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While the April rain showers may bring flowers, it has bought OP lots of new ideas and fresh energy!
Video is one of the most effective tools you can use to strategically reach and engage your prospects and customers in today’s online marketplace.
Using a targeted video marketing plan, we help you choose from a variety of effective formats, from product demos to testimonials to thought leadership, and everything in between. To talk to us about how your company can benefit from our “VCM Machine,” give us a call today! About Optimum ProductionsAn Atlanta Video Production Company, Optimum Productions began from a passion for storytelling. A boutique consultancy dedicated to delivering relevant insights that guide clients through complicated decisions and uncover new ways of thinking.
Ignite is brought to the table when senior level, objective, thought-partners are needed to help provide clarity, focus decision-making & optimize opportunity. Our business model allows for intimate, hands-on engagements that are flexible & provide meaningful business outcomes.
While Ignite can of course execute basic research, our sweet spot is really those issues that are strategically significant to the organization. Specializing in retail, travel, packaged goods, alcohol, technology, financial services & luxury goods segments. Emphasis is on driving insights deep into organizations, either up or down, where they can be actioned — use facilitation & workshopping methods to ensure organizational enculturation. Brand strategyIt goes without saying that having a well-known celebrity endorse your brand or product can do wonders for a startup. Brand strategyI’ll be speaking next month to a large group from all over the country of radio sales people, programmers, and managers on helping them build a personal brand.  It has done wonders for me in taking my career to the next level. Brand strategyEven as we get ready to usher in 2015, PR pros and marketers alike continue to struggle with the best ways to use social media in a successful campaign strategy.
Brand strategyThe decision to rebrand should be weighed carefully, as it can be a complicated and challenging overhaul for any company. Brand strategyTop brands receive high leverage from social media marketing and internet companies are getting highly interested on how they pull it off.
Communication strategyIt has been shown through data, most recently by Forrester Research, that Instagram represents by far, the best platform for marketers to interact with consumers. Communication strategyIt’s been more than year since Instagram added video to its bag of tricks, giving its users 15 seconds to tell their stories. Shari has spent the past 20 years helping clients refine the way they look at their marketplace, their customers & their business.
For the past 30 years Steve has been helping some of the biggest brands refine their target, define their messages and build their businesses. Last week, Microsoft held the first ever Ignite conference in Australia, allowing IT decision makers, professionals, and enterprise developers the chance to see Microsoft’s vision and to connect with the brightest minds in the tech industry. Next year’s Ignite event will be held in Atlanta on September 26-30, after being rescheduled and relocated from Chicago, and pre-registration is open. If you are tired of boring workouts done on your own in a globo-gym with no one to talk to, then it may be time to Ignite Your Life!

The WOD, or workout of the day, is generally short, with intensity scaled to age and levels of fitness. SHANE RODRIGUEZ opened Ignite Fitness—Fueled by Crossfit Hoover in 2010 after owning, operating and managing Lifestyle Fitness for seven years. STACIE JACKSON was inspired to get her Level I and CrossFit Kids certifications in 2013 after seeing how much it had changed her life and wanted to help others do the same. SONIA STEELY became a certified Level I CrossFit Trainer in February 2011 after discovering that CrossFit could take her to a level of fitness beyond what she had already accomplished in more than 20 years of racing and weight training. If one minute of video communicates the equivalent of 1.8 million words, why not take advantage of that on your website, social media, and other marketing channels?
The use of film and video enables stories to not just be told but rather experienced by the audience. What started as a purely personal platform for people to re-connect with friends and family has today become a marketing tool for business, small and large. Co-founder of Ignite in 2011, Shari focuses on challenging convention, redefining context & delivering clarity to client partners.
He is a consummate strategist who uses an array of research tools to deliver crisp & meaningful insights that inspire and transform. For those curious, Ignite 2016 is coming up and is set to feature similar kinds of session topics as this year’s Ignite 2015 conference, from Azure to Windows, from Exchange to SQL Server.
Owner Shane Rodriguez opened Ignite Fitness—Fueled by CrossFit Hoover in June 2010 after being a personal trainer and in the fitness business for more than a decade. From grandparents to housewives, to medical professionals, students, business executives and every profession in between, CrossFit gives anyone, regardless of ability or prior training, the experience of exercising with the most effective overall fitness regimen in existence. You may not believe that a workout as short as eight minutes can produce such incredible results. He and his wife Jill have been married since 1999 and have two daughters, Olivia and Bella. She enjoys seeing people from all walks of life come into one place, leave their “stuff” outside and take time for themselves in order to better handle the demands of their everyday lives. In 2013, she completed her greatest athletic achievement to date, the Pinhoti 100, a 100 mile trail run from Heflin to Sylacauga, Ala. A Birmingham native, Conrad was a member of the 2008 USA Triathlon National Team and ran cross country and track and field at Samford University.
She couldn’t do a pull-up or a push-up when she started, proof that anyone can become a CrossFitter with hard work, determination and consistency.
By integrating the new video content into your existing social media channels, we can help you collect valuable feedback on who is watching, and generate deeper insights about your prospects and customers.
Beautiful imagery, music, lighting and editing allow our clients to re-create their stories to share them with others. It’s important to be conscious and deliberate about putting forth an authentic brand identity especially when you want to get noticed by TV producers or potential employers.
It’s for enterprise developers and architects looking for innovative ways to accelerate application development.
Microsoft will showcase how the enterprise can best utilize new features, so IT professionals in attendance can maximize a product’s potential and performance.

Since then, Ignite Fitness has been driven by one goal—to change people’s bodies and minds, one client at a time. We have replaced movements like the lateral raise with push presses, the curl with pull-ups, and the leg extension with squats. He is a CrossFit Level I and Level II certified trainer, has received his CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification, completed the Caleb and Kelly Williams Olympic weightlifting course and is an Alumni Lululemon Ambassador. Before CrossFit, Stacie never played sports, but joined a gym at age 16, ran several 5Ks per year, ran a half marathon, did aerobics classes and used light hand weights. In addition, Sonia has completed numerous marathons, half marathons, ultra trail races and triathalons. Janet received her Level I CrossFit certification in September 2012 and enjoys helping new members learn new movements and become more confident in the gym. Traditional workouts have consisted of boring workouts done alone or stints on the treadmill or elliptical. In addition, Shane has certifications in personal training from ISSA and from NESTA as a speed, agility and quickness trainer.
Stacie is a certified Pilates instructor, has her health coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has been an occupational therapist for 12 years.
Sonia loves seeing people transform their lives and fitness through Ignite, especially young former athletes who are seeking the passion and enthusiasm they once had for exercise but have lost as they have grown up to careers and families.
With more than four years of experience in training, CrossFit and nutrition, Conrad is a welcome addition to the coaching lineup at Ignite. She is passionate about encouraging others to show up consistently and see how CrossFit will make you better and faster over time. That’s why so many people start exercise programs, only to abandon them a few weeks later due to boredom or results simply not happening fast enough.
In 2014, Shane was a Regional competitor in the CrossFit Open, coming in at 108 in the world out of more than 11,000 in the 40-44 age division.
She is a huge encourager and says never to let soreness keep you from coming back—the next day a new WOD will make you feel better than when you arrived.
CrossFit also changed the way Janet fuels her body, so she encourages members to clean up their diet and to stay away from processed foods. Because compound and functional movements and high-intensity or anaerobic cardio are radically more effective at eliciting nearly any desired fitness result.
He is also a 2015 member of Phoenix Rise, one of eight teams in the National Pro Grid League. A native of Kentucky, Sonia is married to her husband, Kelly, and they have two children, Sydney and Dylan.

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