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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the continual process of optimizing your websites in order to make them search engine friendly, thus getting higher rankings in search results.
Search Engine Optimization Strategies can get your site ranking higher on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.
SEO drives traffic to your website, which translates into increased website visitors which further leads to more business enquiries.
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As we have already understood SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results. Search Engine Optimization SEO is a complex topic to address for your website, especially when you consider all the information and factors you need to incorporate in your web-design for effective SEO.
This is the analysis phase where all the keywords are analysed for proper absorption into your website content. Keyword Research - In-depth keyword & market research helps in preparing a robust SEO strategy that allows us to provide realistic projections and forecasts of opportunities available within your target market. Search Engine Friendly Website Development - Also called OnSite SEO, we analyse your website's structure, internal architecture & other key elements that are tracked and weighted within the search engines algorithms to provide recommendations for improved search relevancy & accuracy in targeting your product keywords. Creating Content - The backbone of any marketing campaign is compelling content and our team of creative writers, designers & developers have helped many business brands get talked about in mainstream media, to industry leading publications and blogs. Link Building Methods - Link Building is extremely important for search engine rankings online. Google's Latest Search Engine Algorithms have started focusing more and more on unique content - be it the text content or graphical image content.
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SEO Expertise: We cover everything search-related, from consumer understanding, technical analysis and high-level strategy to content creation and link building. On-Page SEO tactics for highest quality content backed by Off-Page SEO of network of quality backlinks. Designing SEO Optimized Websites Complete Range of SEO Services from Auxano for all B2B and B2C Businesses. Auxano has many SEO Experts helping many Companies setting up their SEO Campaigns including SEO optimized websites with Great Content and Quality Backlinks. Auxano was established with the aim of providing superior graphics designs and web marketing solutions for our customers worldwide. We sat down for an interview with Stanislav Solovkin, CEO and executive producer of Soar Productions, a production company that provides exclusive and boutique TV and cinema production services on the Territory of ex-USSR and some other exotic locations.
Korean cinematic market size was valued at over 1.6 trillion won in 2014, an increase of over 20 percent previous year.
Actually, the whole concept of my business is to create a professional bridge that would connect those who is seeking for new and exclusive shooting locations with the people who can provide it. The concept of my business is to show television and cinema producers that there are incredibly beautiful and naturally, architecturally and historically diverse territories, which have never been used for television purposes.
It should be noted that such territories «unexposed» to the television and cinema industry, become more and more rare on the Earth. And I’m sure, that television and cinema producers are looking for such places on our planet, where they could be if not the first ones, than at least among the first to produce.
The audience recognizes at once that a movie was shot in a particular country, same with TV shows. The audience sees and memorizes many things, especially when it comes to colorful images, shooting sceneries, specific places.
Often the big projects require huge and expensive equipment, and it is not sensible to bring it from abroad. Fortunately, the motto that works for me perfectly, was coined before me by an amazing television and cinema producer, an outstanding person, a distinguished television and cinema cameraman, a talented director and one of the two creators of the «Amazing Race» show – my major partner Bertram van Munster, who I am very proud and flattered to consider as my friend. Of course, we are targeting at the USA market, which is growing sustainably and consistently. At the same time we are targeting at literally blasting Asian markets where growth rates are shocking.
China has increased the number of features per year FOUR times in five years, producing over 800 movies last year. Indonesia shows an incredible average growth of TV and cinema market – 17% during last several years, leaving the Philippines not far behind.
It is very pleasant to praise myself… But seriously, I don’t think you can find more, than a couple of hundred people in the world with the same international television and cinema experience as mine. My first professional international television experience was the creation of the «Survivor» show for the Russian television, which I was one of the executive producers of since 2001.
Besides, for 6 years straight I have been a constant Russian facilitating producer of the «Amazing Race» show, created by Bertram van Munster. A big number of my projects are connected with the BBC, Discovery channels and the Travel Channel. I do both cinema and television, and still prefer television as it is much less predictable, brings more surprises. And with these lower budgets you are to create a commercially successful product, which is competitive in terms of the price, creative quality, and its public outcome.
I have a talent… (laugh) It is a perfect capital – as this is something that cannot be taken away from me and I don’t even know where it came from. I was a head of production, working with the “Amazing Race” show, in which everything is true. All in all, it’s very important to be highly respectful towards people, ask two or three times, before you touch anything.
