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I since stopped doing that, because it was too hard to try to build a list, and do SEO and work for people at the same time, so much of this page is now not relevant.
I have learned a lot since then, and can offer you internet marketing coaching, for free if you’re buying something, or for a very small cost for my time, like ten dollars an hour. Mostly what I do is direct you in the right direction, like I might say that’s good, but the title of the home page is wrong, and the keyword density, etc, or you need to get tons of Twitter followers, or run a video marketing or paid advertising campaign, or all of these things. They tell you almost everything you need to know in a short amount of time, and if you want further coaching on a one on one basis, send me a message to talk about it, my email is in the sidebar.
You also get other free e-books on SEO, social marketing, and all types of traffic building, and whenever I find something worth sharing, I put it in my auto-responder.
For example, I recently put a message to send out on day 75 that was a link to a new site that I’ve been using to get a lot of Facebook page likes. I give you a list of article directories, forums, and Comment Luv enabled blogs to make back links from, I give you links to helpful Warrior Forum threads, and You Tube videos that have helped me learn good internet marketing techniques of all kinds. Well, people are always asking me if I can teach them one thing or another about SEO or social promotion and this newsletter just tells you everything I know about everything, and also what I’m continuing to learn.

I have a few referral links in there, a few affiliate links, but I only include products and services that I believe in, such as the Host Gator affiliate link which is what my site is hosted on. I teach you how to do keyword research and market research, buy your domain name, get hosting, create social connections, build back links, build a list, and sell whatever it is you’re trying to sell, so you make money.
Basically I offer this free internet marketing training course because I want to offer massive value to get you to sign up, then build trust by showing integrity, and continuing to offer value, so that you buy my social promotion services, or buy something that I mention in the emails. I am hoping that this free internet marketing training course will teach you to do everything I do, and at the same time, will make you realize that you could save yourself a lot of time by paying me to do some of it for you, at a very affordable price.
Sign up now for free internet marketing training on the top right of the screen, and remember to check your junk folder for the confirmation email. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. FREE Video Marketing Course – Video marketing expert, Mike Koenigs, has put together a great series of 4 free videos.
About Rosalind GardnerSuper affiliate, blogger, and speaker, Rosalind is best known for her affiliate marketing training in the Super Affiliate Handbook: How I made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other Peoples' Stuff Online and Affiliate Blogger PRO.

Hi … Can you also confirm which ones are regularly crawled by Google aside from Youtube? PS: YouTube probably grew way faster than they ever anticipated and to their credit it is probably rather difficult to keep up with the demands.
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