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With the new InstaEmail Template Machine, companies can create a professional-looking email template in seconds. First, choose from six layout options, including various placements for the logo, header image, primary text and secondary text. Push it directly to their VerticalResponse account, where the template will automatically appear in their account’s email creation dashboard. The template filler text includes helpful tips on how to create an engaging email newsletter, such as personalizing the greeting, techniques to connect with readers, and where to include links. The InstaEmail Template Machine is free and there is no limit to how many templates can be generated using the tool.
MailChimp has some built-in HTML email templates with cool automagic powers, but for people who are "photoshop challenged" our templates can be a little hard to understand. So we asked the guys at TemplateZone to build a version of their HTML email template tool specifically for MailChimp (and to make it free). After your email is designed, you just enter a subject line, and click the "Send to MailChimp" button. When you log in to MailChimp, you’ll find the email waiting for you on the Campaigns Dashboard. Many thanks to the guys at TemplateZone for making this available to MailChimp users free of charge. Heh, the majority of our product team are MacFolk too, so the Mac version of this was actually where we started.
Hard-coded HTML emails are always the safest route (so long as the designer understands the art of HTML email design) because WYSIWYGs do indeed tend to screw things up. I can’t actually set up this program because it tells me my login details are not accepted (even though I checked three times that I was entering the correct info, and logged into MailChimp at the same time). Great tool, for a non techy its gonna take some practice but amazed at what can be done already – great job! Hey Ben – you guys have such a great system – i think I have worked out the auto responder bit since sending the last comment!

I’m a little apprehensive about HIE5, as I was a user of HIE4, and switched to the Chimp because it was just too buggy.
I must’ve done something wrong because I was looking for free holiday themed templates and there are only three included in High Impact Email 5.
I’ve been trying to install this for a few days now, everything seems to install fine, until I try to run the programme, and then I get a message saying that the programme has encountered an error and needs to close. I’m having really big problems with the installation of high impact email 5 for mailchimp on my Windows 7 (x64) in spanish. I was having an initial HIE5 installation problems where it ran the install up to giving my name and e-mail address and just stopped. Business Catalyst is constantly being improved to deliver innovative and time saving features.
Each email marketing template has been tested across a number of desktop and web based email clients. An amazing new, time saving feature is the ability to include modules and other pieces of website content in your email marketing campaigns. No other email marketing software currently offers the same flexibility as Business Catalyst.
Once you've created, scheduled and delivered your campaign you can monitor its performance at a glance using the graphical dashboard. If you want a more in-depth analysis of your campaign then you can create a custom report to deliver the information you need.
If you're running an Online Business it's likely you're already using a number of disconnected tools each with a separate subscription cost.
Free PSD email template that is ready to use for your business email marketing campaigns and email newsletters. Users simply type in their business website URL and the tool instantly detects the images and color scheme found on the company’s website. If you want to tweak it more, go back to the desktop app, make changes, and re-submit to MailChimp.

You actually have to download their holiday pack, which is something like 360+ new templates (free). September's exciting release provides a host of new features designed to streamline the creation of effective email marketing campaigns. Categorised into themes, the new templates provide a starting point when creating campaigns to suit specific marketing tasks such as general news updates, product releases, product sales and events booking. You can be sure your marketing message will consistently conveyed no matter what email software your customer might be using.
This is made possible because Business Catalyst is an all-in-one platform, designed to work seamlessly with other parts of the system. Imagine an email marketing campaign auto generated as a byproduct of daily tasks such as adding new products, blog entries, media uploads or creating events.
Business Catalyst is fast becoming the leading platform with 5+ connected tools designed to help you build better business online with one fully inclusive affordable monthly cost.
We’ve created these emails for those of you who are fond of email marketing and need a classy way to present their content.
Its mission is to empower small businesses and non-profit organizations to easily and affordably create, manage and analyze their own marketing campaigns. The software is free (because we love you), and includes 101 HTML email templates for different occasions.
The interface is very similar to any other WYSIWYG-enabled application, so you can insert graphics and stuff (images will be hosted free on MailChimp’s servers). As always, you should test your campaigns with our inbox inspector, and consult your physician before any heavy activity. All layers are fully editable so you can easily make countless layout options, color variations, etc.

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