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Everything evolves no matter how good it is, online presentation software isn’t any different. With PowToon you can still incorporate your stats charts etc, but the whole presentation takes on new legs when you use PowToon to get your message across. Powtoons are built upon a timeline by simply inserting your own images and text, or dragging and dropping from a massive library of PowToon props. The video shows how easy it is to create a presentation limited by nothing but your imagination.
When completed with your PowToon animated presentation, software built in allows you to upload straight to YouTube from the powtoon online interface. Importing onto your own webspace is made easy with PowToons free online presentation software.
PowToon is free online presentation software, but of course you can add a lot more bells and whistles to your presentation if you chose a paid PowToon account. The free account has 265 props at present – I got an email from PowToon saying that they were introducing a whole new character and environment this week.
That is sure to take the library of extras available to 300+ Powtoon – Sure beats free online PowerPoint right? 2.0 and a Staffy so just a regular guy who used to make cash on the side as an affiliate marketer - Now I do it full-time and show others how to do the same. Welcome to My ZoneI'm Tony, more than a little eager to help you make a success with all your web marketing ventures. This presentation maker serves itself as an alternative for PowerPoint and provides more features than it.

As soon as you register with this online presentation maker, a new window opens up where you have to create the presentation. The key feature of this online presentation maker is that it lets you cross all boundaries. Another interesting and peculiar feature of this app is that you can choose a particular slide and add it to your current presentation.
The app allows you to store or publish your presentation online once you are done creating it. PowToon has only been around since mid 2012 and I think it’s going to make some serious waves. It lets you trace your family, relatives, and even ancestry to find out many things about your family’s history, which makes the discovery even more special. You can upload videos from Youtube, insert images, articles, notes, quotes from web into your presentations. As you click the link given at the end of this article, it will take you to the home page of this online presentation maker. The speed and ease with which all this gets done, really makes you like this app straightaway. You can begin creating your presentation with this online presentation maker by choosing a background color for your slide. The app allows you to add videos from Youtube, upload images, articles from various social networking websites, upload data from your Flickr account, etc. The app grants you the liberty to select any particular slide from any of your existing presentations and add that slide to the current presentation.

Therefore, a feature available in the app allows you to password protect your presentations. Family charts can be wonderful during family reunions and holidays when you can all be together and enjoy looking at these types of presentations.Map Out Your LineageThe Family Tree Chart Maker Template for PowerPoint Online is a wonderful template that you can use for displaying your family tree in an elegant slide.
The software also lets you add content from Flickr and share your presentations on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even though the free version does not allow the users to collaborate with other users, it contains some really amazing features that can help users in coming up with some really amazing presentations. There, you just have to go through a very simple registration process and simply start creating your presentations.
All the uploaded data is saved in your account and you can access them while creating your presentation. The app supports a lot of social media platforms and you can publish your presentation through your account.
You can use this template to show your lineage as well as add or duplicate blank slides to insert family pictures and make it into a photo album presentation as well.This PowerPoint Online presentation template can be opened on any browser on any computer or mobile device. This template is also free so you don’t have to spend much to create a memorable family themed presentation.

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