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Once you launch the app, it automatically detects your device and adapts accordingly to provide a better user interface. You are allowed to download demo tracks to play and remix (develop loops and songs from the scratch). You can also add different effects to your song in order to add your own flavor to your desired segment. You can also live record your songs and share them with your dear ones via social networking sites. Grab a beat and throw down a rap, capture the spark of a song before it’s gone or produce dance tracks on the go.
Loop Sets logically group instrument parts (drums, bass, guitars, keys, etc.) that work well together. Get access to over 100 loops as remixable Loop Sets spanning Trance, Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, Drum ’n’ Bass, Minimal, Progressive House, Reggaeton, Industrial, Rock, Pop, Funk and Country styles. Record a cool synth performance in Gruvtron or other ACP-compatible apps and paste it into studio.M as an audio file. The free app for Android, iPad & Windows 8 makes it easier and more fun to create your own hits.

Make your own music and share it with the worldWhether you're into hip hop, dubstep, rock or EDM, a complete range of over 100 music styles and an 8-channel mixer give you plenty of room to express your creativity. Music Maker Jam is simple and easy to use, allowing you to achieve professional results in no time at all. Mix loops.Fill the 8 track mixer with loops and create multiple sound tracks to complete songs.
Add vocals.Use the voice recording feature to record your own vocals, raps and sounds and add them to your songs. One of the most popular music maker apps that lets you make your own music with fun, using professionally produced music styles and loops such as Tech House, Dubstep, Jazz, etc. If you are not much into composing music, but still you want to experience the music loops, then just use it as a personal harmonium, piano, synthesizer. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news. This app is already available in the Windows 8 Store, which blends music creation with maximum fun.
Just tap the ‘+’ icon for each track, and you will be shown with available genres and instruments.

Whereas, increasing or decreasing the levels in the individual songs allow you to accentuate drums, vocals or other instruments.
This feature allows you to shake your device to add new loops to the current song at random. Based on the top-selling studio.HD app, it offers 4 audio tracks, mono or stereo (upgradeable to 8) with recording, editing, an extensive loop library plus automated mixing and effects all controlled by a fast and creative touch interface.
Whether you're a dedicated app developer, or devoted app users like us, we hope you find what you're after.
There Windows 8 music apps let you compose your own music by using various musical instruments available in these apps.
You an easily add music effects to your songs in real-time, adjust the keys, get studio experience in on your Windows 8 system.
You can browse through different parameters to create a large number of peaceful and amazing sounds.

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