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I'm looking to sell my one of my favorite pieces of gear in order to help finance a retro collection I am looking to purchase from a friend. Business People in Successful Poses Business People is a new series of High End business graphics that are updated every month. Business People in Team Poses Business People is a new series of High End business graphics that are updated every month. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.
Aimed at photographers who know their apertures from their ISOs, the software is centred around a powerful RAW converter and an advanced noise reduction engine. Anyone who bought DxO Optics Pro 6 on or after September 1, 2011 can bag themselves a free upgrade to version 7.
November 23, 2011 – DxO Labs announces the November 30, 2011 availability of DxO Optics Pro 7, a major new release of its leading image-processing software for demanding photographers. This new version, released simultaneously for Windows and Mac systems, redefines the standard for image quality, achieves batch processing up to four times faster, and offers a considerably optimized interface and workflow.
Based on a unique, ultra-precise modeling of each camera-lens combination, DxO Optics Pro 7 automatically corrects optical defects at a level of unparalleled quality. DxO Labs has optimized many features of DxO Optics Pro 7 to help serious photographers obtain high-quality images from their JPEG and RAW files.
The Lens Softness tool, exclusive to DxO Optics Pro, is based on DxO Optics Modules and compensates for lens softness by applying a gradual correction across the field to achieve a uniformly sharp image.
DxO Optics Pro 7’s Unsharp Mask tool has a new “Edge Offset” slider that allows users to manually adjust the progression of the correction in the field.
Finally, the Protect Saturated Colors tool offers the possibility of restoring a significant number of details and of recovering rich textures in highly-saturated zones. In addition to the progress made in providing even better image quality, there have been multiple improvements to DxO Optics Pro 7’s engine to greatly increase processing speed. Thanks to better system resource management, the use of OpenCL technology on Windows platforms, the harnessing of graphics card computing power, and many optimized algorithms, DxO Optics Pro 7 can process batches of photos up to four times faster than previous versions. While retaining the fundamental assets that have made the software such a success (powerful and precise automatic corrections, intelligent presets), DxO Optics Pro 7’s workflow has been simplified to provide greater ease of use. Management by project is now optional: users can select images for processing right from their hard drive’s directories. Batch treatment has gained greater flexibility for Windows users: it is now possible to run multiple processing sessions simultaneously, even while customizing other photos. A recent process breakthrough in DxO Optics Module development will enable DxO Labs to greatly increase its productivity.
DxO Optics Pro 7 is an extremely powerful software designed for the most exacting photographers. Photographers who acquired a license for DxO Optics Pro 6 on or after September 1, 2011 are entitled to a free upgrade to version 7. Recent CommentsOswaldtwistle on The tiniest, cutest Android phone ever – behold the Posh Mobile Micro X S240BRIAN J. I know there are other methods for doing HD, particularly on Windows, by using Avisynth scripts and VirtualDubMod.
Before starting on the HD tutorials, it might not hurt to show you some examples of HD fan videos made using this process or something similar.
If your video software opens the MJPEG AVI files that Avidemux makes, then youa€™re halfway there. In my most recent tests, I had no problems editing in the MJPEG AVI files (some which were converted within MPEG Streamclip). Set up your project properties as either HDV 720-25p (for PAL footage) or HDV 720-30p (for NTSC footage). Edit your video as usual, then export out as either HD WMV, or uncompressed AVI with the custom frame size of 1280x720.
I was able to successfully edit MJPEG AVI files that were converted in MPEG Streamclip with Corel VideoStudio X2.
I had set up my project as 25 frames per second (PAL and SEACAM) so I was given the a€?25pa€? option. I then opened this file in MPEG Streamclip and converted it to an H.264 MP4 file (keeping the frame size at 1280x720 and with a data rate of 4000). Sample downloads: I made a sample fan video that is so abysmal that I darena€™t have it hosted on my regular fan video site (RAfanvids) so it is an a€?exclusivea€? to this site. Corel VideoStudio HD video featuring Guy of Gisborne (H.264 MP4) Right-click to download file.
The XviD AVI file looks a little lighter and might look a€?washed outa€? compared to the MP4 file. When I import the clips, I select a€?Optimize video:a€? and choose a€?Full Size.a€? This keeps the HD clips at HD! Yeah, I know that iMovie warns you that this might a€?degrade video playbacka€? and it might if you have less RAM or an older Mac.
You want to convert your files (aka a€?Optimizea€?) because playback will be smoother and more stable (compared to trying to get iMovie 09 to edit compressed H.264 files) and if you want to speed up or slow down any clip, youa€™re going to end up converting it any way. Edit your video as usual, and then when ita€™s time to export it, choose to save it as a Quicktime file, and follow the exporting tutorial as outlined in the iMovie 6 HD page (the process is identical, as both applications use Quicktime to export the video).
