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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. What do you think will be the best way to stay in touch with family and friends from abroad? Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. In the world of marketing, getting your message out to the public can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. No matter what brand you are marketing, it is critical that you get your message out there correctly the first time around. So, do you feel confident that your brand’s message is being heard by the right people at the right time?
For example, say you want to market a repair manual, be it for electronics, vehicles, household appliances or a host of other items.
Your website – First and foremost, your company website is your greatest tool when it comes to marketing your brand.
Social media – If you’re one of those company heads, who still hasn’t jumped on the social media bandwagon, why is that? Employees – Stop for a moment and think about whom are some of your greatest marketing ambassadors. If your marketing message is in need of some repair, open the manual of commonsense and get it working today.
How to Kickstart a Product-Based BusinessThis week I’m pleased to interview the two creative minds behind the Ryo adaptor (launching today on Kickstarter), Lori Liu and Kevin Lieber.
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What to Do Before They Ask What Do You Do?What’s Your Name When is a rose not a rose? 7 Steps to Being Recognized as an ExpertThe Catch 22 of Being an Expert One of the hardest parts of business blogging is finding a niche where you know you can write successfully. 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Break the Promise of Your BrandBrand YOU Common Sense All of this Brand YOU conversation really does come down to common sense. Brand YOU – When An Apology Is in OrderThe Challenge of Apologies Handling an apology can seem like an overwhelming challenge, especially in a business situation. Business success is based on consumer knowledge.  If a business is unknown to customers, it cannot become successful. Business trade shows or other exhibiting opportunities present a wealth of opportunities to promote businesses, your brand, and your products and services.
Of all the qualities and best practices that help turn good businesses into great ones, market research analysis is perhaps the trickiest. In a lot of ways, finding a good market research consultant can be like shopping for a good pair of jeans—on the surface they may all look very similar, but finding the perfect fit takes a little scrutiny, a little familiarity with yourself, and sometimes a little magic.
There are a lot of ways to go about doing market research analysis and a lot of folks who will be willing to do it for you.
While searching for the right consultant can be stressful and time-consuming, it’s important not to sign up with the first person you contact.
Also, with internet connections getting faster by the day and smart phone technology in more and more pockets across the world, it’s easy to forget that most of a brick-and-mortar store’s sales still come from local patrons.
The difference between a good fit and a perfect fit is in the intangibles.  Sometimes it can seem like magic, but I’ve never been one to ignore a hunch. If not, how can you go about repairing that message so you get it right more times than not?

Such manuals are all but a necessity for millions of people, especially just after they have purchased a new product.
That said too many companies drop the ball as it relates to their sites, having websites (specifically blogs) that are ho-hum at best. SM is a great tool whereby you can give your brand the attention it needs, all the while barely spending a dime in the process. Crowdfunding is a great way to road-test an idea, gauge market demand, and obtain financing for your project. Research has suggested that volunteering and donating money to charitable causes not only increases emotional well-being, but physical health as well. In order to make a strong place for yourself in the world of business, you need to know yourself. They are also a great way to interact and engage face-to-face with current and potential customers. Attract attendees to your booth through banners, banner stands, giveaways, contests or prize drawings, literature, and interactive elements such as touch screens to gather customer information, demostrate a product, or conduct a survey. While it is important to thoroughly plan your trade show booth, it is equally as important to conduct some research long before trade shows take place.
Advertise your attendance at the trade show through a direct mail piece to confirmed attendees (or a targeted list drawn from the list of confirmed attendees); and announce it on your website, through email campaigns, in newsletters, on your blog, through social media sites, and in email signatures. A contest or prize drawing is a great way to attract people to your booth.  When advertising your attendance at the trade show, ask attendees to visit your booth to complete a leads qualification survey and be entered into the contest or prize drawing.
Be sure to bring a good amount of supplies to the trade show so you do not run out of important literature, brochures, business cards, and giveaways. Others may say “my clients are senior American birdwatchers, mostly from Texas, traveling in small groups, who need guides with a background in ornithology”. One way to quickly narrow your search is by exploring consultants with industry-specific experience and strategies. If you’ve done all of your research, asked all of the right questions, and you still can’t decide, trust your gut.
Lose some of the mystery by listening to an Audio Recorded Mystery Call and an On-site Mystery Visit. From boring copy to broken links, there can be (and oftentimes are) a host of reasons as to why consumers are simply passing your brand by.
If you’re yearning for inspiration, take a look at some competition’s social networking endeavors, seeing what clearly works for them and what may need to be tabled.
As part of your company, your workers should always be assisting you in getting the right marketing message out there. But compelling copy is just as important so potential consumers will stay long enough to find out what your business sells. Even the heartache and loss we may have all experienced at one time or another in our lives.
You can explain how to capitalize on your strengths and how you make your weaknesses irrelevant. With a clear head and a eye toward resolution, apologizing can be the same as handling any other problem. Often folks can simply adjust and move forward, occasionally the damage is large enough that things need to stop before progress can be made. They will gravitate toward those that are familiar, visible, and readily available to them.
Attendees of trade shows have a genuine interest in the products and services on display.  Why else would they attend such an event?

Many trade show organizers allow easy registration online and some offer advanced registration discounts, saving your company hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars.
For some business-owners though -newcomers in particular, defining the appropriate tourism market for their business can be a difficult task. We’ve already seen how important an effective market research consultant is, but how do you go about finding one? If you’re a consignment-clothing store, look for a firm that has worked with either clothing or consignment stores before. Ask to see their portfolio, ask for the contact information of their past and current clients, ask them to prepare a presentation for you. While you likely have a marketing coordinator (and or department) in place, there is no reason everyone in the company can’t do his or her part to help in repairing your marketing message when it is not working. What significant for me is the evolving awareness and acceptance of the nature and qualities of a gift. You can explain your biggest challenge and how you handled it with finesse and outstanding interpersonal skills.
Key sales and marketing messages, eye-catching signage, informative literature, appealing giveaways, and engaging elements will generate a higher volume of booth traffic. Carefully evaluate the details of each trade show including: the number of businesses who exhibit, the average number of attendees (potential customers), attendee demographics by job function, and so on. Staff discussions should yield methods of achieving those objectives and help everyone to focus on achieving the most important ones. Calculate a percentage of those attendees who may visit your booth and bring that number of materials. Instead of trying to be on multiple social sites and not having a true handle on things, focus-in on a couple of sites (typically Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Have company meetings from time to time, with instructions and feedback on how to better market your brand. Traditional advertising and promotions are still a vital function for the success of any business. If possible, interview businesses who have exhibited in past years, and ask for their feedback and opinions about the event. Also consider letting your employees use social media on occasion to help push your marketing message to the public. Your Facebook page is a great place to run surveys of consumers, offer specials and deals (contests are great too), and interact with those interested in your product or service.
You need to research all details and gauge which trade shows will yield the highest return on investment. With Twitter, you can tweet and retweet messages about your brand and the industry you are a part of.
Encourage them to interact and engage with attendees, gather contact information with the leads qualification survey, and visit competitor booths.
Make sure you’re brand is part of any relevant discussions, as you can very well find new customer opportunities with just a few tweets and retweets. Whether you know it or not, Instagram has exploded in just the last year or two, giving businesses a great opportunity to market their products and services. Post images of your brand (including how-to manuals etc.) so consumers have a better idea of what you offer.

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