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YouTube's video editing suite is officially a toddler in human years, so it's about time that it grew a little more beyond learning how to walk and talk.
DigitalClone extends the lifespan of helicopters and space telescopes by creating virtual simulations of their parts. History buffs have shown that the World War I shooter's trailer is more accurate than you might think. With the latest update, the NVIDIA Shield can directly record and play back live TV from an attached tuner. The new look sports a minimalist interface with just three major navigation buttons: Home, Subscriptions, and Account. The Home tab is where recommended videos as well as the most popular uploads from a user’s subscribed channels can be viewed. Finally, the Account page provides access to the user’s account options, including watch history, uploaded videos, purchases and 'watch later' list.
Feedback to the new design has been mixed, with some users complaining that the new release removes the sidebar from the previous build that provided convenient access to all the app’s functionality.
Others have bemoaned the new design’s inefficient use of screen real estate, with lots of empty space. The new app also makes it possible for users to create videos on the fly -- first tap the red upload button on the Account page and grant YouTube access to the device’s videos.

Users can use their own music or choose from a selection of provided background tracks, divided into categories such as 'Alternative & Punk', 'Cinematic' and 'Happy'. Well, I made some button templates as just plain templates to use for profile images, just so people can do some theirselves.
Sorry for the image being so big, it's 800x800, but its best to make it as high of quality as possible, even though others will see the final image at like 100x100. True, doing things freely allows you to learn as you go and have people benefit from your learning too and you never know when you might need them for something and they could offer their help. If its all the same, I would love a copy of the template just to see what I can do with it. By far the most conspicuous sign of maturity is a new real-time preview that shows edits and filter options as you play -- you'll now know if that effects filter at 1:37 is festive or just gaudy. Despite the minor version number revision, the new app sports a major facelift, plus new in-app editing controls. Subscriptions provides a chronological view of the most recent videos posted to the user’s channels, with a series of thumbnail icons at the top of the display providing access to individual channels.
Select the video to upload and use the provided Trim, Filters and Music tools to polish the video prior to uploading it.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

I do just make these free myself due to the short amount of time it takes me to make and more experience I gain. I do like making them by myself really, But I don't mind providing templates as more of a surface for the text to be on, as you see this topic is about the button, but as you see by my profile image and the TheGameDock one I posted up there, there are spheres on which the text is on. The overall interface is also a little more buttoned-down with a simpler interface that cuts back on unnecessary clutter. I'll be sharing a lot of things like this, a bunch of random things to help people make profile images ect.
Many people seem to want them though, even though they are not that good, because I can give them one 5 - 10 minutes after they ask, and its only a profile image. YouTube has been rolling out the editor update in recent hours and may have wrapped up by the time you're reading this, which we'd take as a cue to start producing that streaming masterpiece.
Im probably going to make a tutorial on how to make realistic spheres and buttons like this specific for people onthis forum.

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