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Setting up additional price points for your offer is one of the most effective pricing strategy in marketing. If you know your prospect will compare your price to something else – give them that something else. You again advertise your standard room, but this time you show both of your offers: standard and deluxe. By adding one seemingly useless price point (option 2), The Economist boosted the perceived value of option 3.
Choosing option 3 in the presence of option 2 allows people to feel smart and canny, because they figured out which option is actually the best.
A great psychologist and economist Dan Ariely describes this example his amazing (and one of my personal favorites) book, Predictably Irrational.
What having an additional option (even if it seems useless) really does, is that it makes us feel like we are great decision makers.

One point as a counter though, you might not want to provide too many choices and that is a fine art according to me..
You are very right :) This technique will work if we have 1 main offer to sell and we add another one around it. Starring Adam A Zango, sadiya Gyale, Bashir Nayaya, Fati Kk, Hajiya Tubeless and many more.
Now whoever comes across your ad, will compare your offer to other offers they have seen – of different hotels. Now your prospects compare the standard room to the deluxe one – not the competition.
If you choose option 2, you get print-only subscription, whereas in option 3 – web and print.
The threat with pricing your products or services low is that we turn our customers into bargain seekers.

You add another offer (deluxe) not to sell it, but to make a standard offer look like a very good deal.
We jeopardise the loyalty they might have had to our brand and turn them into customers who go for the best price rather than best value.
If you have any more questions regarding setting additional price points for your pricing strategy, you can also leave your question below and I will get back to you.
By offering three options: S,M or L coffee they are increasing significantly the posbility of purchasing the L option.

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