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You can easily create a link to share a given photo; note that anyone with the link will be able to view the shared photo, but you can revoke the sharing at any time.
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LookAt (free plan) is a handy website to upload a video and collaborate on that particular video with unlimited friends.
You can upload a video of upto 2 GB size, in any popular format (like MP4) and up to 4K resolution.
In the screenshot above, you can see the comments added by collaborators on a video uploaded by me.

Step 3: After uploading the video, you will find options to share the video with others, play the video, upload the new version of the video, and delete the video. When you have to upload a new version of video, you can go back to the dashboard and upload the new version.
LookAt is a great website when you and your friends are working on a project and need to discuss with each other. Download Best Voice Changer Free Android App for HTC, Samsung, Sony Record yourself and then change your voice. It's worth noting that you get a free year of Amazon Prime with the AMEX EveryDay credit card, AMEX EveryDay Preferred Credit Card, Blue Cash Everyday card and Blue Cash Preferred cards, although I haven't found any of these cards to be worth the hard credit pull, given other more lucrative travel rewards credit card offers--see Best Travel Credit Cards.
Unfortunately, only one video can be uploaded using the free plan, but still it’s a great website, as you can upload unlimited versions of a video. Now you can drop a video on the available space or click the icon to import a video from your PC. They can jump to any position of the video and click on anywhere on the video to add comment on that particular position.
You can explore the comments using the icon available at the top right side and can also click on tags visible on the seek bar of video to see the comments. Even though you guys are on different locations, you all can discuss related to work and share ideas directly on the video which you are working on.

This website is pretty useful for video makers who want to discuss with each other about their work. All the collaborators (including you) will be able to open any version and add comments and annotations.
Along with this, comment box also provides brush icon using which they can use to annotate on the video.
When the comment box is opened by you, you will find reply option using which you can answer the query.
Option to download any version is also available, but they can’t use it until you enable this option.
They can do so by playing the shared video and giving suggestions (by tagging the comments) on the video.

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