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The social networking giant Facebook just issued an update to its native Facebook client for iOS devices. As you could imagine, the enhanced photo viewer button lets you save a photo to your iOS Camera roll or share individual snaps to your friend’s timeline. Interestingly, some iOS users are reporting that this Facebook update (or at least one that seems to have arrived at the same time) appears to feature a beta-looking icon. And the popular Messenger app also gained stickers recently and has brought back the useful swipe-to-delete for messages. My new icon is just a facebook icon with the background fully blue vs a blue background with light blue strip on the bottom… not as depicted above.
It’s been over three months since we first broke the news about being able to edit posts in Facebook, and we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for the feature to be rolled out to the masses.
According to a Facebook spokesperson, post editing has actually been available on the Web for some time, but last Thursday Facebook for Android also enabled the feature – you can edit your posts and comments after you’ve shared them without having to repost.

The feature works on almost any Facebook post type, including status updates, links, photos, and videos. You can edit the text you type for link posts, but it looks like you can’t change the link.
However, the edit function doesn’t seem to appear with links shared through outside sources, like YouTube.
Clearly, the ability to edit previous Facebook posts is a powerful option to have, and it has both positive and negative effects. And, if you check in to a venue on your iPhone or iPod touch device, you’ll notice that Facebook has improved the Places editing experience. If you use Facebook’s Pages Manager app, it was updated last Friday with support for photo filters, stickers and more. It was so ugly I used iFile to rename ayecon’s Facebook icons to override the awful ones.

Well, good news… take-backsies are now possible on the social network because finally, the highly coveted function is available beginning this week. Gone are the days of embarrassing typos and auto-correct situations; by just tapping the down arrow on your post and choosing “Edit post,” you have the luxury of correcting textual mistakes to the posts that populate your Timeline. For instance, aside from being able to fix grammatical and typographical errors, people can easily claim one thing and then a completely different thing later on, making it an easy tool to use for debauchery and blackmail. If you’re thinking of setting your frenemy up by changing a post of yours they liked or commented on to something incredibly racist or humiliating, you may want to rethink that – any post that has undergone delayed modification will brandish a small type that says “Edited,” and when that is clicked on, it reveals the editing history of the post in question. For instance, I had the chat stickers for a week or so before they were officially released, and I get all of the newly implemented features about a week or two before too.

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