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Working in partnership with WestJet, Dell has launched an experiential marketing campaign targeting business travellers. The experience will also be taken to the skies on select WestJet Flights where passengers can sign out Dell’s new XPS 13 Ultrabook, loaded with 30 hours of content including movies and music, and use it while in transit.
The lounge is promoted through OOH at the two airports, created by Diamond Integrated Marketing, as well as through Up!, WestJet’s in-flight magazine and in-flight videos, with creative by Sid Lee Montreal.
At the Social Web Breakfast in Munich I was focusing on the efficiency discussion around social media in companies and how firms need to define measurement anew. Looking at these results, it becomes clear that marketing, pr activities and sales must work closely together to maximize the companies‘ efficiency.
If companies just see efficiency of social media from a financial point of view, then I may ask, why companies ever started building corporate homepages?
Let me tell you our own success story: I asked myself last year why companies were placing pr news and buying space on platforms like silicon which launched in 2000 as one of the first business communities in Germany? Talking about efficiency in those days was more a question of: Can you track pis and clicks already? If companies see the possibilities, effects and the value of social media, there is no reason to talk about measurement anymore. Snapback Caps: PixelioVor einigen Wochen haben wir, Heike Bedrich und ich, unsere 3-Saulen-Strategie veroffentlicht. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Until June 22, Westjet passengers travelling through terminals at Toronto Pearson and Calgary International Airport will be able to test out the Dell Try + Fly Lounge, providing hands-on access to nine of the brand’s latest PCs. To start the ROI discussion will be misleading as we have not many proofs in terms of numbers as to how profitable social media will be for companies.
My intention was to figure out if there are other efficiency measurement method than just revenue figures.
Now, we all know how difficult it is to measure pr and marketing (although we have hundreds of techniques) as one tracking number. Connecting with Customers: Since when did any business not want to connect with its customers? Dell was courageous and in doing so the IT company has a lot of experience to profit from today – experience through authentic communication.
This community had no track record and no proof that we might convert our clients‘ investment in numbers. No lead generation via bannering or newsletters or follow up on calls they had after we published content about those companies. Nevertheless, there is Michael Dell in a Business Week Discussion with Jeff Jarvis encouraging companies to start their efforts on social media. Now, finding new solutions of a tracking mode is a big challenge and then finally the C-levels need to believe in that new vision. And I was surprised to see that most companies see other reasons as their main argument for social media.

But the question remains: Do we have to measure every effort we make if we find good examples of proven track record in other companies? It was a decision backed by ratio and emotion, so not only pure numbers but also the wish to talk to, understand and learn from the client perspective. No, they had to go down that route because their competitors started and they had to follow to stay in that competition.
So, the target must be to elaborate on reasons why companies need to start kicking off social media activities versus just talking about efficiency and tracking methods. They did not have a double bottom when they started – and no measurement method, too. Do we need to justify using today’s efficient, effective and readily available technology to spend 30 minutes or couple hours a day connecting with real customers?
Social media is an ideal tool to reach customers more quickly, efficiently, frequently and cost effectively.

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