Why do you think the countries you are inviting the international producers to should be interested or are interested in co-operating with World media and cinema community? You might find my answer boring but I believe the only obstacle would be the language barrier. For Chinese producers, if they want to work in Russia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia or Georgia – what is the best way to get local knowledge, where to shoot, the best scenery, etc?
It never hurts to check with a friend, but you always have to use both ways to find a partner, for if your friend suggests you a person, you don’t have much choice, not to mention that it’s always about bargaining, pricing, etc. What is the level of interest of the authorities of the given countries in the coming of the foreign shooting crews?
Is there any particular content that you are going manufacture in these countries or which formats suit them more? I am currently negotiating several issues concerning that and soon will have a more detailed answer about the non-ex-USSR countries that, due to different reasons, are much less visited than they deserve. When people do not understand each other well enough, they treat each other with suspicion, even though the mutual benefits are obvious. The second reason is that, unfortunately, many people still have the mythical image of all these countries being parts of Russia, but “we have been to Russia before, and these are just Russia’s derivatives, so why bother”. Also, these countries are too independent and proud to “offer” themselves on the international market. Imagine there was a social network with 10 to 20 thousand subscribers instead of a billion. On the other hand, I speak the same language with the authorities that issue shooting permissions, and whose protection and support we should be seeking for successful production.
And in spite of the fact that legally I am also a foreigner for them we still once used to live in one big country. The systems differ in each country, however you definitely need support from local big-shots. I know many people who represent themselves as professionals but not correspond with this status. So you always have to keep your word, tell truth, even if it’s an unpleasant truth, never lie and never touch anything that doesn’t belong to you before you ask. What myths, do you think, scare away the big and medium television and cinema professionals from going to the discussed region?
Many countries achieve such safety levels by strong, even totalitarian regimes, which is irrelevant. I’d say ex-USSR, not CIS, because Georgia, for instance, is not a CIS country, but an ex-USSR state. Are the times when you feel… Because I know some producers, they have made a lot of shows and at some point they run out of inspiration, because they have done too much.
I don’t lose anything as there’re systems which guarantee protection against financial risks. You also mentioned some productions, that are just not as professional as people think of themselves, what other things apart from the commercial success you can look at and see, whether this is a professional production or not? When you work with people, do you really feel that you have to be positive and don’t let your negative experience spoil your trust?
On Sundays, Sanjay, a freelance writer in his 30s prefers to have brunch and watch movies with his close friends. After accidental viewing of the South Korean TV drama a few years ago, he started watching Korean dramas more and more.  Earlier this year, he started learning Korean language. It isn’t only teenagers who have been influenced by Korean pop culture in making her purchasing decisions. Samsung scored a viral marketing success at last month’s Oscars when host Ellen DeGeneres used one of its Galaxy devices for a group selfie with a posse of smiling Hollywood A-listers.
On April 1, Boston Red Sox baseball star used one of its smartphones to snap a selfie at the White House with Barack Obama: which has been retweeted more than 42,000 times.
A JavaScript redirect is a piece of JavaScript code that is used to automatically transfer a visitor from a landing page to a different target page. Web page elements like JavaScript, Flash, or other rich media files generally cannot be crawled effectively by search engines. The best way to create a redirect without looking potentially sneaky is to use an .htaccess file, such as a 301 Permanent Redirect or 302 Temporary Redirect. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which passes between 90-99% of ranking power to the redirected page.
Followed by last week, we will look more into guideline for building naver optimized websites. When a user clicks on a link to a page that’s no longer available on your site, your server returns a 404 (Page Not Found) error.
When a request is made to your server for a page on your site (for instance, when a user accesses your page in a browser or when Googlebot crawls the page), your server returns an HTTP status code in response to the request.
Ook in 2015 blijft voor journalisten het persbericht de belangrijkste informatiebron om een artikel te schrijven. Jarenlang schreven we webteksten met in ons achterhoofd: “Het moet hoog scoren in de Google-zoekresultaten.” Maar wat met die webteksten als Google niet langer de dominante zoekmachine is?
Bedrijven die nieuws denken te hebben mikken met hun persbericht vaak onmiddellijk op het allerhoogste: de nationale media. Wie de statistieken van zijn website bekijkt, zal niet langer kunnen zien via welke zoektermen in Google iemand tot op zijn site is geraakt. Search Engine Optimization is often a topic of discussion on the RootsWeb FreePages Help Mailing List. You will not be able to use all of the suggestions if your site is hosted on the free RootsWeb servers BUT many of the suggestions will help you with placement in the Google Search Results.
