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No Comment is a communication agency that focuses on alternative ideas.No Comment was found in Istanbul, 2009. Experiential Marketing Tour involves the planning, producing and transporting a marketing event (e.g. ALT TERRAIN assists agencies and companies with expert Experiential Marketing Tour ideation, planning, fabrication, permitting, staffing, transporting, outfitting, insuring, management and production. A Experiential Marketing Tour can be as simple as a single marketing truck deployed inside festivals or as complex as an multi-faceted marketing event that requires custom transport and site-specific event locations. Experiential Marketing Tour activations can be deployed outdoors in city business districts, shopping areas, public parks, concerts, street festivals, beach areas or at stadiums, malls or concert venues. The best cities for outdoor mobile marketing tour activations are those with a high-concentration of pedestrian traffic such as New York City, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, St. Experiential Marketing Tour deployed at stadiums, concerts, and other private events can occur year-round, however summer and fall is prime-time for many of the larger events. Note that Experiential Marketing Tours often take 2-3 months to properly refine concepts, produce vehicle(s) and event elements, plan tour schedule, plus coordinate other elements such as influencer integration and public relations activities.

Starmark, the multidisciplinary agency specializing in tourism and destination marketing, leveraged the Mobile Showcase to promote for Ft. We love seeing awesome guerilla marketing campaigns unfold, and DHL’s latest stunt certainly got our attention. The shipping giant, in a brazen move to one-up its competitors, got them to advertise that “DHL Is Faster.” It hired rival companies such as UPS and TNT to deliver huge black boxes to addresses that seemed impossible to find. Here’s where the promo shines (and gets delightfully sneaky): The boxes were painted with temperature-activated ink that remained black in sub-zero temperatures. Before we give props to DHL for its genius guerilla marketing stunt, it turns out that the shipping company wasn’t behind it after all. A DHL rep told the Consumerist that the company is aware of the video (which, as of this post, has more than 500,000 views), but did not set up the prank or have anything to do with the video production.
So while it’s not clear if the stunt was a legit prank or just staged for the video, we still think it’s super clever and give it two thumbs up for being some seriously sly marketing.

It is an expert in the areas of Guerilla Marketing, Non Traditional Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Event Design, Event Management & Production. As the boxes inevitably heated up en route, they revealed the hidden message: DHL Is Faster. The boxes had to be delivered, and in doing so, DHL got free advertising – from its top competitors.
Everybody who walked past the giant boxes (you couldn’t miss them) saw the bright red words: DHL Is Faster.

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