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As part of the setup process for a new Mac includes registration for (or logging in to) an iCloud account, most users will see the normal preferences panel for which helps the services which are to be used. When the user has already signed in - and remains signed in (see below) - the normal panel is in two distinct parts: account information to the left with services in a larger window to the right.
Pressing the Account Details button brings up a small panel that allows access to information once the password is entered. Sign Out will return the preferences to an information pane that is only usually seen when starting a new account (above): setting up OS X from new includes the iCloud registration process. For some services, individual applications (such as iPhoto with Photos) may need additional settings activated. Look Me Up By Email - a panel that shows apps that allow others to look up the user's Apple ID - first and last names will be seen. There is a separate preference panel for Mail, Contacts, Calendars (and other apps): Internet Accounts. Reminders is controlled in Internet Accounts by the iCloud settings and by the app settings in the Finder and on iOS devices. Notes synchronisation is also controlled in Internet Accounts and by the app settings in the Finder and on iOS devices. Safari synchronises with other devices using the Tabs button which (if not already available) may be added using the View Menu and Customize Toolbar (iCloud Tabs).
Keychain will store secure data like passwords and even credit card details when visiting online sites.
The Documents & Data option that was available with Mavericks, is no longer listed and some of the functions are now available with iCloud Drive. Information for the apps outlines the amount of storage being used, with an explanation of how to free up more data (. On MacWorld, Antone Gonsalves reviews the Keychain as it works in Mavericks, its 256-bit AES encryption, and looks at comments from outside sources.
In this article, we’ll give you some tips for managing your iCloud storage so you can get the most of the space you have available.
Automatically back up your camera roll, accounts, documents and settings when this [iOS device] is plugged in, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi.
If you scroll all the way down it will show you when the device was last backed up to iCloud. If you tap on one of the devices that is not the one you are currently using, all you will see is when the latest backup occurred, the backup size, and an option to delete the backup.
If you tap on the device you are currently using, you will see when the latest backup occurred, the backup size, and the option to delete the backup. Here it shows you what apps your device is backing up and how big the files for that app are.
However, if you don’t want to get rid of anything, you can turn off the Camera Roll backup feature.
When my Camera Roll gets out of hand, I upload the whole roll to a Shared Photostream (you don’t have to share it with anybody), then empty the Camera Roll. My iphone 4 has dumped my calendar, and I googled how to restore my calendar dates and it led me to this blog. The publication reportedly obtained emails between Apple and a security researcher that informed the company of a security hole back in March. The security researcher, Ibrahim Balic, reportedly told Apple that he found a way to infiltrate iCloud accounts. Balic said the vulnerability he reported to Apple seems very similar to the one that was believed to have been used by the hackers that ripped racy photos from celebrities iCloud accounts in early September, The Daily Dot reports. In one email, Balic warned Apple that iCloud seemed to be vulnerable to a technique known as "brute-force," which is when an intruder attempts to guess passwords by trying thousands of difference character combinations. In a separate email from May 2014, the issue seemed to be unfixed since Apple continued to question Balic about his methods.

