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When you build a website and set out to make online money, one of the few things that worry you is how to optimize your newly launched site for search engines (like Google, Bing and Yahoo). Since search engines make your website’s organic results better, companies and blog owners like to hire professionals to carry out SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Before you do anything, your website should be clean and informative when it comes to content. Meta tags like description and Meta keywords play an important part in making your website search engine friendly. A decade or so ago, if your K-12 website told the story of your product or service, your marketing was on the right track. As you review your K-12 website, the red flag is if the focus is on products and services before market solutions.
By now you’ve heard about Pinterest, the social site that allows people to share images and videos, follow boards and people, and re-pin stuff they find interesting. When Pinterest users visit a website, they have the ability to pin photos or videos from your website by using a browser plug-in, saving an image from your website and uploading it (as shown below), or entering a URL from your website into Pinterest. After they upload or import an image, they add a short description and select a board for the pin (shown below). Keep in mind that people can also repin content from your site once it’s added to a board. Because people might be visiting your website at this very moment looking for something to share on Pinterest, it probably makes sense to make sure that your site actually works!
If you’re using WordPress, you can use the Open Graph Meta plugin to sniff out the problems (pulling the right photo from a post or page). John Haydon is one of the most sought-after digital marketing experts for nonprofits and charities. It’s important that you make your list first, before turning to the internet’s keyword tools.
Use Google‘sKeywordTool to see how your keyword list compares to the keywords that people actually search for. Of course, including keywords in your headlines and enhancing body copy will also help the Google robot know what your page is about, but you should never write for Google.
Use this keyword exercise to better understand how your customers are using Google so that you can update your site to better meet their needs.
Written by 451 Marketing intern, Stephanie Beadell,  Master of Science in Mass Communications major at Boston University Dec 2012. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Meta description may consist of at least 100 to 150 characters, explaining what that particular page or the entire website is all about. No website can beat the competition without creating content on a regular basis, and blog is fully geared toward doing that.  Blogs allow you to update content on a regular basis - something search engines like Google love.

But if you want to make the most of a CMS (content management system), Wordpress is a much better option. Now, if your website is configured to showcase what you’re all about, then you’re derailed.
Your prospective customers want you – as a provider – to demonstrate that you understand the challenges they face, and that you are capable of partnering with them to counter the rigors of succeeding in today’s hyper-challenging educational climate. You already know the big issues: how to come to terms with Common Core, meeting mandated testing requirements, serving the needs of widely diverse student populations, successfully integrating blended learning solutions. Excerpts and links may be used provided that full and clear credit is given to Insight29 with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. There are a few reasons, including how it’s one of the few social networks where women are the predominant demographic. In fact, most of the activity on Pinterest is repinning. What this means for you is more exposure (more inbound links) to pages on your site that have amazing images.! If you’re having problems getting Pinterest to pull in images, talk to your web master (if you have one of those). Infographics take up much more vertical real estate on Pinterest than any other type of image, enabling your pin to stand apart from the crowd.
Start thinking about how to make your website content (particularly images and video) remarkable, emotional and interesting.
What words are people likely to use when they search for your company or for the products you offer? Writing for Google often ends up in “keyword-stuffing,” the activity of cramming keywords into your page to a point that it doesn’t make sense and looks spammy. In this case, it likely means that more people are finding your site in searches and clicking through to it.
Sometimes, though, a high Pages per Visit number could mean that customers are clicking around, unable to find what they’re looking for. Your customer-centric, long-term business strategy will be rewarded with better rankings and more visitors! Optimization, a phrase commonly used in online world, is nothing but making your website search engine friendly.
Since on-page optimization is all about creating content that targets certain keywords on which you want your website to appear in search results.
It is a bold line that should cover related keywords, and if you do not create titles that target keywords of your industry, you cannot let search engines know that website is worth considering for better results.
Meta description appears below the title of your website search result, and users usually read it before clicking and visiting the page. CMS is embedded in your website ULR, making it a surefire Google leader if you publish fresh content on a regular basis. If your website doesn’t quickly and decisively show them that you’re up to the task, they’ll go to the next provider on their checklist.

We all love our products, but what will help you to connect with the marketplace is to show you understand their needs and concerns. Create a content calendar and make sure you’re routinely growing your library of great information of value to K-12 educators. Steer clear of sappy sentiments, but great branding begins when you put your beliefs and motivations out on display. To truly partner with educators, you’ll need to show how you will help them meet the significant and seemingly overwhelming challenges they face.
For some images on your site, it might be a good idea to add text or a URL to the image (like this one). Your answers to these questions are your “keywords,” and they are integral to building an effective online presence. Brainstorm until you have a very long list, group similar terms and phrases together into categories, then prioritize the categories.
Look at the top box to see how many searches each of your keywords get, and use the bottom box to find related keyword ideas. A search engine friendly website is one that appears higher than its peers on search engines. On-page optimization starts with writing quality content use all the Meta tags in a way that they can attract users. So your Meta description and titles should be attractive enough to make the users want to click on your website.
So be sure to put high-quality information of use by your intended markets in the forefront. Only then will you gain the necessary traction to communicate your value, to connect with your best customers, and to grow your business to its full potential. Add to, subtract from, and re-prioritize your list to incorporate your Keyword Tool findings. Update your titles, headlines, and body copy so that they include your high-priority keywords. Just remember to use keywords in your headlines and be mindful that your customers want the ad they click on to match the page they land on. Make sure to write in a customer-friendly style; your goal is to make your site morerelevantandusefulforthem. After all, the people at Google are striving to make their algorithms think more like people do, so it makes sense for you to focus on people, too.
You know which of your products or services are the most important to your business’ growth.

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