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If you are just looking for a small digital camera to vlog, I use a Canon Powershot Elph110HS.
Hmmm I'm not too familiar with point and shoot cameras or camcorders in that range sorry. It's $70 cheaper then the 110 hs but with very slightly crisper shots and the same zoom.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I have noticed some of the vloggers I watch (CTFxC, BfvsGf) both have the same exact camera as me.
4K monitors have the potential to give you pixel density rivaling a retina display at a much larger size, so you’ll get to see more detail and fewer jaggies while editing your images.

TN-Panels are cheap, and therefore common for everyday use for home computers, but when it comes to rendering colors, TN performs poorly compared to the IPS (in-plane-switching) and PVA technologies that are used in professional graphics monitors 2. Where IPS panels generally have a grey-to-grey response time in the 7-10 ms range, the TN panels mentioned above all have a fast 1-5ms response time. It has an IPS panel, making it capable of reliably displaying the full Adobe RGB gamut, and it can be connected via the display-port at 60Hz for smooth motion and more video playback options. I haven’t had a chance to view this monitor yet, but in my experience, NEC makes the best monitors around (with the possible exception of Eizo). The NEC has sensors to adjust the brightness according to ambient light levels and to turn the screen off when no user is present, both of which may come in handy, and NEC’s professional monitors usually allow for a high degree of calibration for uniformity of color and brightness across the screen with the SpectraView system.Looking for something larger with top of the line quality? Eizo has a long history of making the best monitors in the world for graphics professionals, but they’re not cheap.
Compared with the price of the Canon, the Sony Trimaster seems positively bargain-priced, but I’ll leave that comparison for someone who has more experience working in video production.Want a high-ppi laptop?

Check out the my article on the best current options for high-ppi photo-editing laptops.Questions? That said, please let me know if you have any questions (below) and I’ll at do what I can.
Take as an example, the LG 49″ 4K 10bit per channel IPS TV with HDMI input and up to 120Hz refresh rate combined with a Nvidia 960 video card. Rally appreciate your thoughts!Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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