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On the standard Windows operating system, pressing the Print-Screen key will copy an image of the entire screen to the clipboard, holding the Alt key and pressing the Print-Screen key will capture the currently selected window. Supports snapping a Multimon (multiple monitors), Desktop, Active Window, Region, Windows Object, and Scrolling Capture using a hot-key or from the system tray. Supports snapping a region, window or object, scrolling window and fullscreen using a hotkey or from the system tray. Capture full screen, active window, or rectangular area with either a hotkey or notification icon.
Capture full screen, active window, rectangular area, and freehand region after launching program.
The following screen capture tools were brought up in comments here or noted from other sources. It's easy enough to correct this issue, however by setting the site to 100% or higher using the Zoom setting of the browser. Tried a bunch for just a simple screen capture that allows screen rectangle sizing of initial capture to clipboard then right mouse button copy so can paste into a web comment section.
FastStone Capture is the best if you want a lightweight, very functional, easy to use screen capture and editor.
When available, I generally use the portable version of an application (one reason being that it will not, with very few exceptions, write to the Registry). It turns out that there is a portable version of ScreenshotCaptor (which I have been successfully using on different Windows boxes, both Win 7 x64 & XP x32, for quite some time). A Thousand Words is a free screen capture tool for Windows, that lets you save screenshots for your screen.

The wizard with A Thousand Words, makes it simple for you to capture screenshots from your screen. Because this tool is portable, you don’t have to worry about the installation process and setting up things before you can scrap the screen off and put it on to an image file. As we talked about this screen capture tool, it has got a step-by-step approach to capture the screen. A Thousand Words, saves the captured image file to the same folder where you’re running this screen capture tool from.
Now, you would not require a different tool to resize the image, or rotate it before saving it. I used this screen capture tool with Windows 7 and I liked the simple interface, yet providing all what you need before you save a captured image. I would recommend this tool to anyone who’s looking for a free and portable screen capture tool.
It enables you to take a full screenshot or capture a part of your screen (Capture Window, Capture Region or Take a full Screenshot) and save the image to a file. If your priority is editing, after the capture, then check out Best Free Digital Image Editor.
Some tools don't properly handle the text size setting thereby effectively cropping 225% of the screen with a 150% text screen setting. If you would like to give something back to the freeware community by taking it over, check out this page for more details. The last freeware version though is 5.3 and only later (licensed) versions have the functions that you describe.

Just tried to download and save, and also just run the latest version of Screenshot Captor and received an error message "invalid certificate etc.".
A Thousand Words lets you capture screen but with a difference; it lets you perform the task with its wizard that helps you decide the format to save in, whether you want to edit it or other cool possibilities. If you click on the Options button, you can decide what to capture from the screen, what format you want to save it to and if there should be a delay before its captures the screen for you. However, if you want to change the location, and the file name for the image file, click in the box to edit the name, and click on the blue link to change the location of the file.
You can draw shapes (rectangle or oval) on the image, use the pen to draw randomly, or insert a straight line on the image.
Check out Tiny Take, a screen capture tool with screen recording, and also lets you annotate captured screenshots. Exacto is another screen capture tool that has an inbuilt image editor. In addition, Greenshot allows you to apply text and shapes to your screenshot, making it a perfect tool to use for creating a tutorial or presentation based on your captured images. You can also use the inbuilt resize tool to shrink or stretch the image, rotate it and use the magnifier to get a bigger view. As it supports JPG, PNG, and BMP image formats, it gives you some flexibility while saving the image.
Output to clipboard, editor, printer, auto-save to a file, or automatic or on-demand uploading of screenshots to image hosting services.

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