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Craco, Italy is a commune and medieval village located in the Region of Basilicata and the Province of Matera, about 25 miles inland from the Gulf of Taranto at the instep of the “boot” of Italy. The medieval village is typical of the hill towns in the region with mildly undulating shapes and the lands surrounding it sown with wheat.
From 1154-1168 the village first saw feudal rule under Eberto.  In 1179, Roberto di Pietrapertos became the ruler of Craco. In 1293 under Federico II, the Castle Tower became a prison and by the 15th century the town had grown and had four large plazas.
The population grew from 450 in 1277 to 2,590 in 1561, and averaged around 1,500 in succeeding centuries. By 1799 there was enough impetus to change the feudal system and an independent municipality was established. From 1892 to 1922, over 1,300 Crachesi left to settle in North America because poor agricultural conditions created desperate times as the land was no longer useable for farming or grazing. Just discovered that my maternal great-grandmother, Mariangela Conte Petrantolfo was born in Craco.
My favorite CocktailDB list another and very intriguing recipe of Katinka Cocktail: gin, cordial Medoc, green Chartreuse and Angostura bitters.
This strong and elegant cocktail has comlex taste of vermouth and fruit with amazing bitter note in the aftertaste.
The Afar Region of Africa, named for the people who call it home, encompasses Djibouti, Eritrea, and the northeast corner of Ethiopia.
The territory is one of the hottest on the planet, and features everything from earthquakes and volcanoes to geysers and salt canyons. The now-abandoned town of Dallol was once a busy site, mining potash, sylvite, and salt during various times throughout its history. The resulting hydrothermal activity created phreatic eruptions which formed the collapsed volcano. The geological depression of the Afar Region continues even lower, eventually reaching 509 feet (155m) below sea level. Between September and October of 2005, scientists recorded 163 earthquakes greater than 3.9 in magnitude effecting the area.
The hot springs in Dallol boast bright colors, a palette of ferrous chloride and iron hydroxide emissions collecting in pools. Just to the west of Dallol mountain are the salt canyons, boasting some of the most impressive features of the Danakil.
Geysers spit toxic gases while deposits of sulfur and iron oxide collect in miniature ponds the color of slime and Listerine. The Ethiopian government requires all visitors to the Danakil to hire armed guards, a rule easily understood after hearing the Afar were rumored to have castrated foreign visitors to their land in the early 20th century. Dallol sits over 400 feet below sea level and averages less than 200 millimeters of rainfall per year.
During the early 1960s, an American mining company conducted a geological survey of the Danakil.
When this discovery was made in 1906, an Italian company by the name of Compagnia Mineraria Coloniale (CMC) established the first mining operation in Dallol.
By April of 1918, the first railway between the new mining site and the Eritrean port of Mersa Fatma was completed.
Potash mining would continue in Dallol until after World War I, when overseas suppliers were able to undercut the Ethiopian salt in ease of availability and cost of extraction. A geological survey team’s trip to Dallol in the 1960s was the final attempt at organized mining in the area. The area is not completely abandoned as many Afar still make the nightly trek to Dallol for the salt, the only abundant natural resource of value. The Afar workers cut the salty crust into square slabs for shipment back to Mek’ele, the closest city center. Future attempts to re-establish large-scale potash operations at Dallol are unlikely as long as the worldwide supply is not threatened. There Are a lot of highly inhabited places In Southeast India Where the Temperature Exceeds 50 degrees Celsius.