Caveat about iMovie 09: There is some quality loss (in the form of a more a€?blockya€? effect sometimes showing up in backgrounds and shadows) but your HD video will still have a lot of the HD detail, so in my opinion ita€™s still completely worth it to edit HD in iMovie 09. Tutorial keywords: HD editing for vidding, fan videos, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Sony Vegas Pro, Corel VideoStudio, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, vids vidder, HD fanvids tutorial. HD for Final Cut Express, Final Cut Pro.A  Since writing that tutorial, Ia€™ve upgraded to Final Cut Pro 7, and am now experimenting with editing HD in the codec ProRes LT, and so far am liking it.

Intel's latest Extreme Series processor and accompanying X-class chipset were officially launched back during PAX Prime, where we videoed one of the first systems to use an X99 chipset and Haswell-E processor. In this $2660 high-end PC build, we'll show you how to build a top-of-the-line streaming and YouTube content creation system that will last for years. ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX 980 4GB ($550): We combined this GTX 980 with a Seasonic power supply for $15 off. The GTX 980 uses nVidia's new Maxwell architecture, featuring new compression technology and DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution), all working to improve gaming visuals and performance without increasing the TDP. Intel i7-5820K HW-E 6-Core ($390): We combined this CPU with an ASRock motherboard for $30 off. The Extreme Series CPUs use Intel's revamped LGA2011-v3 socket, which is different from the preceding LGA2011 socket type.
The most notable expansion on HW-E over all other existing consumer CPUs is its move to adopt DDR4 memory, capable of significantly higher speeds and increased bandwidth.
ASRock X99 Extreme6 X99 Motherboard ($280): We combined this motherboard with the i7-5820K CPU for a $30 discount. Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD ($400): We've already posted about Samsung's 850 Pro and its debut of VNAND (“3D NAND”) process, effectively the “next” step after TLC NAND. WD Black 2TB 7200RPM HDD ($140): The recently-updated hard drive reliability benchmark has proven that – when Hitachi is unavailable – WD stands as the most reliable consumer hard drive brand. 2TB will be enough to get your media station situated, and at 7200RPM, it's plenty fast for application installs when you don't want them on the SSD.
Let us know if you have any questions about this build or need assistance in assembling something cheaper (or more expensive) for your needs!
Steve started GamersNexus back when it was just a cool name, and now it's grown into an expansive website with an overwhelming amount of features.
Light House Media Centre - Cinema, Exhibitions, Training, Events, Media Education, Production, Venue hire. Here at Light House we like lots of things.We like movies (obviously) we like music, we like technology and we like keeping you up to date.
We now have a facebook page dedicated to Light House and a number of groups to join if you only want to be kept up to date with your favourite bits i.e.
It seems anyone that is anybody is twittering, from the witty observations of Stephen Fry to the humorous dialogue of Jonathon Ross and the inane ramblings of my next door neighbours mom and now were doing it to. We like even better when people offer us nice shiny things to put on our walls that tell us what were good at, and in the last couple of years we've received a couple awards and recognition for things we've done that make us smile lots every time we look at them.
Friday night was the Black Country Tourism Awards 2009 and wouldn't you know we've done it again, they've given us another shiny thing to make us smile. Unfortunately none of us were available to collect the award in person at the award ceremony but we're thrilled to have been recongnised again.
The film brings together the digital domain of computer generated images (CGI), stop-motion animation and technology developed for producing engineering prototypes, moving Second Home to the forefront of new animation production. Second Homea€™s co-founder and director of the sequence, Chris Randall, said: a€?This particular project involves the use of replacement puppets for each frame of action a€“ a variant of stop-motion animation. Michael Baig-Clifford the (DOUBLE, they sold him short in their press release) BAFTA winning director was once supported by Light House's Plot project where (although as much as we'd like to take credit for this amazing new animation technique, it definitely wasn't our doing!) We helped Michael with his script development, and supported him during the writing process for this innovative piece. We're so pleased that Michael has gone on to work with Second Home Productions as they too have worked with us here at Light House, providing artwork and helping us judge some of the amazing videos that have been submitted to our FLIP animation festivals. Some people don't read much and will wait for the movie to form an opinion on the story, and then maybe read the book. Then, there's others (like me) who will HAVE to read the book first so they can sit and tear the film to pieces because "that doesn't happen like that!" and "that's not in the book at all!" - but will still enjoy the film for what it is. Emmy nominated version of Kim Edwards' novel about a doctor who seperates his twin daughter and birth, as one of them has Down Syndrome.
This is a 100% complete turn key rig with a lot of time and care put into building and maintenance. Business People Is A New Series Of High End Business Graphics That Are Updated Every Month. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising.
Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. The software integrates the most powerful RAW converter and noise reduction technology on the market, as well as sophisticated tools for optimizing color and exposure. Thanks to the ultra-precise information provided by DxO Optics Modules for each camera-lens combination, this correction is optimized and ideally adapted to each and every pixel.
This means that even in the absence of a DxO Optics Module, photographers can obtain crisp and uniform sharpness from the center of the image field right to the edges. The selectivity of this feature has been improved in DxO Optics Pro 7 for even greater efficacy and better preservation of unsaturated colors. The addition of editing features makes it possible to sort, rename, move, copy and even delete photos in DxO Optics Pro 7.
