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In this article we will focus on one area of Git version control software that is usually overlooked and not covered in most basic tutorials out there – how to use it for your own private and local files version tracking. Git is a revision control software — an essential tool that can help you track all the changes in your projects and your source code management.
Git is the most popular one today, but you should know that there are many others, with different architectures and features, and their own set of advantages and disadvantages.
First of all, there are many GUI (graphical user interface) so-called Git clients for Windows — take a look at this list here.
Once you download it, install it like any other Windows Application (just use default options) and you should initially see Git Bash icon on your Desktop. Since 2.x rhombus background of the icons is replaced with a 4-color Microsoft Windows styled version instead of single-colored classic red kind. On the upper left side is the small window that contains a list of changed files — you may click on each to see the status of the tracking. Untracked means that Git is not aware of this file and any change you made before and you may made in the future will NOT be recorded in Git’s project database. As we can see above, Git has detected a new file that we created (upper right window field) and in the lower left smaller window Staged Changes (Will Commit) title is enlisted our index.php file. And not just it looks great, but we can easily scroll to all our changes that we made with recorded date and time, our contact information and so on.
Notice that changes are nicely colored: plus (+) sign at the beginning of the line means that the code was added (it is new) and it is in green, and the deleted or removed code starts with minus (-) sign at the beginning of each line and it is in red.
Git for Windows is one of the simplest GUI tools that are built around Git version control protocol, but it covers all the basics and then some more. So heres where the headache starts, I know its probably not possible to take the msstyles file from Win8 and put it on Windows 7 because they are too different.

So now I am at a dead end, I dont have the time or the knowledge to make a whole entire theme and I honestly wouldnt even know where to start. How do I edit taskbar within a custom themeI have recently started using the 7_LTDF from deviantart.
The theme is great however the desktop button on the taskbar is buggy and does not colour properly. I would like to know how to either fix this or edit them msstlyes sheet to not edit the taskbar and let windows do the job? How to edit existing scheduler task?The Scheduler instructions for editing and existing task say to select the task and click on Properties under Actions. How to edit existing or create new iso bigger than 4gbI have created a All-in-one install source with all 32bit and 64 bit editions of Windows 7. It will be called git-basics and we will place our project under XAMPP server htdocs directory. This is the actual structure that contains all the tracking info of our changes, git project database and stuff. There are few more tricks inside Git for Windows GUI that you will master over time, but this is a good start. Git BASH is a command line terminal that can do so much more than the GUI version, but that’s left for some other tutorial. Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC be it Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build.
What I had an idea of thought was opening the Win8 msstyle and pulling the core image from it then finding a theme similar on Windows 7 (Nox theme) and then editing it with the Win8 images. Is there any way I can just take the msstyles from Win8 and convert or edit it down to work on Windows 7?

I've recently reformatted my computer and since then I've been having this rather annoying problem.
The update cycle seems to be extremely accelerated, with new versions being released on a weekly basis.
For example, say, in our project we wish to add another subproject (a 3rd party plugin, library, extension, module or whatever code not created by ourselves).
We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. Unfortunately my desktop cannot run windows 8 and honestly i like windows 7 on my desktop anyways.
However, I would like to add a picture or two to one of these so the picture would be included in the slide show. However, if you like to be organized, better stick with one universal location that you will dedicate to Git projects.
So what I'm trying to do it essentially turn my desktop into a Windows 7 Sweet Like Chocolate. I got the Windows 8 images I was going to use which was just really the Close, Maximize, and Minimize, and used those to edit the Nox theme. I have already pulled the imageres files from Win8 and used them to replace the imageres in Windows 7, so now all my icons are the same on by computer.

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