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The assistant director hourly rate for film production is not one that is universal, nor one that is usually broken down to the hours they are  getting paid.
The primary way to determine the assistant director’s salary is to look at the Director’s Guild of America’s requirements for salary, which also handles directors themselves and unit production managers. Instead, the negotiation for the assistant director’s salary will likely be broken down to day, week, or project rates in their entirety.
For the Commercial Production Association of Toronto the rate is set at $650-$1000 per day, which will include meals during production.
The rates there are different depending on the different classification of project, and this has a fairly huge range. There was a long gap from the time your father died to the time you entered the industry.My eldest sister, Chanda, was an assistant director with Rahul Rawail. How did that feel?(laughs)It must have made your mother very happy.She was very proud of me that day. Part of this comes from the long hours that projects take and the fact that it will be an intense period of labor and they need to have a pay that encompasses all the work that they will be putting in regardless of what the hours are for that period of time. This is a fairly high rate, but keeping in mind that production days can go beyond twelve hours and that those working on set do not have steady work throughout the year.

For shooting at a studio, the weekly salary requirement is going to be $4,481 and if they are on location it will be $6,266.
Nearly an hour later, he would get off at Andheri, and board another train to Santa Cruz, which was still a couple of stations away.At Santa Cruz, his little legs would climb a long flight of stairs that were still quite deserted. Kuku Kohli used to work with Rahul earlier.She knew Kuku was directing a film and told him I wanted to assist him. This does not mean that their contract, especially for union players, will not ensure that they correct turnaround time and do not work too long of hours, but that they are seeing the project through so it is better to have a more complete pay agreement. In the same way the daily employment salary for the studio will be $1,178 and the location salary will be $1,650.
That was special for her.There was a time in our lives when we required money and she had gone to Mr Bachchan since my dad had worked with him in many films. It makes her doubly happy because she too is part of the industry.Does the criticism about your work bother her?Not really. Multi-camera work, which often refers to situation comedies on television, will yield $4,066 a week on the studio and $5,684 on location. It took me one-and-a-half years to convince him that I really wanted to work with him.I used to go to his home everyday and he would say kal aana (come tomorrow), parson aana (come the day after).

The day I get that subject, I will do it.Is that a goal?No, you should never make a film that way.
For multi-camera pilots that have not been picked up yet then you will have to drop the rates down to $3,986 for studio and $5,573 on location. Then everything had to be sold (laughs) and I had to travel one-and-a-half hours to reach school. For the first three or four months, my mom came with me; then I told her I would go alone because she had to go to work. And because of the kind of work I have done and because they have seen me through my struggle.
People will talk about you for 15 minutes, you know, that 50 years ago or 60 years ago there was this man.But, yes, I like my privacy.

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