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Shop the Apple Online Store (1-800-MY-APPLE), visit an Apple Retail Store, or find a reseller. I played with the settings alot, and i found that there are many more features that are involved in this application. The iMovie theme provides the sunshine brightness transitions, which can be used for hiking or holiday time. The iMovie theme has a world map as the background and videos are playing back within the post card.
The iMovie theme has a traditional CNN news report template, which is designed for new report or similar topic.
Just as the name of the iMovie theme, the comic book is a theme for storing golden memories. The iMovie theme is used frequently for different occasions with the transitions and background of filmstrip. The modern style iMovie theme provides transitions with Stereoscopic modern style for added movies. If you are not satisfied with the defaulted iMovie themes, what should you do to get more iMovie themes?
If you want to use the some photos go with the videos, you can replace it with your own photos or videos. One more thing you should do is just convert VOB file of the folder to iMovie compatible format with Video Converter for Mac. If the video file is recorded by Camcorder in MTS or other format, you can always easy to convert the file to replace the video file of iMovie theme.

If you are looking for some video editing programs for your Android devices, you can use iMovie for Android instead of iMovie for PC. Spice up your seasonal movie projects with these handy tips from our iMovie editing expert. If you apply a theme to your project you’ll be limited to the transitions and titles that iMovie chooses for you. If your movie includes travel, don’t forget the great new Maps feature in iMovie ’09 to dynamically display your journey. If you plan to show your movie in QuickTime or send it to iDVD, don’t forget to add chapter markers to break up your film and provide entry points to specific sections. Our provides the latest breaking apple news, reviews, tutorials and downloads online and our fan page is the best place to communicate with other iCreate fans. Turn your video into a broadcast news segment complete with sophisticated graphics, sleek transitions and hard-hitting titles you write yourself. If it is the first time to add the video to the project, drag any video file to "Drag content here to automatically play when the disc is inserted" of the "Open DVD Map" option. With the holidays coming up, make sure your finished edits look as good as they possibly can with our selection of iMovie pointers that will put you on the path to perfect presentation and mastery of Apple’s movie making app. Choose from 15 movie trailer templates in almost every genre: adventure, drama, romantic comedy and more. By analyzing your video for faces, People Finder identifies the parts with people in them and tells you how many are in each scene. If you are not satisfied with any of these iMovie themes, just personalize one with yourself.

I am currently putting together a photo iMovie slideshow (from the tutorial in issue 71) and being able to use the maps is a great way to break up a photo montage. Home videos are even more entertaining with visual effects, and you can make them happen with a click. It also finds the close-ups, medium shots or wide angles so it's easy to grab video clips as you need them.
With the Sports theme, you can turn a Pee Wee baseball game, a round of golf or skateboarding at the park into sports video highlights. And you can create a video podcast in iMovie and send it directly to Apple Podcast Producer. When you export HD video at full 1920-by-1080p resolution, whatever you share will stun everyone.
And the new single-row view shows you your entire movie project in one horizontal row, so it’s easier to preview and edit your soundtrack.
The Sports theme even includes a Sports Team Editor that seamlessly integrates your own player photos, rosters, statistics and team logos into any Sports theme movie.

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