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The green screen has come a long way since Lawrence Butler won an academy award for his special effects in The Thief of Bagdad in 1940. Although you may not be detailing cold fronts from your desk, I’d bet you still have opportunities to connect with an audience at work. To get started today, you just need a regular smartphone (or digital camera that shoots video), some inexpensive software, and a wall that’s painted a color that does not appear anywhere on your clothing, skin, eyes, or hair. You’ll also find blue screen backdrop cloth available, but blue screens can cause problems if the person on camera has blue eyes or clothes.
For a camera, you want something that shoots HD quality video (720p or higher) and that saves out files in a format your green screen software can import. If you do choose to record on a mobile device, you can easily import your footage directly into Camtasia using our free app, TechSmith Fuse.
Speaking of lighting, one thing you should keep in mind as you shoot your green screen footage is to minimize shadows. The easiest thing to try is a couple of hardware store clamp-on work lights with high-output CFL bulbs…and something to clamp them on. In this video, Mike Gruszynski not only shows you how to build your own lighting kit on the cheap, but he also provides a few tips of the trade for making your subjects look more natural.
For software, of course we’re biased toward Camtasia Studio (Windows) and Camtasia for Mac, which you can download and use free for 30 days. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2012 by Daniel Foster and has since been completely updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
I was really excited about this article until I got to the software required section and read that it is not available on the pc version. We’re approaching the midway point of 2012 – are we really still going to be waiting for Camtasia Studio 8 on Windows? Hi all – a number of you expressed interest in having chroma key on the Windows version of Camtasia. But I would like to add other software which are great for green screen editing especially for Windows platform.
This one feature offers a significant opportunity to increase the professionalism of business videos.
Thanks for the great article, especially for instructions of how to setup green screen environment! It’s been a while since I used Camtasia but I was removing the green screen background and adding in a new one. Camtasia Studio has a number of backgrounds and titles under the Library tab with more available for download.
Does this really work, where I can use another mpeg or video file in the background, and lay the footage of a person on top?
Hi Neil – the video showed how to put together 800W equivalent of lighting for each stand. Photo Pos Pro Photo Editor is the best totally Green'>Free Photo Editor and Image Editor (Green'>Free Photo editing and Image editing software). Great Green'>Free user friendly Photo editing software enables fast Photo editing without "headaches".
Once you have Photographed your talent in front of a Green Screen, use our chroma-key compositing software to choose a background and just click on the background once.

Photo Pos Lite Photo Editor (Photo editing software) is a Green'>Free lite edition of the award-wining Photo Editor Photo Pos Pro. Like its name, DreamLight Photo Editor can easily add many special dream effects onto your Photo.
ZC Dream Photo Editor is a fun and creative tool to make impressive collages and scrapbooks with your digital Photos!
Photo Editor is powerful multifunctional software offering a complete set of image editing tools.
Frame Photo Editor is a Photo Editor that would let you do the work YOUR way, but do it all for you.
Elfin Photo Editor is an image Editor and optimizer for users who want to make their Photos stand out. Focus Photo Editor is a powerful image and Photo Editor, picture retouching tool, web album creator, image browser and Photoshop Filters Host Application for Windows.
The most important feature of WinSoftMagic Photo Editor is the ability to edit Photos preserving their original quality.
Butler was the first person who figured out how to use green screen technology (or more accurately for him, blue screen technology) in a color film; previously the effect was only possible in black and white. We’ll take a look at the various elements you need to consider: backdrop, software, camera, and lighting. Quite simply, it offers the most natural-looking way to integrate your subject with other types of content you might want to show. Meteorologists stand in front of the green screen point out specific parts of the forecast, but the green screen does more than simply provide clarity. Green screen is a great option for for adding a personal touch to lots of different types of videos. When done well, green screen can give your video an expensive-looking aesthetic on the cheap. Since walls like that are sometimes hard to find, you consider  buying a piece of muslin cloth that’s a hideous shade of green.
We’ll discuss shadows more when we get into lighting, but for now, just remember to have your talent stand as close to the backdrop as they can without casting a shadow on it (usually 2 – 3 feet). Camtasia can import most MP4 and MOV files; we’ve had good success just using an iPhone but most any digital camcorder that generates either of those file types should work. Fuse connects the images and videos on your phone straight to Camtasia, so you don’t have to worry about getting the files from one place to another. Mike Gruszynski, one of TechSmith’s video marketing specialists, has put together some tips and advice for shooting your mobile videos. The benefit of using Camtasia is that you can easily add screen captures and other media to your project. We just announced that it is planned for the next minor release of Camtasia Studio 8, which means it will be a free update for anyone on version 8. It’s these little tips, such as the 3 position lighting system, and not waving hands too much, that allow a novice such as myself to apply this feature so well, so quickly. The main thing is to have a surface that’s non-reflective, evenly lit, and to avoid casting shadows on it. The only thing I can supplement is to suggest an alternative software (only for Windows unfortunately).

There are links above to free tutorials that show you where to find it in both the Mac and Windows version, and walk you through the various options. I found out how to super impose a picture behind the video after taking out the green screen but I still can’t find the software (mac) for the templated backgrounds like in my video above.
But I don’t recognize the one you’re using there, so it might be from some other software? Especially if you use the tips in this article to get a really high-quality, properly-lit video of the person in front of the green screen. Not sure how many stands you picked up but if they can support a max of 135W each, you’ll need 6 of them to get the same output. Il offre personnalise vido avec un regard excellente utilisation de ce logiciel chroma puce de base importants.
This Green'>Free Photo Editor supports many Photo adjustments, filter effects and much more! Often these features are all that you need, so why bother paying for programs that have a mind-boggling array of additional complex features that you don't use? Nowadays, all it takes to make a passable green screen is about $30, your smartphone…and Camtasia, of course! Instead of building a fancy set or renting studio time, you can shoot your video anywhere and replace the background with a branded graphic, stock photo, or video element.
Focus your efforts on the area directly behind the person, as you’ll be able to crop out the excess space around the person later (don’t forget to factor in the person’s “gesture zone”). And if you do extend your hands, keep your fingers closed to minimize any green bleed over. How would creating something like this compare to these, as the 135W does not feel like 135W.
If you’re an educator teaching an online course, try superimposing yourself over the lesson you’re teaching. Any part of their arm or hand that extends past the backdrop will look cut off in your final video. But if you’re having trouble getting the background to fully disappear or there’s a slight halo around the person, it means you need to upgrade your lighting. To help get you started, we have free video tutorials for both the Windows and Mac version of Camtasia. The thing I really like with SparkoCam is the ability to adjust different parameters for tuning effect accuracy. In addition, I’ll try to avoid dressing red, and start to put some texture on the background. Whether you buy or build, it’s best to use a diffusion filter for each light, as that will help keep them from throwing shadows.

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