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I obviously love all the free JibJab ecards  but the personalized videos that JibJab comes up with are always so much fun to make. I always try to point out the jibjab free stuff, but you can always play around with the members only videos. Here’s a snapshot of the members only one I made this morning of Tommy, myself and our moms doing the Macareindeer! Have fun personalizing the FREE twerking video and take a browse through some of the free JibJab ecards as well. Make sure and check out our previous post on JibJab Free ecards or all of our JibJab posts! The Nightly Recap of Hot Deals that you might have Missed for May 14thI Heart The Mart’s Nightly Recap of Hot Deals that you might have missed! It was free for quite a while but it looks like the offer is over and it’s no longer available without joining.

Click on the image below and use the search box to search for the PB & J eCard which is FREE! Click on the image below and use the search box to search for the Chippendales Dance eCard which is FREE and will heat things up! Just scroll through the list of JibJab eCards and look for the red FREE banner on the video! If you’re looking for other holiday ecard posts like the New Mothers Day ecard and videos post, just click the JibJab link at the top of this post. There are a few videos on there that are flagged as free in some of the categories but it looks like all the Christmas ones are now members only for now.
They are offering a couple of these Free that you can create and post to your own or your friends’ Facebook page. If you like what you see consider taking advantage of the great 25% off deal going on right now and pick up an annual subscription.

If you like these then JibJab has a great promotion right now where you can SAVE 25% off of the annual subscription price of $24. On any of the free jibjab ecards or free video items, you can personalize and then email or upload to you Facebook wall or a friends wall. Just click the link below to get started with your annual subscription you won’t regret it!

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