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Black Hat SEO- Basics Search Engine Optimization Change Your Thinking And Instantly Boost Your Motivation Now! This course is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. The way people use the Internet changes with time, and it affects other forms of media and marketing.
The science around social media metrics has become much more precise of late. Social metrics such as engagement, conversion and reach all point to a new level of science when it comes to your social media activity.
It is no longer about broadcasting your message, but instead finding ways to engage with your audience and turn them into customers. Besides being communication devices, gaming platforms, and cameras, mobile phones are now being used as tools for payments and coupons. With direct customer interactions with websites to complete business transactions like in eCommerce website, segmenting and targeting the right audience will gain a lot of importance.

To be able to analyze your progress and help your plan better for the future, there will be a host of internet marketing tools that will help you get there.
This means that junky sites like article submission or blog posting sites should no longer be part of your strategy. However, you need to change your approach to a more conversational tone and watch your formatting.
But staying abreast with the current trends will help you better align your strategies for the future.
Personalization of your marketing efforts as per the needs of customers will be the mantra. According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, today’s digital CMO has “more opportunities to develop compelling and relevant brand identities by including your customers in the narrative creation process right from the start.” Make the customer part of your story, and your social media program will immediately see the benefits. Instead, you want to look for credible guest blogging opportunities and other credible PR opportunities.

In other words, don’t pack your press release full of keywords and have the anchor text go to an irrelevant link on your website. There was a time when keywords ruled, there was a time when links ruled but good content and ethical practices for links will always rule. Compelling and well crafted content copies are the foundation of any marketing and will continue to be so in 2015 and in the future too.

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