It is by far the number one search engine out there, with a larger market share than virtually every other major competitor combined. For this reason, Google search engine optimization is a major field and continues to be incredibly important for any website or blog that wants to achieve success.
This article will cover how Google search engine optimization can help your website gain a competitive edge in the market.
In general, though, focusing on these areas for Google search engine optimization will help you make your website the best it can be. Google likes to see a proper keyword strategy, keywords that are relevant and tailored enough to not be too vague, but not be too specific either. Google search engine optimization also relies on effective website architecture – everything from your sitemap to your URL. You can help this by having internal links on all of your subpages, and have incoming links head to various subpages instead of only to the first page.
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As growth of Korean cinematic market outpaces that of US, Stanislav Solovkin has now begun to turn his attention beyond US to a broader area of the Asian map. Almost 100% of all the disagreements that emerge between professionals from different countries are connected with mere miscommunication occasions, with the fact, that people cannot understand each other. And it is also true that not all the countries I work in can provide the same equipment as the USA, Europe or Russia. I’m sure the TV and cinema professionals desperately need new locations for creating new masterpieces. I have been to 66 countries and almost all of these trips had something to do with filming. I know these beautiful in many senses people, know how to work with them, how to get on the right side of them.
At that time it was the most ambitious, the most expensive and, as it turned out, the most popular show ever on the Russian television. We had to bring to Panama almost 150 crew members from Russia and it was just the beginning.
Planning is the key to successful production; otherwise the product itself is going to be disastrous. What do you feel about the country differences… When you do the production in different countries, how do adjust to culture differences?
Because this is not something you can learn from books, it’s all about your perception of the situation.
Think of the Holy Bible then, the only “media” for centuries (and please do not take that for blasphemy – those times the were no TV, no radio, no newspapers)… Billions and billions of pilgrims made their way to Jerusalem, where as they believed and believe now God has started His Act of Creation, Abraham brought his son Isaac, Jacob dreamed of Angels and Jesus was betrayed and crucified.
Even those inhabiting China television world as it’s still a small village where everybody knows everyone, or everybody knows somebody, who knows just the guy. I believe that there is great potential for international tourism in each of the discussed countries.
The main thing is that the shootings a) are in accordance with the current legislation and b) do not undermine the reputation of either the countries where it is being conducted, or my company.
For instance, there’s an X company that wants to shoot in a Y country that is interested in the international tourism and requires some promotion in foreign media.
These parties always need a certain Z party, an intermediary, which is trusted by the both sides. In most of these countries, except for, may be, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, the television and cinema industries are historically underdeveloped. They see many not only western partners, but just foreigners as potential enemies, spies, foes, whom they expect to bring TV cameras and just pour a huge amount of negativity which these splendid states are already sick of straight onto the international television arena.
On the one hand, I have a certain name in foreign companies and a good reputation as a professional, a person, a businessman. We used to live in the same country and in spite of our internal disagreements we still remain connected by means of the Russian language. The good thing about the countries I have mentioned is their governments are perfectly well-motivated to attract foreign tourists, which makes them very flexible, television- and cinema-friendly, cooperative and absolutely transparent in their actions. They jump, run, scream, they want this or that, they touch things and create activity that gives television poor general reputation worldwide. And that is why people normally want me to come back and shoot in their venues, when normally they wouldn’t like hearing the very word “television” ever in their lives after the first experience they had.
I can address that: I have been to 66 countries from the USA to Madagascar and can tell you that I do not know a single country without corruption taking place there. I want to switch off all the phones and go somewhere, where there’s nothing but ocean and a sandy beach and I do it from time to time. For example, you are in foreign country and you search the Internet for a local partner and how do you assess whether the local partner is good? If your potential partner pretends to be a professional, you will definitely find references on the web. But what is very important for me is that my client doesn’t ruin my reputation by shooting something improper or illegal. If a client can afford to be late even with his or her e-mail answer or to be not punctual being late at the meetings, or if he or she says «let’s chat at 12 p.m. It actually helps, because I can understand a person is worthless professional-wise, before we get to the stage, when his or her incompetence could damage me or can hurt him.
Although sales of smart phone is slowing, Samsung has extended its lead as the world’s No.
In a romantic comedy, “My Love From the Star,” Korean actress has short scene having fried chicken and beer (chimek) to celebrate the year’s first snowfall.
He practices Taekwondo twice a week and watches Korean dramas at least two hours daily.  He works as a content writer for Web sites and his name is printed in the Korean language on his business card, and he went to Korea for sightseeing. Although there may be legitimate reasons to transfer visitors and users to a different URL, generally a JavaScript redirect is employed as a sneaky method to trick search engines and direct user traffic to a website completely unrelated to a search.
