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Cricket Communications, a leading provider of innovative and value-driven wireless services, today announced a special promotion on its Muve Music service in celebration of its success as one of the fastest growing digital music subscription services in the U.S.
Muve Music, the first digital music service designed specifically for the mobile phone with both consumers and artists’ needs in mind, offers truly unlimited song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones with its $55 or $65 monthly rate plans. SoSoActive is an interactive media company that offers entertainment, culture, fitness, family and political opinions for the millennial generation.
The Muve Music phone for Android relies on Muve Music, a subscription service that lets you download unlimited music each month. One of the best aspects of the Muve Music phone for Android is how it just takes monthly payment for all your calls, text, and music downloads.
During the month of June, Cricket is offering all new customers $10 off all of its Muve Music monthly rate plans.

New Cricket customers during the month of June may take $10 off these Muve Music plans and enjoy all of the above plus unlimited nationwide talk, text and data for just $45 or $55 a month.
By teaming up with Muve Music, Android is simplifying the process of listening to music on your phone. For the first time in the history of smartphones, a wireless plan has been combined with a great music service, allowing you and your friends to mix business and pleasure with your Android. In addition to this special rate, customers who port-in their number can walk out the door with a free Muve Music enabled Android™ smartphone. The next time you watch a film, notice how music is used to bring out your emotions and compound the message conveyed in the movie.
Instead of having to download or upload music to your computer and then transfer those songs onto your phone, you can download music straight to your Muve Music phone and listen to it hassle-free.

Consumers are downloading songs to their Androids via Muve Music like crazy, so hop in line and find the right song to jive all day, too! You can do the same to your day by building your own musical playlist to match your daily moods—and Muve Music for your Android is the perfect mood-maker.
So instead of carrying your phone, iPod, and laptop, you can now just carry the Muve Music phone—the world’s first truly mobile music service.

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