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Moviestorm is a new free application, available for Windows or Mac, designed for creating machinima-style animated movies and distributing them on social networking sites.
Moviestorm is designed to take users through the entire movie-making process, from set-building, character creation and script-writing to titles, credits and editing in under fifteen minutes, ending up with a digital animated movie that can be uploaded to YouTube or Moviestorm’s own site with one click. Upload movies directly to YouTube , the Moviestorm website and produce files suitable for other video-sharing sites. The base Moviestorm software is free and includes everything required to make a simple movie. I WROTE A BOOK CALL :THE ROSE THAT WAS LEFT OUT, AND OTHERS, I LOOKING FOR A SOFTWARE TO HELP ME MAKE A MINATURE MOVIE OF ANIMATION.

I am downloading this now and I am planning for my video to be uploaded onto you tube and hopefully it will be a hit!!! Hey, if someone that has downloaded it tell me if they are having trouble with viruses on it or if it will cause my computer to crash. A personal introduction to Moviestorm  A 15-minute walkthrough showing how to make a simple movie with Moviestorm from start to finish.
The company plans to make money by selling content packs, providing more costumes, sets, props and animations. Regardless, I’d guess the video can be converted, hopefully without significant video quality loss.

This video covers set building, character creation, directing, dialog, filming, editing, visual effects, sound and music, titles & credits, and rendering. A nice parody that takes all the cliches from movie trailers in a funny and clever animated short film! Legs Part 1 This is not a fast speed lesson, its understanding basics of rigging and explaining workflow tips and tricks.

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