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Here is how you canĀ jailbreakĀ and unlock your recent zte 3G USB modems so that its can become universal using free cracked dccrap unlocker software to generate the 16 digits unlock codes. There are different ways of unlocking zte usb modems some zte modems model requires just the imei code to get unlocked why others require a third party software – dcunlocker client installed on your pc before the unlocking codes can be calculated and generated. Download here to download the already hacked dc unlocker two(2) dongle software and follow the steps below to write and get your zte modem model unlocking codes.

Plug your 3G Usb modem stick device in to your computer Usb port or adpater, sometime connection manager will display,close it. Please note that recent zte modems don’t directly ask for unlock especially zte modems like mf100, zte mf627, zte mf622, mf637 etc so using our universal mastercode calculator will not get them unlocked.

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