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PowToon is an online software that allows to create online presentations and video presentations. Anomoto allows you to choose the presentation resolution, based on the destination of the publication (HD, TV, web). Prezi starts from the classical idea to create online presentations, but, being developed in flash, gives the possibility to make them original and eye-catching, thanks to effects such as 3D and zoom.
TimelineJS, as the name suggests, is a tool that helps the user to realize real timelines, very helpful and of impact. Fortunately there are some free tools that help us to create online beautiful, eye-catching presentations and animated infographics.

It is very intuitive and easy to use because you can start directly from ready-made presentations, so you can change them at your leisure inserting images, effects, infographics and modifying or deleting objects prefilled. This program allows to insert files (video, audio and images) from your PC, but also text and, most of all, links. Its peculiarity is that allows a perfect customization of video, images, text and audio during the mixing.
Obviously, like any other tool, TimelineJS allows you to upload your files (audio, video and images). All those features make it a very useful tool, especially to create professional online presentations.

This tool also helps the user to find external files because it gives free access to a wide and varied music and multimedia library. The most useful feature of this tool is that it enable to share the online presentations on all the major social networks and to incorporate them on your website.
Once your presentation is completed, you can choose to publish it as a video (directly on your Youtube channel) or as a classic presentation.

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