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There is often a financial connection to crime, and Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) play a critical role in exposing the financial links to illicit activities and fighting financial crimes. This article highlights the importance of SARs, provides examples of how various agencies use SARs, discusses common deficiencies in SAR filings, and provides tips on what makes an effective SAR. In the first segment of our four-part series about criteria for effective online learning, we explored the impact of meaningful relationships among students, teachers, school counselors, and academic peers.  This segment focuses on how opportunities for socialization are essential for effective online learning. Social media outlets: As digital natives, the current generation of children grow up with technology as a primary element in the creation and expansion of their relationships with other people.
The concept of socialization is changing as technology becomes an increasingly active presence in the lives of young people.
This entry was posted in Education and tagged academics, clubs, flexible schedule, graduation, high school, homeschool, international students, live events, Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women, middle school, National Honor Society, NHS, online high school, online middle school, prom, student athlete, student council, symposium, virtual club. Over the past few years, LinkedIn has really come into its own as one of the most effective social networking sites around. While we’re on the LinkedIn tip, I thought I’d throw in another related tip, just because LinkedIn is so amazingly effective.
This method might go against every goal you have set in place as an online marketer, but there are actually many benefits to giving away your product for free. Shareable visual content, like the photo at top, relates to several important facets of social media fundraising: Is it easy to share on social networks?
I think humble donation forms are the bedrock of online fundraising: You can steer people to them from elsewhere on your website, from email, from QR codes, and of course from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks. Some cause organizations that have invested in building their own forms find them difficult and expensive to maintain. Let someone else worry about HTML5, standards compliance, scalability, and usability while still enjoying the benefits of hosting the form at your own domain. Everything you put on the Web can help – or hurt – your overall results. Does your website CMS (content management system) automatically create the proper meta tags for the big social networks?
If you view the HTML in a socially shareable Web page, you’ll see a set of meta tags.
Your supporters will share the page you want them to, but they will also share pages buried deep in your site that you haven’t thought about in months. This way, social data that you collect can inform your direct mail, email, volunteering, advocacy, and other efforts.
The simplest example to do this is by figuring out which people hate your paper mailings and want to hear more tailored messages from you online instead.
For most organizations, the Facebook tab donation form is still one of the only options out there. If you are totally kicking butt at all of the above, and you see how your website, your other online communities, and your other channels are all flowing harmoniously together to drive donations and other actions, then good for you!

I caution against building custom native (iPhone, Android, Facebook timeline) apps unless all of the above is aces for your organization and you’ve run the numbers and are really sure your community is large enough or active enough to make a custom app worthwhile. If you’re still tempted, then I suggest doing a simpler version as a proof of concept, or finding a similar app that you can borrow or customize. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.
Learning: We provide thousands of free articles, tutorials and resources to the social good community. For the suspicious activity reporting system to be effective, SARs must be complete, accurate, and timely. However, if an online school is thoughtfully designed, students will enjoy a variety of socialization opportunities to enhance their academics.  Our students benefit from the following activities, which, when woven together, form an active and authentic social experience. Online schools can embrace this growing trend by maintaining an active presence on widely-accepted social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, where students can participate as part of the school community.  Additionally, Laurel Springs provides a private social network for the exclusive use of their students and teachers. Our chapter of the National Honor Society meets regularly to plan initiatives (including a recent anti-cyberbullying webinar).  Our private social network includes curricular discussion boards and blogs that actively encourage virtual conversation among academic peers. Online schools can best support the extension of academics through a varied mix of social opportunities, so that students can select the options that have the most appeal to them. If you are interested in getting more leads, increasing your sales and basically gaining more exposure, LinkedIn groups are quite possibly the most effective platforms for doing so.
This particular social networking site is also great for hosting events and drumming up publicity.
Online seminars are tremendously popular nowadays, and there is considerable mileage to be gained by connecting with your audience in this manner. There are actually a number of sites that provide free webinar trial packages at no cost and at no risk. These forms can be great lead generation tools at the same time they are bringing in necessary revenue. When someone shares a URL on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, what image, blurb, and text is included automatically?
A good CMS (perhaps with a few plug-ins) should allow you to set up defaults for this kind of sharing, while allowing you to override titles, primary images, and other shared attributes as needed. Consider adding new fields for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, or other social network URLs that are important in your community of supporters to your CRM system. You might be surprised to learn that your funders, board members, and partners use social media, too. If appropriate, allow your users to share this information with you in other channels or with apps.
Also, students can connect through virtual interest-based clubs and service organizations.  Our younger students often participate in activities such as our Pen Pal Program, which connects them with students across the globe as they hone their reading and writing skills.

At Laurel Springs School, students are able to build meaningful relationships with their peers through many different activities.
If you want to increase your online exposure as quickly and as efficiently as possible, here are a few ideas well worth trying out.
You can even utilize the group that you had already built according to the first step and get even more participants in your LinkedIn event.
If you can get people to comment on your blog and receive a free sample of your product as incentive, you might be surprised at how many people you can pull in. If you want to keep using the service after your initial run, there are many good reasons why you should pay for a quality service. Can you track who likes the content in your content relationship management system, if you have one? Few organizations are asking for donations directly through LinkedIn (as it’s a much better place to find skilled volunteers or build your network, in my opinion). That said, once your page reaches a certain level of activity, tabs are still a worthwhile investment. Even if you don’t want to pony up for the monthly costs later on however, the free publicity that you will get from the trial run should pay off in more ways than one. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, a halfway decent video camera and some easily learned editing skills, it is entirely possible to come up with videos that measure up to the best of them.
Adding social data to your supporter database is a very important step in making sure you can increase and sustain the return on your invesment for years to come.
SmallAct provides a lightweight social CRM platform called Thrive, and also allows organizations to mass update their contacts with social data.
Pinterest and Tumblr are great places to share visual content, and a best practice is to make sure that content is linked back to a donation page or another place where supporters can take action. It’s easy enough to add a donation form, a mailing list signup form, and perhaps one or two other action oriented tabs, and let them do their thing. Students develop a sensitivity about responsible online communication because they are all part of the same school, and the interaction is guided by people who care about them.” The combination of a private social network and an active school presence on public sites means that students have a variety of venues in which to connect with their online school community via social media. Furthermore, the benefits that you will get with very little effort will pay off immeasurably.
Many other data sources are more focused on for-profit data and sales needs, but it’s worth checking out Rapleaf and Rapportive, their competitors.

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