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Downloading and installing the free SketchUp Make software however is not all that you will need in order to be able to edit already available 3D models for printing or create and export new designs that you make. After the SketchUp STL Extension is installed you will be able to import and edit as well as export STL files that you can after that import into the 3D printer software you use to print the actual object. You decide the level of detail – estimates for your records can include complete information on the treatment (yardages, cost per yard, fabrication and installation costs, mark-ups, etc.). Finally, a client letter template which contains an image of the treatment, total job cost, and payment schedule can be generated. You close the sale, all while Quick Quote automatically updates your inventories and accounting in QuickBooks! On-the-spot comparisons of treatment alternatives speed up client decision-making, and sales can often be closed during the first visit!

Quick Quote avoids tedious paperwork, saves hours of time and improves profit margins, yet it is simple to learn and easy to use. An extensive database of designs and treatment factors combined with fill-in-the-blank prompts enables you to rapidly produce estimates and invoices with no manual calculations and no special fabrication expertise! Pre-calculated yardage requirements for each treatment style and size prevent costly errors. Reduced Accounting Fees – Select from 4 business tax forms (Sole Prop, Partnership, S-Corp, or C-Corp). Quick Quote® integrates easily with Intuit QuickBooks® and is proven by years of industry use! But soon enough you would want to start doing more like doing small modifications to models that you have download and even designing your own simpler 3D models to print.

You will also need an additional plugin that will provide support for importing and exporting files in STL format – probably the most commonly used file format for sharing 3D models for 3D printers. A good starting point to people that have no previous experience is 3D modeling is the SketchUp software, previously owned by Google, but now a part of Trimble.
The good news is that there is still a free version of the software called SketchUp Make that can be used for any educational purpose, available for both Mac and Windows. There are also many other options available but based on our experience SketchUp Make could be a great first step in the world of 3D modeling for most people before going to something more powerful and serious in terms of features.

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