Amazing how people keep trying and sometimes succeed in living in the most hostile environments. With the advent of technologies we have experienced lots of changes in our surroundings every day. Now even the homeowners, who do not have any formal training on interior decoration, can decorate their own house with the help of interior design software. Posted in Decoration, Design By Style, Furniture + Accessories, Living Room Designs, Luxury. About Latest Posts Justin CarmackWanderer and diver at True NomadsI've been on the road for 4.5 years now, visiting 71 countries, 6 continents and endless adventures. May I just point out that the Titanic was not made in the Republic of Ireland, but Northern Ireland, which are two separate countries. Hate to question anyone’s historical knowledge but the titanic was actually made in Ireland. Macklemore made a song about being Irish and in my opinion he needs to be added to famous people. Around 540AD the area was called “Montedoro” and inhabited by Greeks who moved inland from the coastal town of Metaponto.
Between 1959 and 1972, portions of the village were severely damaged and rendered uninhabitable by a series of landslides. In 1963 the last 1,800 inhabitants were transferred to a valley in a locality called Craco Peschiera.
King David, Saving Grace, Nativity, and Quantum of Solace are some of the more famous films that have used Craco as a backdrop.
When visiting my grandparents in the neighbouring village of San Mauro Forte I could see the panoramic view of Craco from my grandparents balcony. The combination of smooth sour taste of lemon and sweet choсolate taste of creme de cacao is great!
A notable trait of the Afar Triangle is the Danakil Depression, the lowest point in Africa. Part of the Erta Ale Range, the Dallol crater was formed when basaltic magma penetrated Miocene salt deposits. The Dallol crater is one of the lowest known volcanic vents in the world today, 150 feet (45m) below sea level. Multiple volcanic eruptions accompanied the earthquakes while the resultant new fissures gargled molten lava. Thin crust covers pools of colorful acid, each taking turns bubbling to the surface through one of countless hot springs. It’s for good reason National Geographic credited this area as being one of the cruelest places on earth.
Not surprisingly it is also unbearably hot, with little fluctuation in temperature throughout the year. It was in Dallol the team measured the record average temperature of 96° Fahrenheit (35°C).
Any trip to Dallol will also see the remains of small animals overcome by heat, starvation, or fumes.
Potash is not particularly rare, but what makes Dallol unique is the salt deposits reach the earth’s surface, providing easier access with low-tech mining requirements.
The remote location meant construction would be difficult as materials in the Danakil are scarce. In the following decades several attempts to re-open the salt mine were made, but none would last. After World War II the British removed most of the railroad, essentially turning the lights out on Dallol forever.
The mining infrastructure was rumored to have been sabotaged after World War II, and most everything of value was evacuated. If the economics of accessing the remote location weren’t enough of an obstacle, the on-going tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea have created a hostile environment, further preventing any large-scale mining operation from operating safely. Today the town has long been abandoned, only the remnants of salt-block walls remain (see on google, or bing).

A long procession of camels then transports the slabs over 60 miles for processing into salt.
It simply isn’t rare or valuable enough for large companies to accept the risk of conducting operations in such a hostile environment. I believe the specific record with regards to Dallol is highest average temperature, over an entire year.
One could take a Land Rover across the flatter portion of the desert journey, but once you approach Dallol mountain the terrain is not as passable by truck. I’m thinking about my own environment too, I live in Central Texas and the summer temperatures are unbearable, frequently over 100 degree F for weeks on end. According to the Irish birthday traditions, people hold the birthday child upside down and bump the head slightly on the floor.
Rotunda Hospital in Dublin is the longest continually operating maternity hospital in the world. According to Census 2011, most of the Irish population identifies themselves as Roman Catholic (84%).
Irelanda€™s most famous include Michael Fassbender, Pierce Brosnan, Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrell. The harp, also known as the national symbol of Ireland, the Celtic cross, the shamrock and the Irish wolfhound are all well known Irish symbols. The fact that the British partitioned Ireland in !921 and formally in 1922 means that the Nation State was made up of the Island of Ireland in its entirety until that time.
There is a slightly bitter relationship between the two countries and in certain parts of NI if you call it Ireland and talk about the people as being Irish, you will actually start a fight!
Tombs have been found dating from the 8th century suggesting the original settlement dates to that period. It was during this period in the 13th century that the landmark castle was built under the direction of Attendolo Sforza. The salt pillars vary in pinkish hues due to the shifting levels of halite and potassium salt deposits over time. Press on far enough and a large brown mound protrudes in the distance, the base of the collapsed volcano blurring in the heat. Without a rail system to export the mined salt, no organized mining operation could be profitable.
Interior decoration or interior designing is one such field where the introduction of modern techniques brings a lot of improvement.
Now the aim of a professional interior designer is to provide a beautiful house that has all types of comforts in it to the customer.
Today, earthquakes, landslides, and a lack of fertile farming land have contributed to the abandonment of Craco. In 1989 I passed the town on route to Otranto and could finally see this fascinating town close up in all it’s mystifying glory. A low-tech salt operation in the early 1950s would be the last time Dallol was operated as a mine. The mingling of beauty and comfort is highlighted in the modern idea of interior designing. The modern techniques and home decoration accessories make the entire subject of interior decoration more interesting. A mixture of historical records and archaeological evidences suggests that he was more than likely to be from Wales.
But now the idea of modern interior design is the gift of the advance technologies and interior design software.
Another interesting fact about him… he is also the Saint of Nigeria where he also taught about Christianity.
There are lots of new techniques that is helping the modern interior designers to work better.

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