowances. Convinced by the efficiency of Edenred solution for the administration of Food subsidies, JUNAEB renewed its trust.
They are customer oriented and exhibit the same by delivering the high quality of services as expected by us.
The benefits and customer services provided by Edenred have been satisfying due to the timely delivery and distribution of vouchers; value added offerings and wide acceptance of meal vouchers. It presents a professional answer to the challenges of our era: quick purchasing, simple handling, and transparent financial transactions.
This social benefit, implemented specifically to protect the welfare of the worker and his family in the form of tax savings.
Be it gifting employees on festive occasions, or rewarding them on reaching specific milestones; or even rewarding them for their excellent performance, these Gift Vouchers let you do that effortlessly.

These vouchers can be redeemed at over 14,000+ outlets, 2000+ cities, towns and locations in India, empowering the users with ample choice. Edenred vouchers on the other hand are used like currency notes (and often in combination with currency). Each member of EIAN is listed in this directory with its name, address, phone numbers and category of goods & services offered. Edenred provides a dedicated in-house customer contact centre called E - Assist to help us serve you better. We are constantly signing up new, quality affiliates across India for the benefit of our Gift Voucher users.
Vouchers were introduced successfully as the new service delivery management method to empower students to avail primary level, secondary level and vocational education.
This product has entitlements to cover the basic needs of students including education, food, transportation, health care and leisure.
The services provided by Edenred are found to be satisfactory and it is expected that the same shall be extended with same zeal in future as well". The online interface helps users check card account details, view card balance, transaction details, block card (if lost or stolen), etc.
These meal vouchers can be used to purchase food and beverages from the shops in the premium Edenred India Affiliate Network (EIAN). These vouchers can be used to purchase everything from daily essentials to consumer durables, jewellery, etc., from shops in the premium Edenred India Affiliate Network (EIAN). These vouchers are valid at public schools, private schools and vocational institutions.
In addition to education allowance, these vouchers also have a fixed entitlement of food, books & transportation components. Since July 2010 Ticket Farmacia Card is used to administer subsidies provided to children for buying medicine. Edenred partners Region Lombardie in managing the voucher program including affiliation, issuance, settlement & reporting.
Some municipalities also started to use Ticket Farmacia since it is part of Convenio Marco (governmental referenced catalogue).

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