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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. About The Author: troywhiteIm a weird and unusual guy who adores my twin 11 year old daughters. They also were incented to encourage their friends to contribute $ to aworthy cause as part of the promotion. Recessionary promotion gone wild with the Minnesota Twins offeringan entire season (81 games) for only $250. Nothing I want more in this world, than giving them theupbringing and education that inspires them to live a life they love, just like their dorky dad. Contests were also held for “best in show,”“best Tom Selleck look-alike,” and most pathetic attempt at a mustache. It's a very exciting and special song," Priya told IANS."Fukrey", a buddy movie which revolves around Delhi-based youngsters, is being co-produced by Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani under their banner Excel Entertainment.

Anyone who dressed as a baby, brought a babytoy, or brought an actual baby got in for free.
The Athletics, Orioles, Rangers, Royals, Braves, Dodgers andPadres all have designated All-You-Can Eat sections for fans hungry to see morethan a game.
Having been self-employed for over a decade now, I bring quite adiverse background in helping people build businesses that support their lifestyles. The Pirates have offered up REO Speedwagon and Collective Souland the Marlins offer KC and the Sunshine Band. They didn’t worry about the “hokeyness” of the event … theycared about the newsworthy parts of the promotion only. The Devil Rays have the mostinteresting series featuring The Commodores, Trace Adkins, Kool And The Gang, LLCool J and MC Hammer.
They offered the first 250 fans free stress balls and DVDs of the movie“Anger Management.”[Look at all the new movies out and coming out on DVD – is there any way you cantie a promotion into the theme of the movie?

News and buzz gets peopletalking about buying … these events did everything you and I should be aiming for!]The San Antonio Missions held a Used Car Night and gave away a dozen luxury usedautomobiles randomly.Or how about the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays and their College CourseGiveaway Night? Each fan received a free three-credit course of their choice atnearby Kellogg Community College.The Charleston RiverDogs minor league baseball team is a master at using wackypromotions to get people in the seats.
Only available to the first 5,000 fans, this was a runawaywinner.How about some NON-sports promotions?What about the Beer-for-Bags event, which the company promoted that they wouldaccept beer for merchandise. They grew their sales by 20% using this promotion(including all the free publicity they received as well).
Talk aboutgetting some press!Or this: They even staged a Nobody Night, locking out fans at the door as the clubattempted to set a minor league record for lowest attendance at a game.

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