The corrections preview in the first tab allows users to start processing immediately and thus save a remarkable amount of time. The Macintosh version takes advantage of Mac OS X Lion and offers several Multi-Touch functions (zoom, full-screen view, scroll photos, change tab). DxO Labs expects to reach the threshold of 5,000 available modules by the end of 2011, and has set a goal of reaching 10,000 modules by the end of 2012. Other users can take advantage of a special discount on all upgrades from now until December 24, 2011, directly from their customer account.

Ia€™m NOT saying that my way is better or less complicated, but it might be less intimidating to some users.
If not, you can convert the files to MJPEG AVI (again!) in MPEG Streamclip, or to JPEG 2000 in MPEG Streamclip.
If you find that you cana€™t get that to work, try opening the big MJPEG AVI files (that Avidemux made) in MPEG Streamclip, and converting to JPEG 2000 MOV files.
If you set up your Corel VideoStudio software as NTSC (you are given the choice between PAL and NTSC when you first install VideoStudio) then your export settings will be different (30p instead of 25p). Whichever way you choose, iMovie will take its time importing the clips and CONVERTING each one to a large MOV file with the Apple Intermediate Codec. The GTX 980 is the best-performing GPU we've ever tested – outperforming even the 780 Ti and 290X in gaming applications – and is priced relatively affordably when compared to previous flagships. The GTX 980 has an operating TDP of about 165W, making it one of the most efficient video cards on the gaming marketplace. Intel's i7-5820K is one of three available SKUs for the HW-E processors, including the $1000 8-core CPU and $590 6-core at 3.5GHz.
The motherboard must be compatible with LGA2011-v3 (ours is, but double-check if you change it to something else). This has absolutely no value for gamers, but high-end production applications (Adobe Premiere and Blender included) will make use of the extra bandwidth.
The chips run a bit hotter and Intel wants to drive buyers toward something more befitting of an X-class processor, forcing aftermarket buying. DDR4 is still staggeringly expensive and will remain that way for a while yet (we don't expect mass market consumption until sometime in the next few years). Seasonic's 760W PSU provides more than enough power (and leaves room for upgrading) with our GTX 980 configuration and – better still – it's rated as 80 Plus Platinum (88-90% efficiency) to reduce cost over time. After recent price drops of the 850 Pro, Samsung's new drive presently stands as one of the best cost-per-GB options out there given the professional-class performance. It also highlighted that lower-capacity consumer HDDs have greater endurance as time drags mercilessly on. We'd suggest performing all temporary media operations on the SSD while live, then moving them to the HDD after completion of the project. We first found Corsair's 760T at CES 2014, where we instantly fell in love with the case's crystal-clear, hinged side panel and large build space. He recalls his first difficult decision with GN's direction: "I didn't know whether or not I wanted 'Gamers' to have a possessive apostrophe -- I mean, grammatically it should, but I didn't like it in the name. So with that in mind we've been expanding out horizons around these here interwebs and now have a few more places you can find us (as well as some improved old ones).
Plus the bookA really develops all characters which just takes too long in a film and seems to drag it out. Her re-emergence in his life years later serves as a reminder of his dark secret and causes a fatal family rift.
This setup includes the tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and gaming peripherals.This is a 2015 build with the final touches being installed over this past summer. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. During batch processing, all algorithms intelligently adapt to the content of each image for a perfect result and unequaled productivity.
Based on its ability to analytically read the image, DxO Optics Pro 7 can perfectly preserve the bokeh while avoiding the creation of artifacts in homogenous or out-of-focus zones.
But Ia€™d never discourage someone from going the AMV.org route, because I have no doubt that the quality is gorgeous. Or, follow one of the other exporting tutorials on the Foolish Passion video forums, but export at the HD frame size of 1280x720, with a data rate of 4000 or above.
This allows us to buy a smaller power supply and keep operating costs lower as time goes on; TDP is an important consideration when building for the long-term or for extended uptimes, as a production or streaming rig might undergo. The 5820K is the most affordable Extreme Series CPU and, unless you're doing heavy-duty render farm work, will blow-away most hobbyist and semi-professional encoding and video editing tasks. We've opted to use NZXT's X61 CLC (closed-loop liquid cooler) for the task, an upgrade over the X60 we tested some time ago. The bandwidth and speed gains are unremarkable for gamers, but have great potential for professional-class use case scenarios. As for specs, RAM is overclockable up to 3000MHz, CPU OC support comes in the form of a 12-phase power design and high-end components, and solid capacitors are used specifically for the on-board sound solution. The unit is fully-modular for easy cable management and offers all the high-end power, voltage, and surge protection features one would expect from a $155 power supply. The 850 Pro ships with several encryption options and sustains a high throughput for production users. Others will NOT watch the movie, being devoted to the story and not wanting to see someone else's interpretation of it.
The X61 has full software control over the pump and fan speeds, meaning you'll be able to fine-tune for noise or performance, depending on the workload. By saturating four memory slots (or eight, if you go to 64GB of RAM), the CPU is able to run the memory bus in quad-channel for greater capacity in the pipe. We don't think more cooling will be necessary given the low TDP of the GPU and the high performance of the X61 cooler.

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