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If you are not in a rush, I like to be able to listen to the project in both of my studios, as well as in my car. When I feel I have something worth presenting, I will either get a CD to you (if you are local), or send you files over the Internet.
When mastering is completed, I usually upload the master to the manufacturer of your choice. Scoring is done by computer 7 runners per team first five runners score with re-ranking for individuals.

Whenever possible, it is preferable to deliver the mixes in that format, at 24-bit, than to use regular audio CDs. This test involves listening to your mixes, and directly comparing them to the song references which you have given me, as well as my own references. Be sure to remind your athletes not to remove their race tag in the finish chute; a chute worker will do that. Audio CDs have already downgraded the audio to 16-bit, and thus are inferior to the mixes that the original mixing system itself generated.

These mixes may be fun to listen to at home, but in terms of mastering, they are a virtual time bomb.

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