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CenturySoft Company is looking for Digital Marketing candidates who are good in communication written as well as verbal. Saffroind is looking for a dynamic, experienced individual capable of end-to-end management and facilitation of our upcoming eCommerce venture. School of Digital Marketing is looking for Female Business Development Executive for their Pimpri-Chichwad Branch. The term “Hidden Job Market” refers to job openings that exist or will in the very near future, but that are not available to the general job-seeking public; they are not being advertised, are not on the internet job boards and are not listed with staffing services. Last week we discussed in detail how do you get your foot in the door for these “hidden” jobs.
In part 2 of this topic this week, I will discuss to whom you make these calls and some modifications depending on who you are calling. Depending on the frequency of contact with each person, you may need to remind them of who you are and how you and they are connected.
There might be some contacts where it is better to email your request with your resume and target list as attachments. I cover this topic in greater detail in The Ultimate Job-Seeker’s Guide in Chapter 9 … get your own copy for only $14.95 (or less at Amazon). For jobs and career opportunities in the Washington, DC metro area -  visit the NRI website.
Job-Seeking Strategy – Uncovering the Hidden and Unpublished Job Market….another way to find a job! Networking – As noted in the title of the great networking book by Harvey Mackay – Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty – you build your network before you need it.
Have and execute a self-marketing plan – The most pro-active way to unearth those hidden jobs… as well as those that are not hidden, but you have just not found them yet. You asked Bill to do something that is both very easy and will take very little time….so virtually all asked will say “yes”. Bill has already said “yes” once… he is not going to say no to this add-on request, although it is a bit more time-consuming.
How well Bill knows you will determine how successful you are in getting a personal meeting. You want an agreement that Bill will take your call and give you the input you want on your resume as well as the details regarding who Bill knows on your target list. People talk with people of all walks of life, but particularly with peers… spheres of influence talk to other spheres of influence. Make sure your list is no longer than 15 – 20 firms…any more than one sheet of paper becomes an imposition. Providing consistently valuable content has always been a staple of online marketing, and it’s going to become more important than ever. These changes mean that online marketers will have to rely on organic SEO generated by strong content to boost search engine rankings.

Traditional inbound links still carry more weight than social media mentions, but that dynamic is shifting. In 2014, blending social strategies with SEO will help businesses enrich their content marketing efforts and drive organic search results.
As online consumers have become desensitized to banners and frame ads, the sheer number of advertisements has increased in a bid to gain attention. Attesting to this is the rise of sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed, the immediate popularity of infographics, and the fact that the most popular articles and blog posts with the most social shares contain clear, well-placed images. Properly labeling images with relevant file names and ALT tags will also strengthen your SEO and improve the accessibility of your content. Next year’s Internet marketing battlefield will play out largely on mobile devices, as a growing number of users expects to access products, services, apps, and information on smartphones and tablets. Drew Hendricks is a professional business and startup blogger that writes for a variety of sites including The Huffington Post, Forbes and Technorati. Content design and development across properties to drive acquisition, engagement and stickiness. It is the most pro-active way to unearth those hidden jobs… as well as those that are not hidden, but you have just not found them yet. Think of it this way… the person that sat in your dentist’s chair before you may well have bemoaned to your dentist the fact that he or she is having a tough time finding someone for a critical job…same for your doctor and same for your priest, minister, rabbi, etc.
For those that do not work with a telephone at hand – such as your doctor and dentist – this is a better approach.
When a hidden job becomes “unhidden” you want to know about it and be ready to act that day – not a week later. If your network is skimpy, however, use what you have and get to work to build it to a far more robust level.
We all like getting a compliment, and (b.) you did not ask Bill for a job or if he had an opening. The target list has been compiled through your knowledge of the area’s finest employers, newspaper articles regard those firms that are expanding, those firms posting jobs that are of interest. I am excited about the challenges of a new position and I really appreciate your candid review of my resume – does it flow?? It is a person whose position and achievements make them a valuable contact in and of themselves… AND… because of who they know and who is in their network. Because you can never be sure that he did make the call!!…it is not a priority for Bill… it can fall by the wayside…and you sure can’t call him back to ask him if he made the call!! In part 2 of this topic next week, I will discuss to whom you make these calls and some modifications depending on who you are calling.
The digital world is constantly evolving, with new technologies arriving to kick the old ones into the gutter, and consumer behavior shifts as the choices expand. Online marketers not only have to keep up with the current landscape, but also look ahead to anticipate what the future might bring.

Previously employed only when a searcher was logged into a Google account, the search engine giant has now implemented SSL for every search — and at the same time pulled the Google Keyword Tool. With search engines seeking to return the most relevant content with the highest quality, social shares are becoming a valuable component for search engine rankings — because the more people choose to share a piece of content, the higher its perceived quality. The visual nature of the Internet means that incorporating images can only help your marketing efforts.
There are now more active mobile devices than adults in the US, and consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to research products and services, find businesses, shop directly, and more. Your business needs to have responsive design in place, and online features that cater to a mobile audience, in order to remain competitive. This self-marketing plan involves you making lots of phone calls and following a carefully worded script (see notes accompanying each aspect of the call).
When you call and want to talk to those type of professionals, you are taking them away from their primary work.
Yes, it is – and it is understandable that you might not be comfortable making these calls at first. We will cover how to put your existing network to work for you to unearth the hidden job market, but you should make building your network a priority. You never want to ask that question… it puts people on the spot, makes them uncomfortable and puts them in a position to usually say “no”… and people don’t like to do that, especially to a friend or acquaintance.
First mission accomplished – you have a potential employer (depending on where Bill is located and what his business is) reading your resume… and you have a “sphere of influence” reading your resume.
Depending on how certain you are regarding the content of your resume, you really want Bill’s comments.
Currently, only a third of CEOs have any presence on social media sites, meaning that we have a long way to go before social reaches its saturation point within the business executive community.
Keep in mind two things – first, virtually all of the people you will call won’t think poorly of you for doing so. You will have Bill’s full and uninterrupted attention and an opportunity to impress Bill with your demeanor and personality.
Listen intently… make notes… and recognize that he may have some good input to fine tune your resume. Interview question responses need to be completed and ready to be reviewed in the event that a telephone interview is in the cards very quickly after initiating action.

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