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Way back in the late 80's and early 90's I teamed up with Bruce Cayard to produce 12 short animations for Sesame Street.He taught me the tricks of cel animation and I taught him computer animation.
Just recently I found an old VCR tape of the animations and transferred them back onto my Mac. It probably goes without saying, but ending this story is a personally significant moment as well. Second, all those shirt designs plus a bunch of other illustrations from Collide are also available as prints. Edit: Also, in case you haven't noticed yet, if you buy the full Homestuck discography on bandcamp right now, it is very heavily discounted. NEO-KOSMOS: A comic by my friend Shelby (who did all Calliope art for HS), and her friends Amber (works on Steven Universe) and Adrienne (also does a lot for HS). If you haven't seen yet, the winners for the WLF shirt design contest were announced a little while ago. Together in his little house up in the Hollywood hills, we made Sesame Street animations that you and your children grew up on.

I could say more about this too, but I'd rather not fill the news section with too many words today. If you're curious about whether there will be anything resembling an epilogue to this ending, yes, I've been thinking about that for some time.
First, We Love Fine has released a series of cool shirts based on art from the Collide animation. You can get then in the What Pumpkin Store, which has just been relaunched primarily to offer prints, but also a few other items left over from the previous WP store.
Clearly it was a significant undertaking, and it wouldn't have been possible without so many great artists enthusiastically collaborating on it for months. Seven acts in seven years, to finish a sprawling "creation myth about kids in houses," as I would describe it for those who asked what my next project was about before I started it. The panels they did are very good, and I think make for a nice runway leading up to the final animations. It's a quick read to catch up, and it really feels like the story has been taking off lately.

I'd like to extend very special thanks to Angela Sham, who took the reins on the animation while it was in progress, and worked with me closely on it for about a year until it was done. I'd recommend you at least read up to a very cool animation they just posted (which includes a song by Toby).
The short and funny answer is, Homestuck has finally completed its long journey over the rainbow, and become the anime it was always meant to be. She's a great animator, and I'm quite excited that she's continuing to work with us on the game. If you're looking for a fun story to follow over the next few months while you wait for HS, I think this is a good pick! Though it's not about giving UT a boost in popularity so much as a reminder that I believe he has made a fun and special game, and if you haven't gotten around to playing it yet, I think you should!

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