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If you upload video taken down or muted So YouTube will now warns creators about will happen if you upload a video with copyright songs. December 9, 2014 at 4:07 am PST By Jennifer Slegg YouTube’s filters that they have in place to prevent copyrighted music from being used in video by the non-copyright holder is getting a change.
One issue with the music is that if you decide to use a song where the copyright holder decides to monetize it, this means that you will be unable to monetize the video yourself. However, for a user who just happens to be recording something funny their dog or their kid does, if a song happens to be playing in the background – even faintly – the video still could possibly be removed or muted.
It is also great for someone who wants upload longer video, knows the music they have playing, and want to check on the status of the music before they go to the trouble of uploading it. To learn what the restrictions are on the songs, you can go to YouTube’s audio library, and search for the song to see what the restrictions are if any, and if you can still monetize it.
YouTube also offers a free audio library of both songs and sound effects that can be used by anyone in YouTube videos without any restrictions, and which also means that users can monetize their videos to use the songs. She regularly speaks at Pubcon, SMX, ClickZ and more, and has been presenting at conferences for over a decade. Also, if a song has a copyright, which I’m sure most do, do I contact the writer and or publisher to get permission? Universal Music is looking to put an end to the bootleg mixtape game, particularly music that is sent to prisoners from family members that feature copyrighted material from the label.

For example, if you visit the Keefe Group website, you will see the various products that can be purchased, with one of them being a portable mp3 player where inmates can listen to music. Related Rap Genius Enters Licensing Arrangement With Universal Music Publishing Group Spotify Nears U.S. The lawsuit claims that when a DJ creates a mixtape of their own featuring various songs from artists on the label and then sells that mixtape, they're doing so in an unlicensed and illegal way.
Universal Music does explain that there are some authorized distributors of these mixtapes out there, but companies like Keefe Group are not among them.
Then YouTube will warn you can now check and see that your video will still  viewable worldwide and that ads can appear on your video ,where it will be viewable and copyright holders can ask for it to be removed anytime. In other cases we link to the respective copyrighted material under the official youtube channel of the original uploader. Previously, users would need to upload their video before they would learn if the video would be removed, if the video would be muted by YouTube, or if the copyright holder decides to monetize your video instead.  Now, users can do a search for the song in the audio library to discover how it will affect their video before they upload it. So while it’s great for the copyright holder, if the user is trying to monetize the video themselves, they are severely restricted in doing so. But for people deliberately recording videos that want background music, it does give you some options on what you can use and with what restrictions.
Previously, there was no way for someone to know what songs were and weren’t allowed, and what restrictions were placed on them.

Earlier this week, Universal Music filed a lawsuit against a number of companies, such as the The Centric Group, that sell certain "care packages" to prisoners, which family members and friends can purchase via the companies websites. This is in essence where Universal Music's lawsuit begins, as they claim that the music that is being sent to prisoners features copyrighted material from artists on the label such as Eminem, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and more. Deal With Universal Music Group The 50 Best Rapper Mixtapes "Defendants boast on their website that their business 'was developed to eliminate contraband,' yet the infringing copies of Plaintiffs’ sound recordings and musical compositions, in which Defendants unlawfully transact and from which they unjustly profit, are contraband personified," claims the lawsuit. For these actions, Universal Music is reportedly seeking maximum statutory damages in the case to the amount of $150,000 per each copyrighted work infringed upon. But, it is definitely a more desirable option for most video creators than seeing it removed or muted. The sites give options of what items can be purchased and sent to the prisoner, and range from clothes, phone privileges, food, and other perks. The defendants in the case have yet to respond to the claims, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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