Thus, when a page containing JavaScript is indexed by a search engine, any links hidden by JavaScript coding may not be followed by the search engine. These are the most efficient and search engine friendly methods, and they will preserve your web page ranking as well.
If the purpose of redirect is simple and legitimate, there is no reason to use JavaScript coding.
Adding appropriate alt tags to the images on your website can help your website achieve better rankings in the search engines by associating keywords with images. To be crawlable, web pages need to have standard link structure—a structure that lets spiders browse the pathways of a website—in order to find all of the pages on a website. If your site contains multiple pages with largely identical content, there are a number of ways you can indicate your preferred URL. Because generic messages can be frustrating to the user, we recommend creating a custom 404 page to provide more useful information about your site. She is involved in many research projects on Trend in Korea and guides foreign company to plan successful localization in Korea. Tijd dus om nog eens enkele tips op een rijtje te zetten om een pakkend persbericht te schrijven. Met de nieuwe regels wil Google persberichten belonen die kwalitatief goed ineen zitten, niet langer persberichten die technisch goed ineen zitten. Since Google is the search engine everyone seems to target, you can download the free Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide for lots of helpful advice. Having useful and unique content is the golden path to proper Google search engine optimization. Swipe your finger across the screen to slash them!GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION GUIDELINESEntire industry of seo doesnt tell you .
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Auxano has been at the forefront of technology, innovation and design of new marketing styles. And I did, when I was 17 years old and I haven’t even… Yeah, I was a first year university student and had no experience, no profession, no diploma, no nothing. However, Ukraine and Russia possess perfectly adequate equipment, which is absolutely possible to rent, given the current economic situation and the fact that the customs is very simple in these countries if you know the rules, prices are much lower, and professionals are very, very good.
I have a big number of ongoing projects in Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, but due to obvious reasons I cannot unveil the details.
We were working 20 hours a day for a couple of months with no breaks… That gives you that addiction.
I can tell you a story about one of the Central Asian countries I’m not allowed to tell which one exactly.
You’ve got to come there and that, I believe, is a very big deal… You are come to a new country and sightseeing is not all you do.
Some people might say: “the tourism motivation is the motivation you use when you have no better ones”. Key words like «shooting Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Armenia….» will help a lot. The goal is to expand the presence of my company from the ex-USSR territories to the countries where people just do not go without me because of the unique communication skill I possess. Of course, they have their own TV companies and channels, but, unfortunately, those do not provide the necessary level of preparation yet. The perfect example is, of course, the «Borat» movie, that was shot about Kazakhstan and its people. I will repeat myself: I continue working with such companies as CBS, BBC, Discovery, Travel Channel, Channel 9 Israel, Channel Seven Australia, etc. I know the habits and traditions – I was born in central Asia, I traveled to all these countries. Sometimes the volume, costs, level of corruption and the absence of money relations inside its system gets mistakenly perceived as an absence of corruption, which is wrong.
There are completely different ways of assessing crime rates, level of safety and terrorist threat level.
And what is also important is the fact that these countries have a centuries-old tradition of hospitality, so no one will touch you, at least due to you being a guest.
1 smartphone maker over chief rival Apple, thanks to robust sales of devices such as the Galaxy and Note.
That on-screen tradition is playing out in real-life fried chicken joints across China as fans of the show get their chimek fix.  Chinese celebrities are joining the trend, fueling the craze. Because of this fact, many SEO firms and underhanded webmasters may employ these “sneaky” methods to fill a web page with common search terms in order to fool a search engine and redirect the visitor to an unrelated website. In most instances, the 301 redirect is the best method for implementing redirects on a website. The Internet runs on a protocol called HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which dictates how URLs work.

Hundreds of thousands of sites make the critical mistake of using javascript which hides their main link navigation in ways that search engines cannot access.
Although Naver’s SEO is a lot more challenging due to its structure of search result page, basic ideas such as best practices, relevant contents, and meta tags are similar.
Having duplicate or near-duplicte versions of your content across your site will hurt your ranking and Naver will try to filter this. Her current project focuses on writing book about Naver SEO and PPC strategy and winning localization strategy in Korea for global companies. Sociale media hiervoor gaan gebruiken is geen zo’n goed idee, zo blijkt uit een onderzoek van Business Wire. Controleer dit dan toch maar eens (het kan eenvoudig met een klik, zie verder) – voordat je vanaf 21 april heel wat websitebezoekers dreigt te verliezen. Voor beelden van de Nexus 5 weet je dat je gewoon moet wachten tot Google beslist om een medewerker op cafe te sturen. Much of the information will be of use to anyone who is wants to design and maintain their own website whether or not they are interested in genealogy.
