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All content and photographs licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 except where noted. A collection of Blue Willow and Flo Blue china are displayed on the wallls and are used throughout the kitchen and family room area. WHEN EAST MEETS WEST is a co-production forum designed to bring together decision makers, financiers and 20 selected producers with one project in development from Eastern Europe*, Italy and - only for the 2014 edition - Benelux: Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. Projects should be feature films for theatrical release or TV documentaries in development stage suitable for international coproduction.
The WEMW international selection committee will evaluate the potential of the treatment, international dimension of the project, producer CV and company track record. WEMW is organized by the FVG AUDIOVISUAL FUND, together with the TRIESTE FILM FESTIVAL, in collaboration with EAVE, EURIMAGES, Antenna MEDIA Torino, Maia workshops and with the support of the MEDIA Programme, MiBAC - Direzione Cinema, CEI (Central European Initiative) and Autonomous Region FVG.
On the face of it this has been a good week for television in the North East of England.BBC children's programme The Dumping Ground won a Royal Television Society award, beating fellow nominee Wolfblood. At the moment there isn't a single decent-size independent production company based in the North East.
The Venezuelan president threatens the seizure of factories that have stopped production as opposition protesters press for his removal. Homes of red brick with white columns are often called Jefferson Classical, after Thomas Jefferson, who designed his own home, Monticello, along the same lines. The neoclassical style was born in the late-nineteenth century when, after decades of ornamental Victorian homes, Americans began looking fondly back to the classical styles.

Neoclassical style houses are still as popular today as they were at the turn of the century. Adding classical columns is an easy way to create a sense of grandeur and add a historical touch to a home. The Old Sacred Heart Hospital Building is located on 12th Avenue and is now home to a theater, restaurant, veterinarian’s office, as well as other business uses. The building is a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture with massive masonry of rough-cut stones, towers and rounded arches.
The tub and shower enclosure is faced with marble and glass bricks which functions as a steam room.
An auxillary apartment was added on the west side of the house during World War II to assist with the housing crisis according to a government mandate.
The bay bluffs in this area are unique in the State of Florida and were formed by erosion of the Escambia River which empties into Pensacola Bay. WEMW 2014 will select projects from Eastern Europe (preferably with a connection either with Italy or Benelux), Italy (preferably with a connection either with Benelux or Eastern Europe) and Benelux (preferably with a connection either with Italy or Eastern Europe). Selected projects will be announced in early December and producers will be offered accreditation, travel scholarship and accommodation in Trieste. Both are shot entirely in the North East.But that success masks a problem - actually not that much film and television is shot in the region compared to other parts of the UK. Eight productions were attracted until the money ran out.But Alan Fairholm says it's important any fund delivers maximum benefit to the region.

Ritchie modeled the windowless dining room after the dining room at Trader Vic’s in the Capitol Hilton in Washington, the place where the Watergate cover-up was planned.
As someone born and bred in the North East, he wants to see any fund concentrate on building a home-grown industry. If we'd had a fund to offer them, that might have persuaded them to base themselves here."We can provide a great service in terms of finding locations and crew, and supporting productions when they're here. But in terms of offering money for development, we just can't compete."Local economyJohn Tulip is now looking to tackle that imbalance.
What some guys did was move the production here, they made the most of the money and then disappeared and there was no legacy."In some cases bigger productions did not even employ local talent.
I think if you are going to offer incentives then there has to be some long-term legacy."At the moment there isn't a single decent-size independent production company based in the North East. It'll now be up to the North East LEP to decide whether that matters enough to merit some attention and investment.

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