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De infrastructuur van Hosted Solutions is opgebouwd rond de nieuwste en modernste hardware, alle hardware is tevens dubbel uitgevoerd om falende hardware op te vangen. Al onze servers bevinden zich in state-of-the-art datacenters, met de modernste technieken op het vlak van toegangscontrole en beveiliging.
Waar u zich ook bevind, onze services zijn 24x7 beschikbaar, dit maken we mogelijk door een hoge vorm van redundantie in te bouwen in onze systemen. Al onze diensten worden opgeleverd met een uitgebreid controlepaneel waarin u uw diensten en producten zelf kan configureren. Hosted PBX Solutions priced and designed for hosted call center environments used in small businesses, home-based businesses, and startup companies.
UniTel Voicea€™s hosted PBX solutions allow you to run your business from your cell phone yet sound as if you have a Fortune 500 company telephone system.
The Voice over Internet Protocol or the VoIP technology always gets a facelift every once in a while. The hosted virtualpbx allows the workers to work from any place while using the same office phone system. There are many benefits of using an acd phone system when compared to the conventional or the office telephone system. The initial investment is negligible unlike the conventional system, where you have to buy and maintain an entire office telephone system.
Dankzij onze oplossingen kan u 24x7 en dit 365 dagen per jaar gebruik maken van onze infrastructuur en uw data en dit zonder lokaal te moeten investeren in hardware, software en licenties!

With UniTel Voice your small business will sound professional and stay connected using a VirtualPBX service and hosted auto attendant.
This system has all the features of the Fortune 500 system that allows you to transfer calls, set up conference calls, have a hosted auto attendant answer the call, put the callers on hold with music. It is among the most user-friendly phone system when compared to the traditional telephone system. With a hosted pbx system, you can have your operations started in no time unlike the conventional phone system.
Eind 2013 hadden beide bedrijven nood aan een platform voor het aanbieden van deze online oplossingen en werd besloten om voor deze specifieke diensten Hosted Solutions op te richtten.
You can easily setup ACD phone system extensions and your callers will never hear a busy signal again as callers will listen to professional on-hold music as the virtual auto attendant system routes them to the first available person.
Thanks to this technology, many of the small and medium sized enterprises get the services of a sophisticated telephone system without having to make any investment in the telephone equipment. With a hosted virtualpbx the phone system will be operated or hosted by your service provider. It has self-generated web interface which lets any user to monitor and make changes without the requirement of any special skill. You have more flexibility when it comes to the geographical location as your workers can operate from anywhere in the world as long as your virtual system remains virtual. A small business having a hosted pbx system gives a good impression to the customers, in turn raising their credibility.

You can easily manage your staff with the respective departments and can customize the hosted auto attendant. With hosted pbx solutions, all your telephone system can be managed and run by the VoIP service provider. In a conventional phone system, you can handle only a limited number of users with respect to the number of lines purchased from the operator. A hosted pbx system enables you to acquire local virtual numbers in places where you are not located physically and makes sure that you have a virtual office in different places around the world.
If you cana€™t take the call an unavailable message will take the caller and send a voicemail message right you your email. On the other hand, in a hosted ip pbx system, you can grow and expand your business as much as you want.
It helps you enhance your productivity by recording the calls made and tracking the performance over a period of time.
You also do not have to make any sweeping changes to your current phone system to make way for the hosted pbx system.

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