The more unique content you have, with varying keywords, the more attractive your content will be. Follow the general guidelines above and consult with a professional SEO company and your Google search engine rankings should improve dramatically. Once your site starts showing up in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), your business can benefit from the huge deluge of customers visiting your site for important information about your products.
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I arrived there once with an intention to have some very important meetings within a very short period of time.
Half a year of preparation prior to the shooting needed as it’s a real-time challenge in lots of different locations, so it is extremely hard if possible at all to get the necessary permits. Specifically in Central Asian and Caucasus parts of the world, where the market is not that huge and there are not so many producers.
Each differs greatly from Russia, has its own traditions, culture, aesthetic images, nature and language. I have got relatives in Georgia, Armenia, Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan… My grandmother was from Ukraine, and the roots of my other grandparents are in Belarus and Moldavia. On the external market it is the reputation I have, on the internal – it is the possibility to come back to a country with new partners and work again.
In some countries you give a bribe to get a good seat in a movie-theatre, and in some you give a much bigger bribe to get a seat in the government. But none of the abovementioned countries are included in the top-20 most dangerous countries in the world list.
Pickpocketing and minor theft, however, happen everywhere, regardless the quantity of your security guards. Remember that cloaking and using doorway redirect web pages are considered deceptive, so only employ a redirect when absolutely necessary. Deceptive practices like this can result in a poor user experience, when a visitor sees substantially the same content repeated within a set of search results.
We boost SEO results with organic tactics that outlast trends, using your website to build your brand, while helping you to target customers in finding exactly what they need. We can help you increase your website traffic thereby leading to increased leads by targetting the organic search results for your group of selected and high potential keywords. Today, Auxano offers you a vision of your company style and fashion to reflect the company image, created for you as well as with you.
I partook in an international exchange program, so I had spent a lot of time in the US where I did speak English a lot. Others unfairly stand aside from the, let’s say, main trade-routes of television and cinema industry. International channels are: CBS, BBC, Discovery, Channel 7 Australia, Travel Channel, Channel 9 Israel… There are also some projects, of course, where the work is in progress, and I am still not allowed to tell you. Mistakes are not an option here because it’s not just yours or some other people’s money at stake, but rather your reputation.
But the state government was smart enough to permit the screening with the explanation, that «that is not Kazakhstan being reflected in this movie and anything shown in it has nothing to do with Kazakhstan», though the first reaction was indeed to ban the movie.
If somebody still doesn’t know such name as Stanislav Solovkin, he or she 100% sure has a friend who does.
Meaning, for them I would be not just a guy who came out of nowhere, but a person with years and years of experience of working with the big fish from the television and cinema market.
I have a perfect example: so here I am surrounded by an army of security guards in the governor residence of one of the provinces in one Latin-American country, my cell-phone was stolen right from the table.
Delays happen, but if this or that professional partner delays a payment with no excuse it doesn’t suggest anything good. All you should do is just contact the company, saying «this is what I want to shoot, this is what I have and that’s what I need» and you will have it whatever it is.
So I was really tired, sitting at the hotel bar I had 3 more meetings ahead of me, all in different locations. What happened during the filming was that half of the teams arrived on time, but the other half got stuck in Germany due to the weather conditions, waiting for their next connecting flight, which was in 12 hours. The World Tourism Organization believes that “The Amazing Race” encouraged over 110 million people who have NEVER traveled before to go to other parts of the world. I also know, that lots of people from the continental part of China study Russian because of our more or less mutual background. Not that they do not understand the words, they do not understand the meanings and subtexts. The system is simple: you come to a certain location and say “Can we please have this, this and this”, you have a local partner who provides the services, you also have a location agreement with each of the venues and it doesn’t cost you a lot.
That’s because there are fewer people who want to get a seat in the government, than those who want to get a seat in a theatre. The good thing about the television production is that the only tools you should have is your brain, your connections, and your language skills.
For example, you pretend to be my, let’s say, perspective partner in the US and I write you: «Dear, Brian, can you please organize a shooting on the Potomac river, NYC?» And you say “yes”. For news article, KONA (Korea Online Newspaper Association) set up “rules for digital news article where it bans copying of news article, and it also recommends giving credit to source through deep link. Wie enkele plaatsten lager staat op de resultatenpagina van Google ziet vaak geen enkele bezoeker.
