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You, as the "Host", will earn 1 FREE piece of jewelry for every 10 pieces bought from your party. After we decide when you want to host your party, I will send you an email invitation that you can send to all of your friends, family, coworkers, contacts, post on Facebook, etc. The performances, accompanied by the fan-picked O Music Awards, will be streamed live from Viacom’s offices in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles.
Viewers will be able to watch the entire show via computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Call in during the show with your questions and comments at (646) 929-0439 and receive a free copy of Dr.
EDT on June 19 and will feature performances by more than 50 bands and artists spanning rock, indie, pop, R&B and folk. Peg Radio Program shares effective psychological strategies based on biblical principles to help you to live well. Kay is an experienced prayer warrior and ordained minister who will be discussing the benefits of praise.

She’ll help you to better understand praise, the best ways to praise, and its benefits.

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