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This is for all the aspiring filmmakers that want to create a trailer with the green rating intro at the beginning. Click here to download a zip file of the Photoshop file and let me know how it works out for you.
And feel free to post a link to the trailer when ita€™s finished, Ia€™d like to check it out. By being thoughtful, you just saved me probably 2 hours of my life, figuring out fonts and drop shadows!

I wish to use this as a part of my banner design for a recently destroyed by fire video shoppe that is having a grand reopen in Newfoundland! I created a Photoshop template of the ratings green screen this weekend after spending too long searching for one online. If for some reason youa€™re not able to post the link here just hit that Contact button up top and drop me a line with the info. I was curious to know if there were tutorials or generators for these and I stumbled upon yours.

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