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As Blu-ray and HD DVD continue to battle it out over which format will dominate the market, last week, HD DVD released its first title that incorporates new user features that involves online video. But the most interesting feature is that it will allow anyone to re-edit the movie, arranging the scenes as they want and then allow them to upload their edited video to a server hosted by the studio, in this case to Warner Brothers, for the movie 300.
All of this seems like a bit of last ditch effort for HD DVD which clearly is not getting the market penetration over Blu-ray. I say good, let one of these formats fall by the wayside and lets get some standards when it comes to something in U.S. Daily posts by Dan Rayburn about the online video industry, business trends & analysis, market data & research as well as the online video business models in the media & entertainment, broadcast, advertising & enterprise industries. The views expressed by Dan Rayburn are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Information Today, Inc.
When IfoEdit split the original disk it kept all the chapters on disk1 (to keep menu navigation valid).
It is quite straightforward, but there is one thing we need to be careful about: not all PGC programs have to be chapters. Full DVD Ripper Pro is a powerful DVD ripping software application to rip and convert DVD movies to almost all video and audio formats (rip DVD to AVI, DVD to MP4, DVD to MPEG, DVD to WMV, DVD to DivX; convert DVD to MP3, DVD to WMA) with high DVD ripping speed and exceptional quality. Full DVD Ripper Pro also features video or audio-editing options prior to ripping - cut certain clips, merge several clips into one with transitional effects added, crop selected scenes, add subtitles and soundtracks and attach watermarks. We redesigned our products for CUDA and improve the video encoding & decoding performance tremendously. Tested by our programmers, the converting speed of the software with NVIDIAA® CUDAa„? technology is 6X higher than the old software.
Set an interval and capture pictures from a DVD movie in batches or take snapshots while previewing and save them as BMP, JPG, PNG or GIF image format. Personalize your video with watermarks (picture or text) and add copyright to avoid piracy. A selection of conversion profiles with optimized parameters are available for a wide range of multimedia devices; create new profiles by customizing existing ones.
Select multiple output formats for a DVD title or chapter, or clone a DVD title, then set several output formats and rip them all in one go.

Get the output file size precisely by calculating the corresponding video bit rate using the Bitrate Calculator. Parameters are grouped by video, audio, picture and tag, enabling you to change them more conveniently.
Auto retrieves DVD information from the Internet; enrich your DVD library with information such as artist name, DVD cover, DVD chapters and titles and more. Crop the picture frame of a video to remove any unwanted areas from it using this video converter like a pair of smart scissors. Add artistic effects such as old film, gray, oil painting or canvas to make your video look special. Set an interval and capture pictures from a DVD movie in batches or take snapshots while previewing and save them as BMP, JPG, PNG or GIF image format.
Full DVD Ripper Pro is an excellent video converter, with batch video conversion, it could convert videos very quickly and easily. It looks like a very simple job for this video converter to convert videos into the formats I need, no matter to watch on TV, on iPhone or to play on PSP, and sometime I even use it to convert videos to audios. Having a few favorite clips on my DVR, desktop, PSP and iPhone, I realize I really need a software that could easily and quickly convert them into the format I want. These new features allows anyone who connects their HD DVD player to the Internet via a broadband connection the ability to download trailers to other movies, change menu styles and download other subtitles. The other users can download that version of the movie to their HD DVD players and watch the re-edited video.
Yes, from the data I have read, more HD DVD players have been sold than Blu-ray, but it’s all going to come down to what content is available. It would make sense if what you uploaded to the server was just the *edits* you’ve made.
Readers of this blog are free to use the contents of this blog in any way whatsoever, as long as the use is non-commercial in nature. All the chapters before the split point (between chapters 27 and 28) point to the same programs as they pointed into original.
I've been looking for en easy way of converting videos(mainly AVI, MPEG) to be playable in my iPod, and this Genius video converter just came in handy and it really works!

But Full DVD Ripper Pro does really converter videos beautifully, I personally love the cool and friendly interface that Full DVD Ripper Pro provides. I was in a hurry to India for business meeting while all of my presentation materials (mainly meeting videos) were on my hard drives.
Got a free trial of Full DVD Ripper Pro and then decided to purchase it, now Ia€™ve been using it for almost half a year and Ia€™m sure I would continue to use it, for it seems like it could convert all video files into any formats, sounds convenient and economical for me. To be honesty, at that time I was a green hand not knowing too much about the computer, but thanks to the friendly interface, I learnt to use it quickly. What I’m trying to find out is what the technology is behind this, what compression is being used and how large of a file is the user uploading from their house to the studio.
Likewise, other users probably download your edits and the system will apply them to the scenes stored on the disc.
Creating a mirror site for this blog is prohibited, please link to official blog site instead. Now you can export disk and burn it with your favorite DVD burner (well in this particular case resulted disk is larger then DVD5, so you will have to do something about it, unless you have dual layer burner).
This video converter help me to convert lots of the materials into my ipod in just a few minutes, trim video for me and made me preview all the stuff during the flight. Now I not only use it to convert videos, but also use it to trim video, so I can take my favorite video segment everywhere. And the announcement by Blockbuster two weeks ago that it would not stock HD DVDs when it expands the high-definition section in its 1,450 stores next month and will only stock Blu-ray, is another bad sign for HD DVD. There’s even a standard format for these edit lists (used in post-production) so the system might use that.

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