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Remember last year when Nokia released the Lumia 920 and they just wouldn’t shut up about the new PureView camera?
Today Nokia announced the Nokia Lumia 1020 with a massive megapixel count of 41 in its latest generation of the PureView camera.
See, the reason it sounds so good is because it wasn’t actually recorded with the Nokia Lumia 1020. If you’re trying to distinguish if a Pittsburgh food photographer shoots more advertising work or more editorial food photography, just look his (or her) web page and count how many raw ingredient photos he has displayed… Editorial food photographers tend to shoot a lot of raw fruit and vegetable shots and advertising food photographers tend to shoot more prepared food shots.
If you are looking to have a Pittsburgh food photographer to shoot your menu, make sure that he has similar shots in his portfolio, so there’s no surprise the day of the shoot.

They even put out a video to show off how good it was at optical image stabilization and wow, was it good!
If you look closely at 27 seconds in, not only is this video being shot from a box van driving next to the girl, shot by someone else from a bicycle, as it implies, it is also being shot with a full DSLR video rig. Turns out the Nokia Lumia 920 video was actually shot with a DSLR, not with the PureView camera with optical image stabilization (OIS).
They put out lots of specs about the camera and its ability to capture great photos even in low light conditions. At least Nokia put in a disclaimer saying the rich audio recording in loud environments, like a concert, with the Nokia Lumia 1020 was not actually a rich audio recording in a loud environment. At least in that case we can’t taste the advertisement and expect the same results when we get one of own.

With as many megapixels as you have there (5x the resolution of an iPhone 5) anything is going to look amazing on a small screen.
At least this time around, if you watch to the end and look really carefully, Nokia admits ahead of time that the feature they are advertising, awesome sound quality even in loud environments like concerts, is fake. But seriously, just shoot something with rich audio in a loud environment if you say it can do it.

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