Not to mention Russia, the motherland of cinematography, that barely reached the point of 140 features during the same period of time. And my partner says: “Why don’t you invite them over instead of rushing to all these places?” I make a couple of phone calls and the people (including big shots like ministers) I am to meet do come to see me in that very bar. I had to make this devil-job extending all the permits for all the locations for another 24 hours within the two hours I had.
I can guarantee that the best way to deal with, for example, common workers is to be friends with them.
A year after the release of The Brave Heart the number of visitors to Wallace Monument increased by 300%, The Crown Hotel in Amersham, England is fully booked for the next three years because it was mentioned in the “Four Weddings and One Funeral”, Rosslyn Chapel featured in the “Da Vinci Code” now has almost 140 000 visitors a year versus 9500 before the movie was released. And of course these CBS and WRP crews, we are talking about, producing company for the Amazing Race (especially the Australian Amazing Race crew) are very diverse. These two are very small countries with the population of several million people each living in a comparatively small territory. That is why high margin of entering the corruption schemes sometimes deemed as an absence of corruption.
And the brain is also a combination of an initial education, parental attention, a number of books you read, education… It’s something, which had already been invested. That is how I know you are not a professional, because the Potomac River is not even in NYC. No matter how much money I could possibly get from this project, because that would ruin all that I’ve been building for years. A good sign would be, if a partner takes 3 or 4 days to go through a potential contract before singing it. Because if they tell you in the middle of production: “we don’t work with you anymore”, you are in a big trouble because they work hard and do a lot.
But you can find all types of scenery in these territories, from deserts to the highest mountain peaks, green valleys, lakes, walnut forests, etc.
I surely can persuade them, that this or that shooting crew came in peace and it just wants to make sure to show the beauty of a certain region to the outer world.
It does not mean, things like that never happen there, it only means they take place not more often, than in any other country of the world. You don’t need to buy expensive cameras or useless trinkets, or rent an expensive office in the center of the most expensive city in the world, which Moscow used to be, though it’s not any more. A bad sign is signing it in 5 minutes, because that would mean to me that it wasn’t read at all, and if it wasn’t read there’s a very good chance the client doesn’t have an intention to follow the obligations. When we were done with the show I switched off my cell-phone and said: “No more calls for the next week”.
Because of the “Lord of the Rings” was filmed in New Zealand, where tourists now spend $6 billion a year, versus $3 billion a year before the release.
And the second reason I particularly distinguish these two is that they are safe and comparatively cheap countries with high level of unemployment. Corruption exists everywhere and the only way to fight it is to motivate people, that make decisions, not with material values, but with the fact, that by making a decision you would like them to make they not only help you or themselves, but mainly the state and its descendants.
The same is about the budget, because a perfect partner says: «I have this sum of money for this. After that I switched for a newspaper… In 2004 I was already a full grown independent producer having my own company.
And the thing is that if you are, let’s say, a Chinese, American or a European producer to film in such a country you don’t need to find professional directors or directors of photography or art directors there, you just bring them with you. Indeed, these countries are infected by corruption but so are the rest 219 countries on the planet. Unfortunately you have to check these people and sometimes I even need to check my potential clients when they just find me on the web, because you never know. I remember myself sitting in a plane, trying to figure out how many hours of TV content I have produced and that is definitely more, than 1000. It’s your production and you don’t have to work with people you can find, you work with the people you can trust. If I say yes, it’s my responsibility to make it happen for exactly the discussed amount of money or cheaper, and never ask for a single penny more. But the 90% of success in production lays in the work of PAs, managers, interpreters, drivers… It is also in finding proper locations. So if your potential client says: «I have this sum of money for this», that shows, he or she is a professional vs. Otherwise, I know technology, television industry processes, etc… Because every single big production is a jigsaw puzzle that consists of smaller parts, which are to be assembled back together at some point. The more accurate a partner is with money, even talking about it, the more responsible person to deal with he or she appears to me. I make my employees work 36 hours a day instead of 24, I scream at them, and I never get satisfied.
But there’s also something we call intuition, which is not a talent you are not born with it. My eyes see little signs my conscious doesn’t mention, like micro mimics, which I don’t even have time to think of. It’s much more difficult now when we socialize via online services like e-mail and social networks.
On the other hand, there’s a scientific research that shows that people lie 80% less when writing or texting each other. He said: «There’s a very good way to determine, whether a politician lies to you from the TV screen.

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