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We are really glad you made it here, and that you already see the big opportunity in the use of video technology in business.
Now you have all the tools you need to produce amazing videos for whatever you need, but are you really ready to use the videos you produce to the full potential?
Whatever you are doing with video, being it promoting your own business, training, communicating, selling video related products, or selling videos to clients, you really want take that to the next level. This is why we have created the Inner Circle Program, which is a mix between group coaching, business referral system, co-launching your next product, peer to peer support community, and free early access to newest versions of Expaindio before they are public.
Before I get to everything you will have access to, let me tell you more about the team you have a chance to work with. Together, the team has tens of years of combined expertise in areas like video production, marketing, training, education, and communication. Besides being the creator of Explaindio, Andrew has many years of experience helping businesses both small and large with video marketing, video production and other cutting edge business technologies. Mostly working in a T-shirt from his home office and making jokes, he is just your "next door guy" who just happens to be one the best experts in the word in what he does.
The Explaindio Inner Circle Program team includes an accomplished university professor, PhD degree holder, who has long years of experience with educational and training technologies, including authoring online video training courses for students of one of the top US universities.
In addition, the team includes numerous people involved in building Explaindio business, software, online presence, sales videos, and everything else. Inner Circle Program gives you access to a private, invitation only group where you can ask question which are very specific to your business. There will be always a team member who will answer your question, and you may also get peersa€™ suggestion before making important business decision.
It does not matter if your question is related to promoting your business with videos, video creation, selling videos to other businesses, using the Explaindio software, or anything else related to use of video technology in business. If you want to use marketing video to promote your other business, Inner Circle Program will be an enormous help to cut through dangerous flood of misinformation and do it in the right, and the most cost effective way. If you plan to release your own video related product and would like us to became your JV and co-launch partner, Inner Circle Program membership is the shortest path for us to review your product and give you an answer. If you are selling videos to other businesses, not only we can help you with advice, but also we can give you assess to contact info of all businesses, which ask us to help them find video producer.
If you are making online video training courses for sale or not intended to be sold, you can get the best advice possible. If you have any other questions related to video in business, we will strive to help you find solution and result you are looking for. Lately he spent significant amount of his time in NYC, leading a team building a marketing platform for off-line businesses to help them get both online and off-line leads using mobile and online technologies.
This will increase chances that your training videos and video-based courses will receive glowing reviews and your students will crave more courses from you. If you don't like our "Inner Circle Program Trial" and everything that it can give you then we are going to give you your money back right away!

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