After this month's iCloud incident, in which private photos from celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, "The Big Bang Theory" actress Kaley Cuoco, and Kate Upton among other were leaked, Apple said it had made efforts to boost security. We didn't take them, they are a random sampling of the most popular photos on Flickr with the tag 'nature'.
The DocScanner app is well known for its productivity increasing features that can save you a great deal of time. Set DocScanner to auto-upload documents to cloud storage services the moment they are scanned. As you may know, DocScanner comes with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ability as a standard. DocScanner is one of the few document scanner apps on the market with a built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). A cloud based file hosting service at its purest, Dropbox is one of the simplest ways to upload your scanned documents online. If you just need a simple file hosting service without much additional functionality, use Dropbox.
If you need to edit the text in your scanned documents, use Google Drive and its word processor.
For backing up and synchronizing your files between two or more Apple devices, iCloud is the best. For a new account, or a computer which skipped the iCloud setup, there is a sign up when the iCloud preferences panel is accessed for the first time. Information about the account is displayed on a panel with four tabs that allow the user to manage aspects of the account: General, Contact, Security and Payment. Although it is possible to add a folder and to upload files, these may not be visible on other devices, especially those running iOS without a 3rd party application (current wisdom is that these may be unreliable). The iCloud panel there indicates the services being used, although mail accounts are separate.
In the Finder sidebar there is now an iCloud item that opens a window with a number of folders, each related to apps using the feature. This loads a two-part panel with apps to the left (both Apple and 3rd party) and basic details to the right when an app is highlighted. Rogers teaches at the Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University in Thailand where he is also Assistant Dean. For most users, this is more than plenty of space, but for some, it isn’t nearly enough. Photo Stream pushes any new pictures you take or import to your other devices for a total of thirty days.
Tapping on Pages, Numbers and Keynote will show you what files are saved in that app and how much space each document takes.
You’ll also have a set of options to decide what app data you want to backup to iCloud. The Camera Roll is the place on your device where the pictures are saved after you take them or save them from other apps. If you then want to continue to use iCloud to back up your device, but can’t fit your photo library in the provided storage space, you may have to delete some photos. While you can still use iCloud for saving your other important data, doing a regular backup in iTunes on your computer will allow you to keep a second copy of that critical data as well as provide you with ample storage space for your photo library.
I see more and more people complaining and only offering 5 GB by the biggest cash cow in tech industry is ridiculous.
These attacks are usually hard to pull off since most systems lock you out after a certain number of failed password attempts.
For example, the company expanded its two-step verification system to iCloud, and CEO Tim Cook published a letter detailing the company's commitment to user privacy. Designed to scan & archive your documents with just a single tap, we listed here five key ways on how to improve your productivity with DocScanner.

To achieve this goal, DocScanner automates much of the traditional scanner app functionality. It also offers a possibility to use a network attached HP flatbed scanner as an external image source. A lot of people did, as DocScanner was ranked as the #1 productivity app in dozens of countries.
In addition to that, DocScanner supports a range of file hosting and synchronization services. The best thing about sending files with Dropbox is that the recipient doesn’t need to have it installed on his device, as Dropbox can generate a shortened URL for downloading any file with any browser. DocScanner features an Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which can extract the text out of a scanned document to be processed with a word processor. Apple retains an app-centric approach rather than file-centred and may expect users to work with the apps (Apple and 3rd party) that save files in iCloud.
It is also a good idea to turn these on, because it allows you to quickly restore up-to-date versions of that data even if your iCloud and iTunes backups are out of date.
Photo Stream stores your last 1,000 pictures, which you can then save permanently to your other device. Most of these files are so small and insignificant (in terms of storage, maybe not data) that turning each one off in the hopes of saving room in your iCloud is a waste of time. If that number is close to 5 GB, you will have to make room so that iCloud can back up your device. The Dropbox application has a feature that allows you to automatically detect and upload new photos to your online storage, which is then synced through the Dropbox website and app to all of your other devices.
They are a password generator that makes you passwords from common english phrases so theyre easy to remember and secure.
In addition to one-tap scanning & uploading to file hosting services such as Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Docs, DocScanner features a realtime preview of scan result, document type auto-recognition, auto-sorting by document type, and automatic document post-processing for non-stop scanning. In addition to app universality, DocScanner supports iCloud for easy synchronization of your documents between your Apple devices. We know that there are many of such services out there, so we have selected the five most potent ones to be used with DocScanner – each of them with their own advantages. Other services I have available are: Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Notes, Keychain, Back to My Mac, and Find My Mac.
Backing up your photos through iCloud is a good idea and it works well, but it isn’t as ideal as one would like it to be, since you cannot go into the backup file and take a few specific pictures out.
Just place the document on an even surface, tap once, and let DocScanner take care of the rest. With auto-sort, DocScanner can tell the difference between a document, business card, receipt, and a whiteboard. Here’s a short introductory to file hosting services you can extend your newly downloaded DocScanner with.
The biggest advantage of this is that you can use the word processor to check and autocorrect the OCR output. To the left of each is a checkbox indicating whether it is currently active or not (see below).
Additionally, you can set different document types to be uploaded to different folders or different cloud storage services.
Check also this earlier blog post on Evernote: How to manage receipts effectively with DocScanner and Evernote.

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